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Solar Panels Dimensions

Mars InSight Cubesats MarCO First Interplanetary CubeSat Mission 2015 NASA JPL

In March of 2016 NASA will be launching the next Mars lander, InSight, from Vandenberg Air Force Base. InSight is a mission that will investigate the planet's interior to understand Mars' evolution. On board this rocket two small spacecraft will be hitching a ride the MarCO spacecraft. Each of these MarCO spacecraft will ride along on the rocket carrying InSight. InSight will separate. And, soon after, each of the MarCO spacecraft will also separate from the rocket. First, MarCOA will separate. The rocket will turn 180 degrees and MarCOB will separate as well.

Each of the spacecraft will then unfurl their solar wings, their high gain antenna, and their UHF antenna in preparation for a 6month cruise to Mars. When InSight gets to Mars, it will be going through the Entry, Descent and Landing sequence. And each of the MarCO spacecraft will be there to witness this landing on Mars. The MarCO spacecraft will be relaying data back from the InSight lander to NASA's Deep Space Network. These spacecraft, the size of a briefcase, will be the first interplanetary cubesats paving the way for future small spacecraft exploration, and assisting and reducing risk to future landers and flybys.

Emergency Power When SHTF

We're talking to Kevin here with some ideas on things you might need for survival or even just camping. Things that he put together. So let's talk about the panels. Okay, these are just 40 watt panels hinged together with carry handle and locks to keep it together. And you put those on I put those on that's all just something you can buy the hardware store. Those handles are just drawer pulls for cabinets. On the back same thing that you get at the hardware store. Some aluminum as well as some hinges so that it can be set at an angle. This way.

You have eighty watts in the 40 watt dimension. It's enough to charge a car battery, it's enough to run any type of lighting that you want. If you want to run anything more you'll need a battery and you'll have to have an inverter. Probably to change it to 110 voltage. Very simple and easy, this would be great for camping because if want to run lights at night with a small little battery you can charge the battery during the day and then light up the town or even for campers you can set it out while you're using the batteries.

During the day to run items. This will replenish what you're using so you don't end up with a dead battery at the end of your trip. The 40 watt is relatively cheap to buy. Panels have come down a great deal. You can buy these already built by someoneEbay and such will have thembut they'll be a lot more than doing it yourself. This, like I say, just I have a cover for it, I put it on and it sits until I need to use it. There's one thing that many people don't think about is most everything we have.

PT 100 MPPT Charge Controller by Magnum Unboxing Features

Hi this is Amy from the altE store. We're going to do a quick unboxing of the Magnum Dimensions PT 100. This is the first 100A MPPT charge controller on the market very exciting. So let's take a look at what comes with it. So we have got a 6' network communications cable, a 6' extension cable, in case you need to go more than the 6'. The battery temperature sensor very nice to have because it does temperature compensation for your charging, so it's really good to have an accurate reading of the battery temperature so that it can adjust. It's.

Got a ground fault warning label, which is required by National Electric Code and the mounting screws to mount onto the back plate. Now this back plate is nice, it actually will mount right onto the wall and then the charge controller will mount on to it. So let's take a look at how that works out. And we've got the nice manual always read your manual! So let's take a look. Ooo! So, this is a 100A charge controller you can put up to 6600 watts into it. Now, take a look at.

This really nice design and we were talking about the mount for it. So you can see it's just going to mount right onto here and it gives you a nice air flow for taking care of the heat. So it does have two fans internal, as well as with this nice air flow, helps keep it really cool when its managing those hundred amps so the front of it very nice it's managing those 100 amps. So the front of it very nice. It's a nice simple design here.

We've got the LED display that shows the PV array, volts in, and kilowatts. It's got the battery bank, volts and amps. And then it gives you a couple of LED indications of what stage it's in. You've got your bulk, absorb, and float charging. You've got a fault indicator and then auxiliary if if something is using the auxiliary port. Then you've just got two buttons, one to select the feature, one to reset and then two if you're going to do equalization on flooded batteries. So it does have nice knock outs for you to get your cables in and out. And this bottom.

Part comes right off so that you've got all of your wiring right down here and this all stays up in place. So really nice, it actually has both arc fault and ground fault protection so you've got a really nice safe install. Nice thing about it is a lot of charge controllers, MPPT charge controllers, only go up to 150 volts temperature compensated. This will actually go up to 187 volts. So what that lets you do is you can actually put three 24 volt panels in series going into this, or four 20 volt panels. So that's more than what you can.

Magnum Covers their PT100 100A Solar Charge Controller at SPI 2015

Andrea We've got Alan here from Magnum Energy with their first 100 amp MPPT charge controller on the market! What's so great about it Alan Alan Well the PT Tracker has been in design production for five years now and is finally going into production. It's 100A as Andrea said, MPPT technology. It works as a stand alone charge controller, as is, and it's programmed with DIP switches and on the face there's DIP switches to select the battery type and the voltages. It has auto voltage detection, arc fault detection and the feet is already in the device as ground fault protection.

Auxilary relay here. The battery temperature sensor port, network port, stacking port are all here in a very big wiring box beneath the charge controller. The charge controller can separate from the wiring box by easy serviceability without disconnecting the conduit. So it's very easy to take it off its platform by removing the PVN and the battery cables here. conductors. You have the ground bus bar here. On the back of the plate you have your functions with the DIP switches here, well labeled. It works with our inverter in remote or as a stand.

Alone and it is stackable up to seven times. We're not supporting the stacking function just yet because it's not in the router or the remote, but the advance remote has the PT menus. It will work with virtually any old remote. So what it does, it links with the remote's and the control board's information so you program the inverter once and it knows the charging parameters. You don't have to program this separately. So yeah, we're very happy. Andrea And it works with all the panels and the mini panels.

Alan Yeah it has a 200 volt open circuit, operating at 187 volts continuously. As I mentioned, it gives you a full display here that scrolls giving you the PV array volts and the kilowatt production on the battery side the voltage and amps going in and out. So it provides a lot of functionality just as it is here. And with the advance remote, you have four PT menus. Andrea And it works only with the advance remote right now Alan At this point, it works with any remote, but the advance remote that ships now, the.

4.0 version, has been shipping for 6 months, has all the PT menus. So if you were going to source for a client, this device, you would install it with a Magnum inverter and an ARC, an advance remote. In about 6 months time, we should have the stacking functionality in the new remotes and all the router and advance remote will have the PT menus. Andrea Perfect! Alan The router. The advance remote already has it. Andrea We're excited to offer this so thank you very much. Alan Thank you.

Curiosity Rover Report Three Years on Mars! August 2015 NASA JPL

Hi I'm Ashwin Vasavada, project scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory mission and this is your special edition, third anniversary Curiosity Rover Report. It's a summer of milestones for Mars Exploration. Fifty years ago, Mariner 4 became the first spacecraft to take closeup pictures of Mars. ' years ago, the Viking 1 Lander became the first spacecraft to successfully land on the Red Planet. And now Curiosity celebrates 3 years on Mars operating well over a thousand Martian days. Since its arrival in August 2012, Curiosity has driven nearly eleven kilometers.

From its landing site to the foot of Mount Sharp within Gale Crater. The first year was spent traversing through ancient stream beds and exploring Yellowknife Bay, the site of an ancient lake. That's where Curiosity drilled samples from the lake floor to reveal mineral evidence of longlived, fresh water. It also found carboncontaining organic molecules and nitrogen in a form usable to life. So if life ever were present on Mars, a site like Yellowknife Bay could sustain it. Then Curiosity put the pedal to the medal to get to Mount Sharp.

That's when engineers noticed excessive wear on the rover's wheels. A lot of work went into understanding the cause and how to avoid it. But now we're confident that the wheels can take us where we need to go. It's been quite a road trip. Curiosity drilled at the Kimberley, drove through long valleys and took pictures of roadside geology before finally reaching the bedrock at the base of Mount Sharp. We spent several months studying these rocks at Pahrump Hills. The science team has been fascinated by all the signs of ancient water at Mount Sharp.

It's likely that Gale Crater once hosted many rivers and lakes, carrying sediment to the crater floor that now forms the bottom layer of Mount Sharp. Now that we're climbing through the foothills of the mountain, the driving is challenging. The team relies on images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to find safe paths to interesting geologic targets. Getting to the current rover location at Marias Pass required a steep climb up a 6meter hill. As we climbed the hill, Curiosity's ChemCam laser spectrometer noticed unusually high amounts of silica in nearby rocks.

What might that mean Were the environmental conditions friendly or hazardous to life Could the silica have preserved organic molecules in the rocks for us to study today We're hoping to find out. None of this would be possible without the dedicated team of rover engineers here at JPL. Every day that we operate Curiosity, a downlink team studies the information sent by the rover and makes sure it's healthy and ready to proceed with the next activities. Then an uplink team turns the desires of the scientists into sequences of commands that can be safely executed by the rover.

Samlex Evolution Series InverterCharger Product Overview

Hi, I'm Amy from the altE Store. We're going to take a look at the Samlex Evo Invertercharger family. It is an allinone solution, a pure sine wave inverter, a multistage battery charger, and a transfer switch. The Evo invertercharger outputs 120V AC 60 Hertz for use in North America and other locations It's designed to be used as either off grid inverter or use a battery backup to the grid or generator. It can accept input from the grid, a generator, or a solar charge controller to charge a battery bank,.

And can all be connected at the same time. The unit will automatically switch between power sources as they become available ensuring the batteries are charging efficiently and your house or RV is powered without delay. For example, when you lose power, the auto transfer switch will switch to battery inverter mode to power your refrigerator, sump pump, lights, whatever. Meanwhile the solar panels will be recharging your batteries during the day. When the grid power comes back up, your appliances automatically returned to grid power, and if you want the grid can simultaneously charge your batteries.

Back up for future use. Or if you prefer, you can use only the solar power to charge them backup. Note that it does not come with a builtin solar charge controller, you connect the output of your own charge controller to the Evo. There are four models. The EVO 2212 for 2200 watts and a 12 volt battery bank, the 3012 for 3000 Watts 12 volts, 2224 for 2200 watts 24 volts, or the 4024, 4,000 watts 24 volt battery bank. All of the EVO models are able to handle.

Momentary surge three times their continuous Power Rating, to power equipment like a pump, a fridge, compressor, or something that has a high startup surge. The conformal coated circuit board dampens vibration and protects it from corrosion and high humidity environments or marine salt air. There is an optional remote control for configuration and monitoring. It's 12 34 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches high, and depending on the model weighs between 59 and 64 pounds. ETL listed to UL standards 1741, 458 with marines supplement, and to CSA 107.1,.

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