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Solar Panels Cost Ballarat

Greenpeace Canada Installs Solar Panels on Oil Derrick

We're in the midst of a growing climate crisis. We need to transition away from highly polluting sources of carbon, like the tar sands and towards renewables. Luckily, here in Alberta we have the most solar and wind potential in the entire country. Solar technology is available here and now, and it's being utilized across the world. Alberta is only utilizing 1 of its solar potential. When an oil spill happens, it can ruin communities. It can damage our environment. When a solar spill happens, they just call it a nice day.

Solar Movie Green Architects

In the late 1990's we made a tutorial called 'Green by Design'. It was made for the Royal Australian institute of Architects, and it won an award in 1998 from the Western Australian government. In the production and direction, my colleague Dr Bill Parker was involved and the messages in this tutorial are still very relevant for the present day. Buildings consume a large proportion for the energy used by our society. In the past very few have been energy efficient, and very few have used the benefits of the sun. We now.

Have the opportunity to create structures that use less energy, and work in harmony with our environment. Whatever the size or purpose of a building the principles of low energy design and minimal environmental impact can be applied. The leaders in this process are the energy conscious architects with the experience, the depth of knowledge and creative skills needed. Any house, any building benefits by the knowledge and the use of a low energy approach to the design process. It's an essential part of good design. You save energy, you save money. It's a very simple equation.

Energys Biggest Disappointment This Past Quarter

Sean O'Reilly We've already talked about a few companies that surprised you guys on the upside, flirted a bit with Shell any other companies that disappointed you and made you rethink your previous bullishness Taylor Muckerman This one didn't disappoint me to the fact that I'm rethinking my bullishness, but I was kind of caught off guard in the negative aspect of SolarCity. O'Reilly How did I know you were going to go there Muckerman Down big. I think Friday O'Reilly 20, right Muckerman Yeah. Not because it had anything terrible to say, they're just changing the.

Strategy a bit. They're actually going to be profitable rather than growing like wildfire. They just had so much growth priced in and I think the fact that people probably saw that they're trimming their growth forecast and then forgot about the fact that they're planning on being cash flow positive for the first time. I think that's a benefit long term. Unfortunately, this company has been a giggitygrowth stock since its inception. O'Reilly Wall Street wants free cash flow generators. Why are they Muckerman Fools love free cash flow. That's what we want. Long term I'm still very bullish.

On this company. O'Reilly You are Okay. Muckerman I saw where they said they've installed more solar installations than the next 70 competitors combined. They're doing something right. They're going to continue to growth. They're not abandoning growth. They've stated they're preparing for the reduction in the investment tax credit at the end of this coming year. O'Reilly I'm kind of surprised that's going away. Muckerman It's going form 30 to 10. It's still not nearly as meaningful O'Reilly That's a 66 hit. Muckerman Yeah, because it's only a 10 tax credit. They said that sales is getting more.

Costly because of competition so they're going to focus on reducing the cost of making a sale and focus on lower cost sales and also focusing on the commercial market, which they're only about 8 of right now. They're expanding into new markets, they're just not focusing on residential growth as heavily. Tyler Crowe Like you said, one of the things that was a big red flag for investors, or Wall Street, or whomever O'Reilly Day traders. Crowe Whoever you want to say it reacted so negatively to their release was the fact.

That, if you look at their cost per watt development sales, general administrative costs over that quarter had grown substantially to the point where it was starting to hamper profitability. If you look at the cost per system, the amount that it takes for installation, the procurement of the solar panel system that has gone down rather impressively and has actually beaten their goals so far. However, the fact that their sales had gotten so high Muckerman They were doing a lot of hiring. Crowe Yeah. The cost to acquire was getting to the point where it didn't make as much.

Sense to grow at gangbusters. To be fair, one of the things when you look at their growth targets previously I believe it was somewhere in the high 60s per year O'Reilly And this is just investor presentations, they broadcast it, and yeah. Crowe Yeah. Their compounded annual growth rate they were anticipating was in the 60s. What they had been doing previously was 100. Muckerman Yeah. They'd been doubling over the last five years. O'Reilly But we're still talking about tripling your size every two to three Crowe Right. They've cut from high 60s down to 40. Let's be clear here 40 year over.

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