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Solar Panels California Cost

Toto jsou ve solrn elektrrny v jinm panlsku. Nachzme se v jedn z nejslunnjch st Evropy a tyto dv ve byly vbec prvn svho druhu. Tm 2,000 heliostat, pohyblivch zrcadel, neustle odrej slunen paprsky na tyto ve, pemujc vodu v pru, pohnjc turbnu, kter generuje elektinu.

A pokud se podvte na internet, uvidte docela dost dokument, mapujcch tuto oblast, lid, kte byli neskuten ohromeni touto technologi a prodvali ji, co by budoucnost vroby elektiny. A tyto ve jsou psobiv. Nejen vzhledov,.

Ale i technologie za tmto projektem je velmi chytr a velmi prost: Je to stejn, jako obtovat svho uitele odrazy slunce od vaeho mobilnho telefonu, jenom v mnohem vtm mtku. Ale m to hek. Kdy byl tento projekt budovn, panlsko bylo v rozmachu a siln dotovalo solrn energie.

Investorm se to zamlouvalo a investovali sami hromady penz, spolenosti i vzkumnci byli rdi, e mohli budovat rzn stavby jako tyto a najednou, panlsk vlda mla mnohem vce solrn energie, ne sama plnovala. piem musela dotovat vechny tyto projekty. Nsledn pila ekonomick krize. panlsk vlda zastavila dotan program.

Nejen pro budouc projekty, nejen pro elektrrny, kter ji byly ve vstavb, ale dokonce i pro vechny elektrrny, kter ji byly postaveny v domnn, e zastaven dotanho programu vyrovn jej rozpoet. Solrnm prmyslem to otslo: panlsko zmnilo pvodn dohodu a vechny solrn spolenosti se mohly jen modlit, aby vlda v budoucnu opt tyto dohody nezmnila.

Nebo vyhlsila bankrot, jedno z toho. Tento projekt by mohl bt stle ivotaschopn, mon, spolu s dalm vzkumem a vvojem a to je pesn to, o co se te sna. Ale pozor, cena bnch, obyejnch solrnch panel stle kles.

Ne zrcadel, jako jsou tyto, prost obyejn solrn panely, stejn jako ty, kter mete pipevnit na svj dm nebo jako ty, kter se pouvaj na rozlehlch solrnch farmch, pmo pemujcch slunen svtlo na elektrickou energii. Zda cena tchto panel bude klesat zle na tom, ktermu tmu vdc budete vit,.

Ale ji te jsou levnj, ne vstavba obch v, naplnnch vysokotlakou vodou nebo roztavenou sol, aby byly zahty a potkat se s tiscem pohyblivch st, kter mus vechny koprovat polohu slunce, dokonale, a kter mohou vjimen i upct ptka v letu. Nechpejte m patn. Na pape se jedn o skvlou technologii.

American Energy Portfolio Clean and Renewable Energy Sources Copper Mountain Solar Project 2012

The president: hello, everybody. (applause.) good afternoon. everybody, please have a seat. Have a seat. It is wonderful to be here. Thank you so much. It is great to be in Boulder City. A couple people I want to thank for their outstanding work. First of all, our Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, is in the house. (Applause.) He’s the guy in the nicelooking hat. Not only does it look good, but it protects his head, because the hair has gotten a little.

Thin up there. (laughter.) he is a goodlooking guy. AUDIENCE MEMBER: One of them. One of them. THE PRESIDENT: One of them. (Laughter.) That’s right. There’s the other guy. (Laughter.) I also want to thank your Mayor a big supporter of solar energy and that’s Roger Tobler, for being here. Where’s Roger? Here he is right there. I just met his beautiful daughter. It’s great to see you. (Applause.).

I want to thank jeffrey martin, ceo of sempra, and john and kevin, who helped just give me this tour. And Boulder City is the first stop on a tour where Ill be talking about what were calling an alloftheabove energy strategy all of the above. A strategy that relies on producing more oil and gas here in America, but also more biofuels, more fuelefficient cars, more wind power and, as you can see, a whole lot more solar power.

This is the largest solar plant of its kind anywhere in the country. that’s worth applauding. (Applause.) Every year, you produce enough clean energy to power around 17,000 homes. And thats just the beginning. Things are going so well that another plant is already under construction down the road that will eventually power another 45,000 homes. And a third plant is in development that will be, one day, able to power around 66,000 homes. Now, this is an area that was hit hard by the recession and that’s true of the whole.

State. you guys have been through a lot. but you havent given up. you looked around at this flat, beautiful land and all this sun I just I asked the question, how many days of sun do you get a year 320 that’s pretty good and decided that Boulder City was the perfect place to generate solar power. In fact, as I was talking to the folks from Sempra, they were explaining that this location is almost optimal for solar power generation, not only because it’s flat, transmission lines.

Were already here, the sun is traveling and there’s no haze and it’s absolutely clear. And so this is an extraordinary opportunity for the community. And when a business showed up with plans to build a new solar plant, hundreds of local workers got jobs because of it. Thousands of families are now powering their homes with a cleaner, renewable source of energy. And this is not just happening here in Boulder City its happening in cities and towns.

All across america. according to experts, weve now got more than 5,600 solar companies nationwide, and many of them are small businesses. There are solar companies in every single state in the Union. And today, were producing enough solar energy to power 730,000 American homes. And because of the investments weve made as a nation, the use of renewable energies has actually doubled. So this is an industry on the rise. Its a source of energy thats becoming cheaper;.

We all know it’s cleaner. and more and more businesses are starting to take notice. theyre starting to look around for more places like Boulder City to set up shop. When I took office I said, why not give these businesses some access to public lands that aren’t otherwise being utilized? At the time, there wasnt a single solar project in place on public lands not one. Today, thanks to some great work by Ken Salazar, weve got 16 solar projects approved. (Applause.) And when theyre complete, well be generating.

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