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How to Install Off grid Solar DC System with Panel DC load and Battery

SuKam solar DC home lighting system. Thisis a system that utilizes solar power to charge your batteries. You can install this systemin the areas where frequent power cuts is a problem or where electricity is not at allavailable. After installing this system, you can solve your electricity problems. Thereare two chargers inbuilt in solar DC system. First one is 10 amp MPPT solar charge controllerwhich utilizes solar power and efficiently charges your battery and second is grid chargerwhich utilizes mains supply and charges the battery, if need be. This is the front panelof SuKam solar DC system. There is a LCD display provided here where you can see messageslike battery voltage or solar charging on

or off. There are three LEDs provided belowthis Mains charging on, Solar charging on and Low battery. This is the side panel ofsolar DC system. There are two low terminal blocks here and after that, battery terminallock. You can connect the wires coming from the battery here. After that, there is a DCfuse provided here of 30 amp. DC fuse is provided for protection. If your battery’s connectionsare reversed, the DC fuse will blow up and the system will be protected. This is theother side panel of solar DC system. Here DC input terminal block is provided and PVterminal input block is provided on the other side. You will connect the wires coming fromsolar panel here. Apart from this, an AC fuse

is also provided of 6.5 amp. This AC fuseis provided for protection. If mains input current becomes more than 6.5 amp, this ACfuse will blow and the system will be protected. Apart from this, there is a mobile chargingUSB port provided in solar DC system. You can connect your phone here and charge it.Now we will understand the installation of solar DC system. We have connected the systemto battery and here we have connected the DC system to 120W12V solar panel. You canconnect 120W DC load to DC system. If there isn’t enough power from the solar, then youcan connect mains to the system and charge the battery from mains. Now we will understandthe working of solar DC system. First solar

panels will input the uncontrolled solar energyinto solar DC system. After that, MPPT solar charge controller which is inbuilt in solarDC system, will control the uncontrolled power to charge the batteries. After this to runthe load, solar DC system will take power from the battery and will run the load. Ifthe power coming from solar panel is insufficient to run the load, then the solar DC systemwill use the mains supply. After the power comes from mains supply, solar DC system willconvert AC to DC and will charge the batteries. For installation, first we will connect thesystem to the battery. We will connect the batteries to the system with the help of 8to 10mm wires. We have connected the battery

wires to the battery terminal block. We haveconnected positive wire in the positive terminal and negative wire in the negative terminal.After installing the system with the battery, we will now see what is shown on the display.The display is now on. We can see quot;SuKam Welcomes Youquot; on display. After that, quot;HybridSolar Homelight Systemquot; is displayed. After that, you can check the battery voltage whichis 12.4V. If by mistake, the battery connections are reversed, then the DC fuse will blow.To see this practically, we have connected the negative wire to the positive terminaland positive wire to the negative terminal. Now we can see what is the effect in DC fuse.The fuse is now burnt. Now we will replace

a new fuse in the system and will correctthe wire connections of the battery. We have made the correct wire connections. We haveconnected positive wire to the positive terminal and the negative wire to the negative terminal and we have also changedthe DC fuse. The system is now in normal working condition. Now we will connect the systemto solar panel.

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