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Solar Panels Built Into Roof

Elon musk is claiming that the new tesla solar room is going to look better than a normal roof. That’s his words, not mine. It’ll generate electricity, no doubt, last longer, that’s to be seen, and have better installation and an installed cost.

That is less than a normal roof plus the cost of electricity. This is a big claim for Tesla, and I figured we should dig into some data, come up with what we think the cost may be, or where the range would be for it to actually make sense.

For most people. Then try to figure out what solar’s like for you, and whether or not it makes sense at all. Consumer reports recently put out some information about what an average roof would cost, and they did a lot of digging,.

So thank you to them, and thank you for all of us that are joining me. We’re gonna figure this out because they found that a clay room is about $16,000, an asphalt roof like I have is $20,000, and then we have a slate roof, which is about $45,000,.

The more expensive option. On my roof here, this is an asphalt tile roof, and it’s extremely common in Arizona, California and Texas, tons of places where solar is also popular. They estimate this would be about $20,000 to replace. That’s for a 3,000 square foot house,.

Not a 1,000 square foot house like i have. Prices are expensive here, what can I say, but the point being that, that is a decent chunk of money. If you add in the cost of electricity, the cost of a solar room could still be quite high, and end up making a lot of sense financially.

Over the 30 year term. Now these roofs typically only come with about a 20 year life span, so all that factored in, I would say that a Tesla roof is going to make a lot of sense for a lot of people, assuming you can afford it, and get financing,.

All those kind of things. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s dive into those things next. When we considered those as our choices for our roof cost, we’re going to look at what the tiles may cost that are similar.

How do solar panels work Richard Komp

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