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Solar Panel Tree

The Energy Tree AtBristol Science Centre

One thing i’ve always been inspired by is engineering and pushing materials to their limits what would happen if a piece of metal got planted into the ground and grew up there’s no real point in solving climate change unless we do it in a way that doesn’t increase inequality within society.Doing things in the community is a big thing for me.And.And.Being part of society again.It’s really what i go sober for.This project.It’s what i believed in as a child before i started all my addicitons.

I was quite a ‘green’loving person really.Because of climate change, we want to increase people’s engagement with energy.So, by making energy more tangible, by running workshops where people make solar panels and they kind of ‘get their hands dirty’ as it were.They can understand what voltage is, what current is, what power is.So, by making a very cheap solar panel that’s therefore accessible to lower incomes you can enable a greater equality of access to renewable technology.We’re always trying to look for ways of engaging the public in more interesting ways.

So by trying to do something a bit more sculptural, a bit more artistic.We can engage people more, get people more interested.You know what bristol’s like.You start sortof putting something out there and, like, these sortof, like, synchronous moments happen where someone goes oh! i actually know someone who’s thinking about making a solar tree too! and that turned out to be john.I wanted to do a more organic form.Very much a freeform sculpture.The way i’ve styled it, if you like, aestheically is as a tree bending in the wind, but then.

Attempting to sortof move towards the sunlight the really, really big challenges came when trying to translate a very organic thing to metal components.Metal comes in straight lines.So to then take those and put threedimensional curves in all of them.And try and make the whole transistions from the big, fat base.That is quite tricky.This is where the workshop meets the artists studio and it’s difficult to find people who can span these worlds.So the team i’ve had around me have been brilliant at this.We’re delighted to be hosting this stunning tree.

In atbristol, everything we do is about making science accessible to all we also do a lot of work to make the organisation ‘greener’ and science is key to solving that, and science is what we’re all about.The tree makes energy, and the energy can be used to charge your phone it also gives you free wifi.Lastly, we wanted it to be interactive, because that’s what we do here.So, next to the tree, there’s a panel that you can experiment with and play with and that’s another way to learn about solar energy.

Bristol drugs project is a communitry drug project.We provide a whole range of services people coming in with chaotic drug problems through to much later stages of recovery.And this sort of project really helps with that.And it fills the gap.If you take away drugs and alcohol, you’re left with a gap.And somehow, you need to fill that.It’s about helping people feel part of something feel valued.Feel that they have got something to give.I’ve never really done anything like this before.So, i did welding for the first time.

And, just, building the panels.I’ve never done anything like that before.It’s all new to me.It’s just been a really good experience from start to finish.I’d recommend it to anyone.It’s great.Beginning of september last year i decided to.Um.Address my drinking problems and my drug addictions, and i.Uh.I did a detox through b.D.P.I’m scared of heights i.Uh.And going up in a scissor lift.And leaning over a bit.Quite high up.For me it is.And, um.Putting it over, and leaning over and.

This is gonna hopefully power someone’s mobile phone so they can chat to their friends yeah, it helped me conquer my.A little bit at a time.My.Ffear of.Heights.And.Without a drink or a drug.You know and that’s success! i’m glad bristol’s green captiol of the year and um.I wanna be part of it, you know.I wanna lead a better life.Not the life i lived before.And um.You know, renewable energy is the way of the future.It is the way of the future.

The Energy Tree AtBristol Science Centre

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