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Solar Panel Teaching Kit

Solar Panels Why Paul Chose Canadian ELPS Solar Panels!

Wow, what a view of Niagara Falls! I have several boarders in the house and they obviously use a fair bit of power and it's just generally high! As power goes up or costs go up, I was expecting my power bills to increase quite substantially. My power bills were approximately $2,000 $2,500 per quarter prior to my decision to actually look at solar. Ahhh... firstly I went looking around at different solar companies. I did have a small system put in, 1.5kw system to get a feel for solar. That really didn't even touch my.

Power bill. I ended up looking around and I ran into Michael, Michael Russo. Michael was really good about... he said down with me and actually worked out what power I was using, what power I would need, what sort of panels I would need to actually eliminate that. So it wasn't a matter of looking at cost, it was a matter of looking at reduction of that whole power bill. So it was... coming at it from a different angle that most people do.

They come and say it's going to cost you 'X' to put these in or it's going to cost you 'Y'. Michael looked at it from a different perspective and said, 'Well you're using 60kws, let's put in enough panels to get rid of that 60kws'. I did a lot of website searching and a lot of looking at different types of panels. The Canadian ELPS panels turned out to be one of the better panels that are around. And I was quite happy with Michael and all his suggestions and all the work that he did for me.

Well my understanding is that they... they're efficiency, the amount of power they actually output is greater than a normal panel... than most panels. I knew fully what they were doing today. I was really glad I was sitting here watching when they unloaded the 50 panels and I was thinking... 'You Beauty!'. There's a lot of horror stories as I said out there, that I'm hearing. But I've got confidence in Michael and his team, he seems to have a very good customer service base,.

Has all the information that I needed and I can support that by my own due diligence, in checking up on the internet and all that sort of stuff. Well, the quality of panels... I've checked them out. They've got triple insurance on them so they're covered for any breakage or anything like that, not only by Canadian ELPS but by three different insurance companies. So with this system now, I would expect that I would make quite considerable savings as time goes by and it doesn't really matter how much electricity goes up or down because.

Battery LED Light Portable Panel Do It Yourself DIY

Hey guys, it's Martin again from SIRSE. Today I'm going to show you a very cool Wireless LED Panel that I put together. There's another tutorial that touches base on this specific panel, but on this tutorial I'm going to show you the modifications I did, and how I made it wireless. So basically, it's an LED Strip Panel. It's mounted on two angled aluminum pieces that I put together, and then I've laid down all the strips there. I'm using both Cool White and Warm White, and the reason I'm doing that is just so that I can mix and match the light.

To get specific white balances. This could be really helpful in photography, and other settings like that, but keep in mind that you can use any LED Strip to do this. You could use single color LED Strips, you could do a pure white LED Strip, you could do RGB Strips, and all kinds. Here I've got, like I said, Cool White and Warm White, and I have them wired to this little dimmer, that I have cut and modified to make it fit here. I put the board out here just for ergonomics, so to speak, just to make it fit a little bit.

Better, but like I said, you can make it any way you want. I'm also using one of these production clamps over here, that I drilled a hole onto the aluminum, you know, to help me hang it up, or whatever. This also works a little bit to dissipate the heat coming off everything on the panel itself. I've got a 3S Lithium Polymer battery over here, I'm using a 2700 milliamp. Currently, it does not have a voltage cutoff, but you could incorporate either an alarm, or a cutoff system as well. So, basically I'm going to.

Connect it for you guys, and give you a little bit of a sample here. I know that here it's not going to look very well, but in just a second I will show you a clip of it, in action in the dark, so you could see. So as you can see, I have individual control of the Warm White and the Cool White, and I've got dimming ability, so I could make it turn on at a specific color temperature, and manipulate it from here. Also, the cool thing about this is that.

It throws off so much light, that if you're going to use it as a flashlight, this will actually run for quite a while. If you run it on a single color, like this, maybe at 25 capacity, you could make this thing run for like 4, 5, 6, 7 hours. It's very efficient, very cool to use, and here's a clip of it in action. As you can see, we're in a totally dark room, and as I turn it on, it lights up the whole wall. I know it's kind of hard.

To get this in the tutorial, but you can kind of appreciate what it looks like. So anyway guys, this is it right here. Like I said, you can make it with any LED Strip you want. the reason I used the LED Strips is because it's a good way to put them to use. Just keep in mind, you have to bridge everything together, all the strips, wire everything down to a dimmer. It doesn't have to be a dimmer, you can have a straightup power connection to the battery. So there are just different ways of doing it, this is just one of my ideas,.

SELF HELP ADVICE How To Say Yes To Positive Desires And Finally Take Action by Lisa Mohr

Do you know what today is Today is just say, Yes! day. Is there something that you've always wanted to do Something that has kind of haunted your thoughts, or you admire because other people have been brave enough to try, but you're either afraid, or you don't have enough money, or you're not sure if you'll socially fit. Today's just say, Yes! day. Try it! What do I mean by this Well, I know people that never got into horses until they were in their 30's. All of a sudden, they were.

Invited to go horseback riding, loved it so much, they ended up getting a horse of their own and found a new hobby that they loved. Maybe you've decided you've always liked fish. But you don't know what to do with it, so you decide that you go to a fish store and you start your aquatics hobby. That leads you to conferences, and other people, and groups, and magazines. One of my favorite stories is what if you wanted to take sailing lessons, but you were afraid to go the yacht club, because that.

Was the only place that was having it. Maybe you don't really associate with people of that affluence level. Maybe you just dismissed the idea altogether. Well, today is just say, Yes! day, so go! Go sign up for sailing classes. I bet what you'll find is a group of very inclusive, very inspiring, very upbeat, fun, playful people. Maybe after that experience, which I know people that have actually done this, maybe you'll decide that you want to go in on a boat with some other people. So you find an.

Affordable way to utilize your new hobby. Or maybe you'll be so good at it that you actually end up teaching sailing lessons. You really never know. If you're interested in photography, but you don't know exactly how to do it, take some online courses. Take a class through the rec department. Explore! Maybe you'll find a new hobby that gives you a sense of peace. One of the things that I kind of surprised myself, it was wonderful, is I always wanted to cake decorate. I looked in the rec department.

And I found a cake decorating class for really affordable. I found a new and extraordinary talent that I didn't even realize I had. But if I hadn't have gone to that class, I wouldn't have found a new side of me that I could share with other people. It just so happened that that new side of me brought joy to other people as I shared the delicious and beautiful cakes that I made. Take a chance. One of my favorite sayings Life begins when we live outside of our comfort zone.

EClassroom Tutorial Troubleshooting audio

Text slide TROUBLESHOOTING SOUND PROBLEMS If you encounter any sound problems try the following solutions. You can determine whether or not the microphones are set to mute on the Touch Panel. To this go to the Bottom of the Touch Panel and you'll see the Mute button it. You can also try Increasing or Decreasing the volume on the Touch Panel. Go to the Bottom of the Touch Panel and press the two arrows lying against each other. You can also check the volume on the computer. Checking the volume for Windows.

Go to the Bottom Right Side of the computer screen and find the Windows Volume icon. on the icon and check the volume indicator. and Drag Down to decrease the volume or and Drag Up to Increase the volume. Checking the volume for the Mac side. Go to the Top Right side of the computer screen and find the Mac Volume icon. and Drag Down the indicator to decrease the volume or and Drag Up to increase the volume. Depending on the tutorial source you are using.

Such as YouTube or iTunes. Determine if the application has it's own volume control. If it does ensure that it is not muted or set to low to hear. If you are displaying tutorial from YouTube go to the Bottom Left side of the YouTube tutorial and check it's volume control. If your displaying tutorial from iTunes got to the Top Left side if the iTunes screen and check it's volume control. If you are showing the tutorial from QuickTime go to the Bottom Left side of the QuickTime screen and check the volume control.

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