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Solar Panel Systems Diy

DIY Solar Panel System Cost

The total of the system and materials was$22K. I ended up spending about another $1,800 in permit fees and a structural engineer and$400 for an electrician, several hundred dollars for a guy to come help me out for the twoafternoons he spent with me. Xcel (Energy) gave me $16,538 rebate. Fixcost based on the number of kilowatts you are installing and has nothing to do withhow much you pay the permit office or the electrician. My final cost after rebate was $7,237. I started my research in solar probably abouta year before I actually installed it went

and got a couple of bids from some of thelocal solar people both from contractors that my friends have used as well as just searchingthe internet and while talking to one of the guys I find of developed a good feeling fromhim, and I asked the question quot;Would it be possible to do some of the work myselfquot; andkind of learn along the way he said quot;Sure I absolutely support the doityourselfer(DIY) so I said why don’t you throw me bids, what it would cost just come home and havesolar one day and what it would cost to have it done where I do some or all the work myself.And throw them both to me and I said let’s try the second one.

The guys name is Steve Cross from Sun SpotSolar. I gave him my electric bills and said thisis how much I think I need to generate and he said I agree and lets do these types ofpanels 180 watts each, you will need some where around 19 to 22 we figured out 21 fitpretty well. So I went and got all the permit informationfrom Golden, filled it out. He came by 1/2 hour one day he type all the Xcel applicationon the internet and I kind of ran the process and when I had a question I would just sendhim an email and he helped me out. I think in parallel we order the equipment he dropped off in my driveway. Then one

of his installers came out and helped me fortwo afternoons and I pretty much myself put in the whole rack system on the roof and theinstaller came out and helped me kind of a two man job carrying the panels up, puttingthe panels down and bracketing them down. I think we sketch out on the side of one ofthe solar panel boxes how they are all going to wire together so that we get three rowsof series 7 series strings so the amperage works out. I let his installer run the conduit becausethat is pretty much a one person job and then I paid an electrician to plug it all in forme.

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