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Solar Panel Reviews Rv

happy theme music barely audible clunking noises Alright guys there’s not a whole lot to show you I’m in the middle of the road Look at all this dust and wind. Of course there’s a tractor there. One of my solar panels just ripped right off the roof.

That’s it. i just wanted to get a quick little update. show you we’re in the middle of fricken nowhere Luckily there wasn’t a car too close behind me Hopefully that other panel can last until we get somewhere. That’s exciting! Yep. Alright, on the road guys. Here comes a car. Cool Still about 40 miles to go to the Walmart that we’re stopping at tonight.

That solar panel ripped off my roof about 5 minutes ago. it’s there in the back aisle now if you can see it there It was in the middle of the road. Luckily, there’s not a lot of traffic on this road. So nobody uhh. well first things first Luckily nobody was behind me other than Felix and he was quite a ways behind me. Luckily it didn’t hit anybody or kill anybody. Second thing, it looks like it didn’t break.

The wires are ripped out of it, so i’ll have to see if i can fix that. i don’t know. When if. It was the one that was on the front. So I don’t know if when it flew back and off if it took anything out with it My other solar panel or if any of my vents or anything I don’t know yet But it is VERY windy out here in the middle of nowhere I gotta get my ladder out and see what happened How bad things are.

Definitely exciting, i guess if that’s what you want to call it. Yeah I don’t know. I’m still kind of speechless at this point. I don’t know. Alright guys. Here we are at Walmart. In Plainview, Texas. My cats are hanging out. They’re excited. Everybody’s excited. Here’s my solar panel. The wires ripped right out of the control box. I don’t know if that’s going to be fixable or not yet. I’ll have to get into that control box and look.

Most of my brackets came with it. I’m missing two brackets up here. I think they’re still up on the roof. This one got twisted really good when it came up. Here’s what the panel looks like. All scuffed up on every side. But, the panel itself is in good shape it looks like. That’s what happens when a solar panel flies off your roof and slides down the middle of the road. I’ve actually got yellow paint right here from the center line.

I still have to get up on the roof and see what’s going on up there If anything got damaged more than this. If you can see it back here, kind of dark I am getting some solar. It’s kind of cloudy and the sun’s at a low angle right now so, 0.7amps is horrible but I think the system is still good. It’s still working. Actually this corner is more banged up than the other ones I didn’t realize that. Oh yeah, that’s the one that got. So it must have bounced and rolled or something.

That’s where one of my old brackets used to be. But anyways yeah I have to get up on the roof still and check it out. I’m not sure if I’m going to do it here in the Walmart, I might Just get my ladder out and quick check it out. Take those wires down So that they’re not up there shorting things out possibly because they’re connected to my other solar panel still I don’t want those doing anything weird up there Yeah guys. That was exciting. Hopefully I can get this figured out.

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