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Solar Panel Quotes

My Solar Quotes provides all of the informationyou will need when purchasing, or thinking about purchasing a solar power system of anykind. We also provide a quick and simple way toget 3 free quotes for a solar power system. Our data base is comprised of the best solarpower installers in New Zealand. When you submit a quote request through My Solar Quotes,we match 3 solar power installation companies that can meet your unique requirements, andthat service your area. Those 3 companies will get then back to you with no obligationquotes. All you need to do is to click on the “Get3 Quotes� tab at the top of the website,

and fill out the online form. A key part you will need to be clear on, iswhat type of system you are after. Lets discuss the different kinds of systems available; The most common solar power system is a gridconnectedsystem. It doesn’t include the expense of batteries. When solar power is being createdduring the day, and when your household appliances are on, the solar power is used within thehome. If the appliances are turned off, the solar power is sent to the grid, and the solarpower is sold to your energy retailer. After the grid connected system comes theGrid Connect Hybrid System. The same as the

system previously mentioned, but added area small amount of batteries to help reduce the amount of power being exported to thegrid, therefore some of the solar power generated you have generated can be used at night. Batteries are still expensive; you may wantto consider installing a grid connected system now and retrospectively adding batteries ata later date. The next type of system is an off grid system,which means you will no longer be connected to the grid. Fully reliant on solar panels,batteries and possibly a back up generator, suggesting that this particular system issuitable for people who live rurally, or for

those who really aim to be 100% self sufficient. Next is a unique type of solar power system.A solar hot water system is considered to be different as it uses the suns power toheat water for all your house hold hot water requirements. This type of system will significantlyreduce your hot water bill. We also provide quotes for people wantingto install grid connected solar power on commercial buildings. The My Solar Quotes service eliminates frustrationby providing you with the quickest and easiest solution for all your solar power installationneeds. With the 3 quotes provided you will

be able compare and pick the company thatbest suits your needs.

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