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Solar Panel Position Calculator

Solar Power Calculators Part 1 An Introduction to the Solar Calculators

Hi, this is Finn Peacock from SolarQuotes.au and in this tutorial we're going to go through how the hell do you work out what the pay back of your solar power system will be I'm assuming that you've got a quote for a solar power system and that should obviously have a price on it. And also it should have an estimated power output in kilowatthours. If it hasn't chuck it in the bin find another installer as that's fairly important! Once you've got that information this is how you work out whether it's financially viable.

To buy the thing. If we go to SolarQuotes.au then we just go down to learn about solar power and click on the solar pay back calculator. Okay there's 3 calculators I've created on the website and the reason there are three is that they're essentially three ways to pay for a solar system and and how you pay for the solar system will affect cash flows of owning the system and, you know, whether your solar system is cash flow positive or not is one of the major factors.

That you're going to take into account when you're weighing up whether this thing's financially viable or not. So the first calculator, I've called it the electricity savings calculator. That's assuming you're paying cash for the solar system. So that compares the economic of owning a solar system with the situation that you would be in if you didn't which would be collecting interest on the money that's in the bank The second option is to add it to your mortgage I'm actually surprised more people don't do this because well you can try for yourself when you put the numbers in generally.

A good solar system at a decent price will pay for itself from month 1. and but And what Imean by that is the amount you save on your electricity will be more than the extra repayments on your mortgage so you actually save money every month. Usually. I mean put the numbers in see if it works for you. But generally, it can be quite a good idea and the third option which is usually the least, the most difficult one to make work in terms of getting a positive cash flow anyway is if you finance it with the.

Loan and the the reason there is that it that these loans tend to be quite short term and have quite high interest rates so it can be quite hard to make the loan repayments be less than what you save in electricity. But again you know put the numbers in and see if it works for you. In the next tutorial I will walk you through all the fields in the first calculator because all the fields pretty similar and and I'll explain what they are if you want change them from the default what numbers you put in.

Sullivan Solar Power Expansion HERO Program

Today we're celebrating Sullivan Solar Power's continued growth in the city of Riverside. Sullivan has done wonderful work over the past two years here in the city. We're excited about their expansion and the opportunities they bring to the city of Riverside. It doesn't get much better than being the mayor of your home town, especially on days like this when you see businesses doing so well, expanding. We're very proud to participate in and be here to celebrate this new business that's bringing jobs and growth to the economy with a very green product.

At Sullivan Solar Power we're very proud of what we've accomplished over the past decade, and I'm happy to announce our continued commitment to lead Riverside's solar energy revolution. One of the things about Sullivan is it works hand in hand with the HERO program. It really benefits the residents in terms of the affordability of solar and energy efficiencies in our community. HERO has been a partner with us every step of the way, and we really appreciate their help. We at the city of Riverside are wishing Sullivan great success.

Solar PV Shading

Welcome to another Ecoelectric solar tutorial. This week were looking at the same solar system for the reason that this system has some fairly unique shading issues. If you look over here you can see a fairly large tree which does shade these panels significantly in the early morning. Over here we have another large tree and another large tree which shades these panels in the afternoon usually from about this time of year late march through to late september. As you can see here were currently getting shading on one panel. The problem.

With shading is its logarithmic so this panel been shaded effectivley means that were loosing two so our lovely 3kw system of 250W panels has suddenly become 2.5kW. So shading is very important to the output of your solar system. A lot of people seem to be under the misunderstanding that a little bit of shading is ok that they will still get power but you wont. The problem is the shade turns your solar panel from a producing electrical device into a load which means that it actually draws power and consumes it from the other panels in the.

Pilz Category 4 Safety System For Conveyors

Welcome to GTV! Today I am here at Pilz Automation Safety United States Headquarters to show you a category 4 safety system with a conveyor application using the safety products from Pilz. In this demo, I have a PNOZmulti, PNOZpower, PSENopt devices, PITjog and a PITestop. The PNOZpower is a safety relay connected to the PNOZmulti, which is a configurable relay control system. The PSENopt devices include light curtains with cross muting and an infrared through beam type 4 sensor. This sensor is used to prevent an operator from unsupported contact with the conveyor system. In my demo, I have a package that moves along a conveyor.

Belt and crosses a muting stream, allowing for a package to continue to pass through the light curtain. As this happens, a light illuminates here to give a clear indication that muting is in effect. If an object that is not authorized crosses the light curtain, muting does not take effect and the light curtain will send a signal to initiate a stop. The same will happen when the user crosses the infrared sensor over here on the side of the conveyor. In place of the infrared sensors, the PSENrope that I have here can.

Be used. This will initiate a stop when either the Estop is pushed or the rope is pulled. Cutting the rope will also signal a stop. In the case where the application needs to be jogged through, a PITjog can be used. This two hand control device can be used as an enabling switch and can allow for manual operation. Also included is a PITestop for immediate stop methods. Once actuated, the Estop will illuminate for a clear stopped indication. This should only be used during hazardous situations. For more information on Pilz products,.

Solar Panel Angle Considerations And Performance Implications

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