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Solar Panel Jobs In Virginia

SENTECBringing LEED Technologies to Danville, VA

My name is Larry Hasson. I'm a senior architected with Dewberry in Danville, Virginia. I'm going to talk to you a little bit about a project we recently completed called the Sustainable Energy Technology Center. It is a 26,000squarefoot, highend, analytical endprocessing lab building that was a client need to promote the development of biobased research and development. It's currently seeking LEED Gold certification. Part of the LEED process we really wanted to highlight this building and have a lot of things that as a person walked through they could visually see what technologies were available. It starts immediately as you.

Approach the facility, you see this 14,000 gallon rainwater cistern that collects a majority of the roof water and we use that to irrigate all of the landscaping in front of the facility. We have green roof technology, solar photovoltaic array technology, heat recovery, and chilled beam technology, along with other things that you see in everyday LEED design, such as low voc materials, sensors, and different mechanisms we use for daylighting and things like that. We looked forward to taking this and seeing what the next step is in its development.

Kentuckys first solar power facility coming to Mercer County

BLUEGRASS STATE. KENTUCKY UTILITIES AND LOUISVILLE GAS AND ELECTRIC ARE TEAMING UP. TO CREATE A SOLAR POWER FACILITY. IN MERCER COUNTY. IT ISN'T UP AND RUNNING JUST YET. BUT OUR MIKE LINDEN GOT A LOOK AT THE PLANS TODAY. HE TELLS US HOW MUCH POWER. LEADERS THINK THEY WILL GET FROM THE FACILITY. IN A STORY THAT'S NEW AT NEW AT 530. SOT We've been coalpowered electricity for more than 100 years but things are changing. TRACK While electricity produced from coal and water isn't going anywhere, Kentucky Utilities and Lousiville Gas and Electric are.

Looking toward the future. The first solar power facility in Kentucky is coming to Mercer County this spring. SOT It's more than a pilot project. It is a project that will be generating electricity into our system. Once it's online, it's online. TRACK Feltham says 45,000 solar panels will be installed on the 52 acre plot next month. KU officials estimate the panels could produce 10 megawatts of electricity enough to provide energy to 1,500 homes a month. STANDUP KU officials say while solar energy is cleaner than energy produced by coal and even.

Water, they say water is ten times more effective than at producing energy than solar panels. TRACK While KU doesn't have plans to expand beyond the first facility in Mercer County, Feltham says solar energy could one day overtake coalfired energy. SOT At this point we're not convinced that that's going to happen but we do want to experiment with it and find out if it really will work. TRACK In Mercer County, Mike Linden, WKYT. KU OFFICIALS SAY WHILE SOLAR ENERGY PRODUCTION IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. RIGHT NOW, IT IS.

Marylands Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

WaterShed, the University of Maryland's Solar Decathlon 2011 entry, attracts buyers who desire all the functions of a large home in a more efficient and sustainable footprint. WaterShed's target market is working couples who want use the house as both a home and an office. This demographic is prevalent in the Baltimore and Washington, DC markets, where many individual firms exist in consulting, law, and architecture. WaterShed easily and quickly adapts to provide the variety of spaces needed for a livework environment. During the day, the south module functions as an office supporting home business and telecommuting.

The office niche provides a primary work space with a tiered desk. An adjacent conference table provides additional workspace and allows for collaboration on larger projects. At night the space transforms into a comfortable bedroom. The desk slides away into the office niche and the conference table transforms into a fullsized bed. In the North module, cooking, eating entertaining and relaxing are easily accommodated for the homeowners and their guests. The dining room table can easily be arranged for both quiet dinners for two and larger dinner parties with friends. Living room furniture can be arranged to accommodate.

A variety of gatherings. The space opens onto the entry deck to accommodate larger events. Just outside the kitchen, fresh produce can be picked from the garden deck. The scraps can then be composted and reused to fertilize the gardens. Durable materials allow the owners to spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining the house. The exterior cooked wood siding and decking is bug and rotresistant without using harsh chemicals. Recycled concrete countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are easy to clean, affordable and durable. Many of WaterShed's engineering systems are offtheshelf products making it easy to find replacement.

Parts and repair over time. The systems gain efficiency and save money through unique coupling. The southfacing roof features a 9.2 kilowatt photovoltaic array powering the home year round. A solar thermal array provides hot water, space heating and dehumidification. Two minisplit units independently control the temperature of each module. Superior insulation protects against drafts, saving energy and money. An intuitive home automation system allows residents to control lighting and ventilation systems for maximum functionality. A green roof on the northfacing roof stores storm water and provides added thermal insulation. Lowflow fixtures and a dual flush toilet in the bathroom minimize water usage. The.

Illinois Solar Decathlon 2011 Engineering Audiovisual Presentation

Rehome was designed to be a netzero energy usage home. It uses passive energy saving strategies, integrated with highly efficient and smart active systems. 9 teams of Illinois engineering students worked with the architecture team to make this possible. With walls rated R45 and the roof and floor both rated R60, the Rehome is extremely well insulated. The layout and orientation of the Rehome are core components of the passive design concept. In order to maximize solar gains, windows are placed mostly on the south faade. Shading devices are utilized to control daylight. ReHome has been engineered as a smart home.

It is outfitted with over 100 sensors and dozens of embedded microcontrollers. This allows control and monitoring of everything from the power consumption of a single device plugged into an outlet, to water usage and grey water availability, to temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. A powerful controls system was required. This would give information and control to the user, in a single, unified space. The Engineering team developed the recontrol user interface. This interface uses web technologies and the convenient iPad touchscreen. A database logs all data displayed on the interface. The recontrol portal gives.

The user useful ataglance data such as indoor and outdoor temperatures, a graph of overall home power consumption vs. production, and has links to other pages, which control various subsystems. The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system utilized in the ReHome is a Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator or CERV. The CERV is an airsource heat pump specifically designed for wellinsulated, airtight homes. The recontrol HVAC page gives the user access to the CERV controls and status information. The Rehome has been outfitted with a photovoltaic array that provides 6.7 kilowatts during peak sun. The array utilizes.

18.5 percent efficient crystalline panels. The panels collapse flat for transport. The solar monitoring page provides a user with valuable power production and consumption information. ReHome is equipped with a fully automated, power conserving, ledbased lighting system, and a power monitoring system capable of recording the usage of each device in the home. Each region of the ReHome floor plan may be clicked to retrieve usage information specific to that area of the home. Single devices are represented by globes on the floor plan. A lit globe shows that that device is consuming power. A user can select from specific.

SFA alumn Kristi Owens, mathematics is a foundation

Music I taught in grad school, but what else can I do What are my choices Math is teaching you the under pinning. Math is teaching you how to think. Math gives you the ability to go and do and apply it anywhere, doing anything. Some one came from Raytheon, then esystems, which is a defense contractor. Came to the graduate school I was at, which was Texas AM, and they were interviewing math majors. I thought that was interesting. What are you hiring for They said, Software engineers. We're going to hire people that are going to write.

The programs that are going to run the missiles and satellites. My question was, Why don't you hire software engineers Why don't you hire a computer science major They said, They know how to write code. Math majors and music majors know how to think. We can teach you how to write code, that's easy. That's the application. You've got the under pinning fundamentals that we need. I thought was very good and that is very true. I hope that future math majors understand all those choices that they have. Dr. Roberson, when I was playing basketball,.

She was a huge basketball fan, huge Ladyjack fan, so she would come to all the games. And I had the ability to be very, very, very good in math. She approached me and asked, What I was here for What is your purpose in being at SFA If it's to play basketball, then play basketball. If its to get a degree and in particular a math degree, then put your efforts there and be really great at it. That stuck with me. I was STEM, before STEM was cool. There was no STEM.

WonderWorking Ooey Gooey Stuff for the Hobby Farm

Introduction Music This Subtitle is especially for my nephew Hello folks. This is Jerry from Pine Meadows Hobby Farm Hey, Thank you for clicking first couple up there's an item that I think every farmer should have. I and that is a JB weld every tool box should have JB Weld. Now I have used this on a variety of different things. I got some left but when I came across is my rabbit bottle broke so this stuff must be really good even on plastic so I'm going to try.

Repairing this with JB Weld so what I got here is a tube of hardener and a tube of steel and I got an old baby food jar lid as a dish to mix it in and and I found this old fork while I was rototilling the lawnyard while getting ready to plant grass. so I don't care if I waste this or not so your going to squeeze out equal amounts You don't need much because I'm just going to prepare enough to repair this lid ok And then you mix it.

It should come out a grayish color and then you apply it. make sure you get all of the the cracks and holes so there is not air leaks ltchickens clucking in the backgroundgt and I am going to let this sit out and harden in the sun And discard that. I also used JB Weld on my sprinkler I had a crack in the sprinkler head right here and it was spewing water, more water out here that it was at the head here so I remembered I had JB Weld in the toolbox I took the JB Weld.

TexasGermany Team Interview Solar Decathlon 2015

Gtgt Female 1 We're from the University of Texas at Austin and the Technical University in Munich. gtgtFemale 2 Our house is NexusHaus. The unique thing about our house is that it's going to provide, as a model for a prototype, for accessory dwelling units in Austin. gtgt Male The ideal setting for our house is going to be in sort of an existing neighborhood fabric in Austin that already has an established character and sort of culture to it. We're trying to design a house that can plug in to something that exists so we can doubledensity.

Without changing the sort of feeling of a neighborhood. gtgt Female 3 We're trying to design a selfsustaining house that you can grow your own food and collect your own rainwater to use within the house. gtgt Male We've designed a the first ever that we're aware of on the singlefamily home scale thermal storage, like, district cooling kind of system for an individual house. And so the way that's designed to work is we have this, you know, 12 to 15foot water tower that we cool down at night.

We use electricity at night to cool down our water, and then, during the day, we run the AC off of the cooled water that we piped through the house. The great part about that is, from affordability perspective, we have solar panels on the house. And during the afternoon, that's when you're generating the most electricity. So, we're able to sell that back when we're generating the most and use the cooled water at night to run the air conditioning. We're also going for a netzero water house. That's the reason we have the thermal storage.

RACK59 Data Center on Generator Redundancy

We are going to talk about Generators. I want to go over the basic points of a Generator, what it does, how it facilitates the needs of a data center and some of the components. RACK59's generators are hosted inside. Their job is to power up in the event of a power outage. If utility power goes away, the generator automatically fires. It takes about 7 seconds for the generator to start and get to full load capacity. At that time the UPSs are working to maintain the load. After 7 seconds the Switchgear will say hey I see the generator load is carrying what we need and the switch gear will move over to generator power. That will allow for the data center to continue to operate as long as we need as long as there is enough diesel. This generator has a belly tank with about 1000 gallons. Connected to the belly tank there is a 12,000 gallon reserve. This allows us to run the data center for many days without needs for diesel. In the event of an extended outage we can have more diesel brought in through diesel contracts. A few other things you need to know and look for is what kind of monitoring is set up to the generator. One of the biggest things to monitor is the batteries. Make sure that the batteries are tested on a regular basis. You have a generator that is tested on regular basis and it runs and fires but the batteries are tested. So make sure they are tested so that they will fire the alternator that ultimately fires the generator. So when looking at a data center and trying to make a selection say Hey, show them to me. Can I see your generators, How do they work, Where does the utility feed come in and how does it get to the data center floor.

Sacramento State Team Interview Solar Decathlon 2015

Gtgt Male 1 We are team Solar Nest at Sacramento State. Our house is called the Reflect Home. When I look at our design, I see elegance, just beauty, and, yet, simplicity, and I feel that it really encapsulates the spirt of Sacramento. gtgt Female It's built mainly to attract young families looking to purchase a house. These are families who usually work in the central city. They're looking at neighborhoods that surround the central city. gtgt Male 2 Everyone typically thinks of solar panels as just a big sheet you put on the roof or you can maybe make overhang.

Publishers Spotlight Car Dealer Sales Virginia Dominion Power And Solar Panels And Regent University

Publishers Spotlight Car Dealer Sales Virginia Dominion Power And Solar Panels And Regent University,.

Our 45 Solar Panels At Shady Grove, Summersville, West Virginia.We have 45 of 5ft x 3 ft solar panels at the house. They are groundmounted and absolutely immovable. 25 of them generate electricity that feeds back into the..

Solar Energy Jobs..

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West Virginia Solar Panels In West Virginia Solar

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Richmond Virginia March 6, 2013 Snow Storm Cleaning Off The Solar Panels Part 1.This tutorial was uploaded from an Android phone..

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