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Solar Panel Inverter Calculator

Solar Panel Calculator How to Calculate your Solar Panel Needs

Solar panel calculator you're looking for a solar power Kula now a whore solar panel calculator is is a world or not sign Austell we if a you know some uh those laws in the garden with solar things on stuff sation really a ollie ago very curious about solar power and and hell ok to use it in my home and no I went on I research camp einen and look all got lost the reason this I much information so many different hell so many different systems you can use.

That's almost overwhelming a a thats you know I which was it said I'm butts also Atleo to fund a system where with a gentleman is put it all together in one place and and we should say on the system for months before did occurs bicycle understood what he said and my pal bill turn from hundreds of dollars every month 20 and sometimes you get a little check back or sometimes repin few bucks but by sickly of water they'll and and it's just a relief to know is that.

You know when when that so many months comes around the electricity bill isn't gonna be one of them so a look how either just in the tutorial here or just in the description though basically solar panel calculator to a link to to another tutorial which will go to the system Lord the bicycling told me held see what they'll my electricity bill so I with every penny have a look it's only a few hawk's eye it's with the recent driver implemented I cuando se gives you bonus uva win civil switch you know on.

Solar Power Calculators Part 1 An Introduction to the Solar Calculators

Hi, this is Finn Peacock from SolarQuotes.au and in this tutorial we're going to go through how the hell do you work out what the pay back of your solar power system will be I'm assuming that you've got a quote for a solar power system and that should obviously have a price on it. And also it should have an estimated power output in kilowatthours. If it hasn't chuck it in the bin find another installer as that's fairly important! Once you've got that information this is how you work out whether it's financially viable.

To buy the thing. If we go to SolarQuotes.au then we just go down to learn about solar power and click on the solar pay back calculator. Okay there's 3 calculators I've created on the website and the reason there are three is that they're essentially three ways to pay for a solar system and and how you pay for the solar system will affect cash flows of owning the system and, you know, whether your solar system is cash flow positive or not is one of the major factors.

That you're going to take into account when you're weighing up whether this thing's financially viable or not. So the first calculator, I've called it the electricity savings calculator. That's assuming you're paying cash for the solar system. So that compares the economic of owning a solar system with the situation that you would be in if you didn't which would be collecting interest on the money that's in the bank The second option is to add it to your mortgage I'm actually surprised more people don't do this because well you can try for yourself when you put the numbers in generally.

A good solar system at a decent price will pay for itself from month 1. and but And what Imean by that is the amount you save on your electricity will be more than the extra repayments on your mortgage so you actually save money every month. Usually. I mean put the numbers in see if it works for you. But generally, it can be quite a good idea and the third option which is usually the least, the most difficult one to make work in terms of getting a positive cash flow anyway is if you finance it with the.

Loan and the the reason there is that it that these loans tend to be quite short term and have quite high interest rates so it can be quite hard to make the loan repayments be less than what you save in electricity. But again you know put the numbers in and see if it works for you. In the next tutorial I will walk you through all the fields in the first calculator because all the fields pretty similar and and I'll explain what they are if you want change them from the default what numbers you put in.

Morningstar Corporation Company Overview at altE

Hi this is Amy from altE Store. I am here with Jake and Kyle and they are from Morningstar. So, we're just going to chat a little bit and talk about Morningstar in general! Hello gentlemen. hello, hello So tell me a little bit about the history of Morningstar. Jake Well, Kyle's been here longer than I have, so I'll let him take that one. Kyle Sure. Morningstar was founded back in 1993. Our founder, and still current President, Lee Gordan, realized that there was a missing gap in the terrestrial PV market. A lot of.

People needed to charge batteries and he said I'm going to start a solar charge controller company. That's really where it all began. From then, it's been product release after product release. Our first MPPT controller was built in 2008 and most recently our 600V rated Tristar came along just a few months ago with a retro fit option for battery backup solutions in grid tie applications. Amy Oh excellent. We'll get more into that in another interview. That's going to be exciting. Kyle So we've come a long way. It's been 20 years. I've been here about 3 and Jake.

About 3 months. And a long road ahead. Amy Excellent. And so, where are you located Kyle We're actually split between two main locations. The first office, actually since the beginning we've been in two places. Just outside of Baltimore, Maryland that's where our engineering RD happens, most of our testing, and quite a bit of our pre production introduction happens there. And then the commercial sales office is in Newtown, Pennsylvania, just North of Philly. Amy Excellent! And how many people are working for Morningstar Kyle Well we've grown a lot in the past few years. We have about 30 between RD, engineering.

How to Install Solar Panels Solar Energy System Fuse Box

Alright, we've brought our positive and negative wires from the charge controller and they're going through a new fuse and they're going to go down to the battery. Let's just take a look at this style of fuse box. It's a little more advanced and, in fact, we have two sets of fuses with a switch, so we can make safe and turn off the whole device and we're still being protected by some smaller 30 amp fuses, here, which should keep us safe. And that is how that works. We'll turn it off and go ahead and connect our batteries. So now we've.

Got our battery here, let's take one of our connections off. Let's see, positive is red, negative is white, or black in this case, I see. There we go. This also has the wires that run out to our charge controller connected, or excuse me to our inverter connected. So, we've got several wires coming off these. Now, we're ready to charge our batteries with the solar. And now we're ready to put our fuse back in this holder which will connect the panel to the charge controller and start charging the batteries.

How Well Do Solar Panels Perform at Sunset

Here's the 6.2 kW solar array it's very much in the shade right now. because the sun is passed it faces slightly southsoutheast. If we can see it. There's the new solar array. 12 of the new solar array It's still very much in the sun. So it's making thousands of watts still. Here's the other side of that array..the other string. there's 9 more panels up there. It's making lots of power as well. Let's get into the garage here and check out. How the inverters are doing. Here we've got our twin Leafs Nissan Leaf.

Quietly. One of them is charging, the other is probably charged up already. So let's go to the first array. and. 108 Watts. So in the shade, making 108 watts. now this one, still in the sun. it made 30.7 kWh for the day. and it's still making 1700 watts. It's approaching sunset The sun will probably down in another hour. The sun is very much pointing at this array. So it's just doing awesome still. So between the two arrays it's about almost 68 kWh. Of energy production today. WOW!.

That's like 2 days worth of consumption for us. For our entire house, including cars So it did really well today, it made twice the energy we need in a day. The sun is right on the horizon, if not. ready to set. Oh, we're just inches away from sunset. So to speak. I don't see any shade on the array yet. Yeah, we're just in full sun still. but. there's not a lot of sun when it's that low on the horizon. Interesting, this is a perfect day by the way for any solar production.

There is not a single cloud in the sky. right now. Besides THAT one, he he. This array is about to turn off. It's only making 11 watts. Whereas this one is 487 watts. Is this sun set, oh it is so close. It is almost set completely. Oh you can just barely see some sunlight shining But they are totally out of the sun as well. It's sunset So it's totally sunset right now. This is what heatdeath of the universe will look like. when the sun goes out. There is no more power on the panels.

There is just. very little power. I'm amazed that it's even making any at all. There is no sunlight. This is just. Ambient light from the sky. The sun is already set. it is very dark. So a 5.2 kW array. And it's only making. about a 100th. here in a second it will be a 100th, of its rated power because the sun is going down. It's kind of fun to watch the sun set. Isn't it beautiful Ah. It's a beautiful sunset. 5 watt and going down quick. Almost 70 kWh for the day.

PreWired Power Centers from Four Star Solar

My name is Chad Thorpe, I work for Wholesale Solar specifically the division Four Star Solar here at Four Star Solar we deal primarily with offgrid battery backup systems we get a chance to work with products from manufactures across the industry and we have a very good opportunity to see hands on how all those products fit together and how they work best together and that's what we can provide our customers the prewired pretested systems that we assemble here at Four Star Are a modular all in one solution.

For going offgrid or battery based. We assemble all the components together we wire them and its given to our customers and a complete sealed package that's easy to install easy to handle and easy to use. The power centers that we prewire here at Four Star are fully tested. We take DC battery power AC input sources of various types, solar input and we run the systems through full diagnostics of every function that they perform and so when it ships out the door to our customer they know they're getting.

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