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Solar Panel Installers Oxford

What is Thermal Efficiency by ecoMaster

We can all relate to our energy bills becoming more and more expensive as we try to keep our homes comfortable. That is cool in the summer, warm in the winter. The problem is that many of our homes have poor thermal efficiency. What does that mean Well for example when we're heating our homes in the wintertime the warm air is being continuously replaced by cold air because of draughts. Also heat is being continuously lost through poorly insulated ceilings, floors, walls and the glazing. In the summertime the reverse is true we're cooling the air and it's being replaced by warm air from outside.

And heat is pouring in from all those places. Improving the thermal performance of your home will make it more comfortable to live in and cheaper to operate. ecoMaster have been improving the thermal efficiency of homes and businesses for more than 10 years. We're the experts in thermal efficiency. We provide quality long lasting retrofit solutions that can be applied to your home just as it is. There's no need for an architect, a builder or a carpenter. Our philosophy is to use the best materials and workmanship so that the solution is applied once and last the lifetime of the building.

We specialise in professional Draught Proofing, Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation, Wall Insulation and Secondary Glazing, which is double glazing for existing windows, so nothing has to be replaced. Most often it's good to start with a home assessment. An ecoMaster home assessment will provide you with a comprehensive, prioritised and costed retrofit plan for your home so that you can work through it step by step at your own pace. That will enable you to invest most effectively in improving the comfort of your home, making it cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Dead stuff The secret ingredient in our food chain John C. Moore

If someone called you scum, you'd probably be offended, but scientifically, they might not be far off. Have you ever thought about where your food comes from You might say it comes from plants, animals, or even fungi, but you'd probably rather not think about the rotting organisms and poop that feed those plants, animals, and fungi. So really, you and most of the matter in your body are just two or three degrees of separation from things like pond scum. All species in an ecosystem, from the creatures in a coral reef.

To the fish in a lake to the lions on the savannah, are directly or indirectly nourished by dead stuff. Most of the organic matter in our bodies, if we trace it back far enough, comes from CO2 and water through photosynthesis. Plants use the energy from sunlight to transform carbon dioxide and water from the environment into glucose and oxygen. That glucose is then transformed into more complex organic molecules to form leaves, stems, roots, fruit, and so on. The energy stored in these organic molecules supports the food chains with which we're familiar.

You've probably seen illustrations like this or this. These green food chains start with living plants at their base. But in reallife terrestrial ecosystems, less than 10 of plant matter is eaten while it's still alive. What about the other 90 Well, just look at the ground on an autumn day. Living plants shed dead body parts fallen leaves, broken branches, and even underground roots. Many plants are lucky enough to go their whole lives without being eaten, eventually dying and leaving remains. All of these uneaten, undigested, and dead plant parts,.

That 90 of terrestrial plant matter That becomes detritus, the base of what we call the brown food chain, which looks more like this. What happens to plants also happens to all other organisms up the food chain some are eaten alive, but most are eaten only when they're dead and rotting. And all along this food chain, living things shed organic matter and expel digestive waste before dying and leaving their remains to decay. All that death sounds grim, right But it's not. All detritus is ultimately consumed by microbes and other scavengers,.

So it actually forms the base of the brown food chain that supports many other organisms, including us. Scientists are learning that this detritus is an unexpectedly huge energy source, fueling most natural ecosystems. But the interactions within an ecosystem are even more complex than that. What a food chain really represents is a single pathway of energy flow. And within any ecosystem, many of these flows are linked together to form a rich network of interactions, or food web, with dead matter supporting that network at every step. The resulting food web.

Is so connected that almost every species is no more than two degrees from detritus, even us humans. You probably don't eat rotting things, poop, or pond scum directly, but your food sources probably do. Many animals we eat either feed directly on detritus themselves, like pork, poultry, mushrooms, shellfish, or catfish and other bottom feeders, or they are fed animal byproducts. So, if you're thinking nature is full of waste, you're right. But one organism's garbage is another's gold, and all that rotting dead stuff ultimately provides the energy that nourishes us.

Solar Panel Installers, Oxford

Solar Panel Installers, Oxford,.

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Solar Hot Water Oxford Call 0845 456 5196,.

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