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Outback FM80 and FM60 Reset and Voltage Set Points

Hey this is Josh from the Tech Department at Wholesale Solar. And I wanted to just take a second and show you guys how to do a hard reset on an Outback Flex Max 60 or a Flex Max 80. And it''s a relatively simple procedure. You can have to do this when you go through and reset your battery type, your system voltage, few other things. Relatively easy, we're going to use the softkeys they're not well labeled anywhere actually but there's one, two, three and four in respect to the diagrams they show in the manual.

And what we do to do a reset is hold down buttons number one and three and supply power back to the unit. So we're going to go ahead and turn it on here. It's going to ask us to select a version. We're going to go ahead and go with English. It's going to ask us for a password. Now the default password on the FM 60, MX 60, FM 80, all the Outback equipment is going to be onehundred and fortyone that's 141 so we'll get that typed in here.

We're going to go enter which happens to be soft key number four. We're going to go yeah we want to do English. We sure Yeah. It's going to ask us system voltage so we'll jump in here. We're actually doing a twelve Volt systems so we'll just hit enter. Happens to be soft key number three. Are we sure Yeah. Awesome! So we get to here there's only one other adjustment that we really need to make and we hit soft key number one to do kinda the initial setup. The first thing I want to look at is going to be.

Charger and that's really the only thing that I suggest people go through and look at. Depending on the battery type, we'll hit go and this is going to allow us to adjust three things current limit, absorbing and float. Now this is an 80 Amp controller it's set at 80 Amps. We can't turn it up higher than that. We can turn it down lower, it doesn't really make sense, so let's just leave it at 80. Now on the absorbing 14.4 is an okay default set point. Each battery is going to come with a different spec from.

The manufacturers as far as where you want it to be. 14.4 will work here. As far as float goes, on my system, I'm using AGM batteries, they're the UPGs. Goes 200 amp hours, 6 Volts. Now the float on a lead acid battery is going to be a little bit higher so default is at 13.6. With my AGM batteries i'm going to need to turn that down a little bit. They want to float at 13.0. So I'll go ahead and set it there. Go back out, we're done, we'll hit exit, we're back to the main screen.

Clean CitiesGeorgia Cuts Petroleum Use With Alternative Fuel Vehicles

My name is Don Francis. I am the coordinator for the Department of Energy Clean Cities program here in Atlanta. The Clean Cities program is an initiative by the Department of Energy to help the nation reduce its dependency on foreign imported oil by switching to clean, alternative fuel. The Clean Cities program here at Atlanta is one of nearly 100 publicprivate coalitions spread across the United States to help fleets and others move away from our dependency on petroleum by using alternative fuels like propane, natural gas, the biofuels like biodiesel and ethanol, as well as electricity. The use of alternative fuels here in Atlanta.

Is important because these are cleaner fuels than gasoline or diesel. We all know that we have an air quality problem here in Atlanta, which is primarily driven by the number of cars we drive. As we move to cleaner alternative fuels, we will reduce the impact of our daily driving on the air quality issues here in Atlanta. That improves the air quality for everyone, and that's an important benefit besides the benefit from moving away from imported fuels like gasoline and diesel. We are fuel agnostic because one type of fuelit doesn't meet the needs of all users. We may be talking about natural.

Gas, as you've seen in the MARTA buses running all over town and in the refuse trucks in DeKalb County. We may be looking at ethanol like you'd see in the flexfuel vehicles running around the city. For now, all of the electric vehicles coming to townyou'll see them all over the streets. It isn't important as to which fuel that you use as long as you choose one of the alternatives. If you want to find out more about Clean Cities, go to our website, cleancitiesatlanta, where you can get more information about our program here at Atlanta. You can also find.

Installation solaire Bordeaux vers lautonomie nergtique

Mr. Beausoleil Francis Beausoleil, so I am the owner of this place I wanted to have a facility that is both ecological and economic. In regards to the energy autonomy level, I think it is on track thanks to the DualSun panels. Two DualSun panels are connected to batteries that provide 6 hours of energy in case of a power failure The energy produced by the panels will be stocked by the batteries This energy won't be sold to EDF. This is one of the ideas I had to avoid blackouts in this sector.

How to Replace a CV Joint How to Install a Drive Shaft

In this clip, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure in order to remove and replace a broken CV joint also known as a drive shaft on a frontwheel drive vehicle. In this clip, we're going to talk about installation of our CV joint back onto the transmission or to the midshaft bearing. We're doing the passenger side and on this particular vehicle, it has a midshaft bearing. Being that the transmission is located on the drivers side of the vehicle, it has a small stub shaft that runs to another bearing. You may or may.

Not have to. Its pretty uncommon to have to switch the seal over. The new drive shaft as you can see doesn't come with one and this just pops off the old one like so. That's how you slide it on and that's how you would slide it off. What I'm going to do is take and help and extend the life of that bearing, I'm going to pack some grease in here. What that will do is add to the lubricate that is put in at the factory and help keep water.

Out of it. Just like so. You don't need a whole bunch, it is a rotating item and all this grease will get spread around in there as you drive the vehicle. I'm going to go ahead and take and slide that on now just like so. That there is the stub shaft and midshaft bearing coming out of the trans just getting the output energy a little closer to the drive shaft. What we're going to do is take and line up our constant velocity joint with the splines on that and pop it in place. This is the portion of the CV joint.

That we're going to line up with the stub shaft on the transmission. Just going to take and align it and get it as straight as we can. The straighter it is, the easier the installation process will go. Once you have it started on the output shaft of either your trans or midshaft bearing. It may be necessary to tap it on with a hammer, but you're going to want to make sure you have it stated on there first so the splines are lined up correctly. If you have them misaligned, they will damage each other and the shaft will fail to seat.

How to Change a Serpentine Belt Checking the Serpentine Belt Pulley

Hi! My name is Nate McCullough on behalf of expertvillage. In this clip we are going to talk about inspection of the accessory pulleys for pits, play, proper alignment and foreign material. Whenever servicing the vehicle's accessory drive belt, once the belt is removed you are going to want to check the belt's mating services or the pulley's for any kind of problems that they may have. Some of the problems include excessive play in the pulley bearing which will be indicated by the pulley moving not relative to its accessory.

We have the mounting bolts loose and as you can see our power steering pump can move freely. What you are going to want to do is apply a small amount of leverage to a relative component. As you can see, the pulley isn't flopping around relative to the power steering pump. That indicates the condition of the pulley's shaft and bearings are in good shape. Another thing you are going to want to look for is any kind of pits or damage inside the belt's mating surface. As you can see, we will rotate it around. You don't see any huge dings.

Or dents or any kind of cracks on the pulley service inside here. The last thing you are going to want to look for when inspecting your pulleys is for foreign material. It is possible to get rocks, pieces of plastic, impact particles from something you may have hit such as bird feathers, things of that nature stuck inside here. You are going to want to rotate the pulley as I am doing here and inspect the entire surface. If there is something stuck in here like say a small stone, as the engine is running that stone is going.

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