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Solar Panel Installer Jobs Essex

WonderWorking Ooey Gooey Stuff for the Hobby Farm

Introduction Music This Subtitle is especially for my nephew Hello folks. This is Jerry from Pine Meadows Hobby Farm Hey, Thank you for clicking first couple up there's an item that I think every farmer should have. I and that is a JB weld every tool box should have JB Weld. Now I have used this on a variety of different things. I got some left but when I came across is my rabbit bottle broke so this stuff must be really good even on plastic so I'm going to try.

Repairing this with JB Weld so what I got here is a tube of hardener and a tube of steel and I got an old baby food jar lid as a dish to mix it in and and I found this old fork while I was rototilling the lawnyard while getting ready to plant grass. so I don't care if I waste this or not so your going to squeeze out equal amounts You don't need much because I'm just going to prepare enough to repair this lid ok And then you mix it.

It should come out a grayish color and then you apply it. make sure you get all of the the cracks and holes so there is not air leaks ltchickens clucking in the backgroundgt and I am going to let this sit out and harden in the sun And discard that. I also used JB Weld on my sprinkler I had a crack in the sprinkler head right here and it was spewing water, more water out here that it was at the head here so I remembered I had JB Weld in the toolbox I took the JB Weld.

Lost Australian boy found alive after five days in bushland

An elevenyearold boy with autism has been reunited with his family after being found wandering in bushland on Good Friday. Luke Shambrook went missing on the 3rd of April, from his family's campsite in northeast Victoria, Australia. His disappearance sparked a massive police search involving helicopters and hundreds of volunteers. Luke was spotted by a police helicopter on Tuesday just a few kilometres from where he went missing. Police said he was suffering from dehydration, hypothermia and fatigue. Probably one of the most rewarding of my career. The emotion I was feeling was amazing.

He was mumbling to us, we gave him some food and water. I held his hand and talked to him. I had information from his medical team and his parents and family, his likes and dislikes so I was trying to talk to him about those things, I mean a small boy and talking about Easter and helicopters and all the fun things yeah. Luke was carried out of the bush on a stretcher and reunited with his family before being taken to a local hospital. He is now being treated for dehydration and hypothermia but it said to be doing well.

Interior Launches Smart from the Start Atlantic Wind Energy Initiative

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is best known for a windblown flag that waved above it on September 13, 1814 That's when Francis Scott Key, held captive on a British ship in Baltimore Harbor penned the words to the Star Spangled Banner. Those same winds nearly 200 years later will one day bring energy to the Atlantic coast with the launch of the Department of the Interior's Smart from the Start Wind Initiative. Salazar The Smart from the Start wind initiative will help us identify priority areas up and down the Atlantic Coast for appropriate wind development,.

And it will shorten the amount of time it takes to permit offshore wind projects. Under this initiative, we believe we will be able to issue additional offshore wind leases in 2011 and 2012. The Smart from the Start Wind Initiative builds on the lessons that we have learned from the Cape Wind leasing process. Just a few weeks ago, I was proud to sign the lease for Cape Wind , the firstever offshore wind farm to be proposed for in the United States. The inspiration for fasttracking wind development came from.

Interior's successes on land with solar energy. New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland will have a very important role. O'Malley You know the defenders of Fort McHenry who defended America's freedom here almost 200 years ago, were part of a battle that took only a couple of days. The battle for a cleaner, greener energy future is going to take more than a couple of days. It will take relentless followup. And it's also going to take leadership. And we're so very, very glad in Maryland that we have a president in President Obama.

And a secretary in you Secretary Salazar, sir, who has not forgotten how important this is, and what an important part America's cleaner, greener energy future Atlantic offshore wind can be. The Smart from the Start' Initiative for Atlantic wind will identify priority Wind Energy Areas for potential development and improve Interior's coordination with local, state, and federal partners, allowing for speed and reliability. Coons If you think about the history of this site, Coons about what originally created the opportunities for growth here in the city of Baltimore, it was the trade winds.

The trade winds that were harnessed by the merchants of Europe to bring trade here. And it was the speed and the reliability of those winds in those centuries that blew merchant ships and opportunity here into Maryland. It is my hope that working together, we can provide a new environment, a new opportunity. which as you've heard from the speakers before, the Governor and the Senator created an opportunity for us here today now, going forward. In January 2011, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement will initiate a National Environmental Policy Act environmental assessment.

Renewable Energy Efficiency

You can never take no for an answer. When people say things can't be done you really have to be very skeptical and sometimes it requires a lot of perseverance to get through the no's. Energy is the lifeblood of America and indeed any nation. The more we as a nation and in fact avoid the use of our energy and actually produce it home, improves our energy security worldwide and actually increases our economic competitiveness and our environmental quality. When we started this process nobody thought it was possible to build a super energy efficient building that.

Could achieve netzero energy with the amount of money we had and what it required really was to change the way we look at the design process, to bring people in the design process up front and early. The success in this building is really driven by its ability to achieve that 50 percent energy efficiency standard and we can actually add that photovoltaics to make it zero energy. This building is about 20 percent recycled materials including concrete from the now disassembled Stapleton airport. One of the things you'll notice when you walk into the building is that every workspace is.

Day lit. In fact, a 100 percent of our space is day lit. Nobody is more than 30 feet from a window. Other highlights of the building, there's no heating or air conditioning in the traditional sense. It uses evaporative cooling to, in fact, chill water. Out heat is provided by what's called the renewable fuels heating facility, where we actually burn biomass to generate hot water. The big feature of the building is using water to, in effect heat and cool the building. Which is much, much more energy efficient. The uprights of the building.

Are actually natural gas pipes that have, in effect, been reconditioned to provide the structural framework for the building. The advantage that we have by incorporating all these materials and techniques is that, again, we produce a highly energyefficient building, it's gonna save us money over the long run as we operate it, since we're only paying about half as much for utilities costs but the other benefits that we've created by doing this process is that we've made a space it is much more fun to work in. Lots of studys show that if people have access to day light.


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