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Solar Panel Installation Training Nj

Team New Jerseys Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

A sleek, eyecatching housing design that joins the affordability and mass customization possibilities of precast concrete. With a lowmaintenance home appealing to all ages and needs. This is ENJOY A Generation House. The house is designed for a fictitious elderly couple who's interested in retiring to the Jersey Shore and what's interesting about our client is that, one of them is wheelchairbound. So the entire house is designed using Universal Design principles, and what that means is that, anybody who is interested, any age range, could move into this house and use the house barrierfree. The layout is in accordance.

With the ADA American with Disabilities Act. So we have one level that is centralized around our central core, and we have ramps on either entrance. There are no stairs. We have floating fixtures in the house, made of concrete heavy material. And what they do is they actually mount into metal rackets in the wall, giving the appearance of floating off the ground. Something that we thought was important not only conceptually but also it allows us to have accessibility access for ADA standards. Everything in the home has a dual purpose.

So a hallway is not just a hallway. A closet is not just a closet. For example, our main closet space is storage, laundry, and an office space. Another example of that is our living, dining, and kitchen. Since it's a small home, you have everything centralized right in one core. The landscape of the house was designed primarily to promote outdoor physical activity. So, on the north side, there's a large public space which is where you go outside to have dinner or lunch. The eastern side is a kind of more privatized, closer.

To the bedroom, where you'd go out or try and enjoy a cup of coffee while the sun rises in the morning. We designed the ENJOY house with the idea that it would be both mass producible and mass customizable. We could roll these things out on assembly lines and that would dramatically drive down the cost of any ENJOY house. As a property of concrete, the house is fireresistant, it's earthquakeresistant, it's waterproof so the leaky ceilings in the roof is less of a worry than a typical Aframe house. Just during construction we.

Used little to no VOCs. Concrete is mildew and mold, and even pestresistant. And just upkeep and typical cleaning it's much easier to clean than a sheet rock. We really wanted to show the versatility of concrete. Not only can it be structureable, not only can it be a piece of our house such as our closet, it also can be colored different colors our floors are darker, slate gray and our walls are trying to be lighter and white, trying to lighten up the space. We really wanted to take what concrete is doing for.

Us efficiently in the energy aspect and also showcase it in the idea of how it can be a finish in architectural design, in interior design, in industrial design. Most of the house's eyecatching aesthetic comes from the design of the roof, which is designed entirely to optimize our solar and rainwater collection. The house will stand out on a block. It doesn't look like your typical woodframe house in any neighborhood in America. But what it stands for is a good thing that we all want to see in the future of housing.

Solar Energy Panels an Alternative Energy Source Save Money with Solar Energy Rebates

Imagine harnessing the power of the sun to reduce your utility bills. Despite the large initial investment, solar energy panels are a green renewable energy source that can add value to you home and reduce your energy costs paying for themselves over time. This is your Union Plus Green Minute and I'm here to tell you how to go green and save green at the same time. By installing solar energy panels to generate your own electricity, you can save between 400 and 700 dollars a year. You can also install a solar powered.

Water heater and save hundreds more. On sunny days when no one is home, you might generate more electricity than you use. Your meter will run backward and your utility will actually owe you money. Solar energy panels for your home are not as expensive as they seem because you'll get a 30 percent federal tax credit. Most people recoup their investment in eight to twelve years, though that depends on where you live, how much sun you get, what your utility rates are, and other factors. And that's not all. If you use your Union Plus credit card to pay for energy efficient.

Affordable Solar Power in New York with Vivint Solar

My name is William DiBenedetto I live here in Long Island, New York and I am a vivid solar customer a after the recent storms and bad weather this past fall and spring we had a new roof installed on our our house and it seem like good time to consider reduce our energy costs at the same time we were trying to upgrade our our house from up the damage we had suffered in the recent storms its would've coincided with each other and just so happened that we came upon the Vivint solar.

Concept at that time so work out to our advantage the whole process was extraordinarily convenient really easy no headaches we met with the the salesman are initially within a certain short period of time we had contact with corporate offices the to care every step with the process all I had to do was literally pay attention listen to what they had to say be available so that they could be here on the dates and times that they required us to be available to them it was a simple process with absolutely no.

Hardship on my part whatsoever wanted that one of the ideas I would have loved to have done this sooner but the idea of having to layout money initially for the installation and hope to recoup that money at a later date based on my savings didn't exactly work well in my mind they didn't it didn't you know became sort of course ineffective and in in this situation everything is provided theres nothing for me to do other than reap the benefits having had the experience of using solar to heat my hot water in the past the idea of using.

Which Solar Panels to Use

Namaste Solar primarily installs from three manufacturers SunPower, Sharp and Kyocera. Your Sunpower panel and your Sanyo are you two high efficiency high end panels, so must power per square foot but also the most cost per watt as well. Those panels are very popular when you have very limited roof space and you want to maximize how much power you get on your roof. Sunpower also has the nice added benefit of an all black ascetic that you don't get with any other panels and that is really popular with homeowners.

Then your Sharp and Kyocera panels are your low efficiency but lower cost panels so those can really make sense when you have a lot of roof space in order to fit the solar system. So which one has the most bank for the buck Sharp or the Kyocera They are actually quite comparable, Sharp has their own racking system now, which is called SRS aestecally is nice because black frame system which sits low to the roof but sometimes you do not get the flexiblity with that system because of the low profile and.

Because it is a frame you need to have some margin of roof space around the system to work so you end up losing a little bit of real estate with that system that you can't go over attic vents and those kinds of things. Where as with a panel like Kyocera can be used with standard 3rd party mounting systems such as Unirack or ProSolar and those tend to be pretty flexible and can often clear some roof obstructions and go right to the ridge of the roof or gutter of the roof.

Saving Energy with Solar Power Using a Solar Powered Water Heater

So what you see here is our water heater. And this water heater is a big one, because we want to store as much water as possible when we get the hot water from the sun. If you would use only a 10 gallon or a 20 gallon water heater, and we take a shower, then the water will be gone. So we use a big one because we want to store as much water as possible. And it's double insulated, so it has not the normal insulation, it's double insulated so.

It can store the hot water for at least 23 days before it gets cool. What we use in here, it's a little bit unusual because we use rain water in here. Many of you know that the water heater's really get problems when you have hot water because they get clogged up by the limestone, and they are, then you have to call a repair man or even throw it away, because nothing comes out there anymore. But when you use rain water, the rain water has no limestone in there. No lime, no hard particles. So this water heater is here for 12 years.

Now, 13 years now, and it will never clog up because rain water does not clog up a water heater. So that's a good thing. Another good thing is when you open it up on your faucet, the hot water you will not have the stains. When you use the rain water in your washing machine, then you only use a quarter of the detergent that you normally use because the detergent has not too soften your hard water. So, you save money there. And, as you know with a washing machine, you have the problem that the limestone is building up in there.

Too, and it clogs up your washing machine, and it gives stains in the machine and on your clothes. So, with rain water you don't have this problem. I only can recommend using a rain water catching system, and it's easy to do and it's not very expensive. Many states even supports the use of rain water in giving you a tax rebate on your rain water harvesting system. Here in Texas, we don't pay sales tax on it because when you tell your company you buy it from, the will cut out the sales tax, because Texas wants to have people use.

Converting Carbon dioxide CO2 into Formic acid using solar power.

Global warming is being caused by rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide Co2. Research to reduce this Global warming, usually involves three areas First, Developing alternative energy sources, Second, capturing and storing greenhouse gases, and Third one, repurposing excess greenhouse gases. By addressing two of these 3 things, researchers at Princeton University and researchers at a New Jersey startup company Liquid Light , came up with an efficient method for harnessing sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into a potential alternative fuel known as formic acid. The transformation from carbon dioxide and water to formic acid was powered by a commercial.

Solar panel that can be found at electric poles across New Jersey. The process takes place inside an electrochemical cell, which consists of metal plates the size of rectangular lunchboxes. To maximize the efficiency of the system, the amount of power produced by the solar panel must match the amount of power the electrochemical cell can handle. This optimization process is called impedance matching. By stacking three electrochemical cells together, the research team was able to reach almost 2 percent energy efficiency, which is twice the efficiency of natural photosynthesis. It is also the best energy efficiency reported to date using a manmade device.

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