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Interview with Empowerment Solar

Hey Wheresthesolar fans this is Andrew Polich. I'm up here on top of the Argyle condos one of my favorite rooftops to hang out on. I've been blogging about solar now in Washington DC for about a year. I started last November. November 2014. It's been a great experience. I'm excited that today I got to interview Jonathan Morgenstein of Empowerment Solar. I Iearned a huge amount. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of places that I should go visit or people that I should be talking with for my blog, wheresthesolar.

I wanted to hear a little more about the history of Empowerment Solar. How long ago did it start What motivated you to start it So exactly 11 years ago today I was serving in Iraq for the Marine Corps and my job was to rebuild one third of the city of called Ramadih. When the insurgents took down the power lines rebuilding became extremely difficult. There was no water because water pumps ran on electricity. My background told me that energy helps build economic development, which helps improve stability. I've therefore for the last 11 years been thinking how do I connect.

The power of the sun to improving economic development and social and political stability in the region. I lived in Ramallah for a month and my electricity went down twice. When you're running and business and you can't count on that electricity consistently or when an electric company says there's not enough for you to have so you can't connect to the grid, Palestinian economic growth and stability is going to continue to decline. Do you think these brownouts and shortages from time to time affect employment Oh absolutely. There's businesses on the West Bank that today cannot connect every sort.

Of production capacity that they would want to to the grid because there's not enough electricity. There are businesses that are being asked to rotate business hours in order to make sure there's enough electricity. I've been told that there's a government center in a city on the West Bank that was built but isn't allowed to connect because there's not enough electricity. What scale do you hope to be operating on with Empowerment Solar Starting with businesses we feel we can kind of get up and running and then we can figure.

Out how to do this in a way that appeals to and helps residents as well. Then expand to Jordan, Tunisia, across the region. What can we do from here to support your cause or support causes like these We need to generate our seed funding in order to hire the right people , in order to train them, in order to open the doors with just an office itself. I see you're holding a book here. What's that all about So I.a year and a half ago when I started dedicating fulltime to this I started taking.

Climate Change ASL

Hello! I am Garry Morris. I am a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton for many reasons. The first is obviously her experience. She has been a strong politician for more than half of her life. Having been a Senator and Secretary of State, she really knows Washington, DC insideout, which is important. She also has an extensive list of her visions, positions, and plans on a number of different issues. I reviewed these and really liked them, especially one very hot topic today Climate Change. You know, our planet has not been the same for a long time.

Temperatures have been rising and setting new records. What is causing this Fossil fuels. These are from factory pollution and automobile emissions. They cause the air to become warmer and this impacts many things, including icebergs melting at the North and South Poles and sea levels rising and affecting shorelines. This impacts plants, which are important food for people and animals. It can cause infections and illness in people. It causes the national disasters you may have noticed lately, such as terrible, droughts, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, rain, fires, and much more.

Hillary knows it is critical that we must do something. Her plan is to quickly expand and improve clean energy, like renewable energy, for example. This can be wind energy, which uses wind power to create electricity. It can also be solar panels which use sunlight to create electricity. She plans to install 500 million solar panels all across America. This means more jobs will be created for people and also that we will save money on our electric bills. All of these plans will save our natural resources, too. I really like these plans.

Sacramento Air Conditioning Installation Air Conditioning Installation Sacramento Since 1963

Clarke Rush was started in 1963. My dad was a mechanical engineer out of Cal Poly. I started when I was 10 years old. Basically raised in the business. I love the business. My father sort of instill a lot of good things about the customers, and what it really takes to take care of our customers. We've gone into plumbing, windows, solar, and insulation, and the facets of uh.basically taking care of these customers and giving them solutions as far as energy and going green. We have about twenty service technicians that we employ to take care of.

Commercial and residential from service to replacement. Good services is a must. Our crews are always wearing booties with drop cloths, vacuum cleaners and so forth. We pride ourselves on making sure that we leave that home extremely clean. We'll design engineer the systems. They all need to be sized correctly. If designed correctly, you'll have a very efficient system that will impact your energy bills, and you can do a good job with homework. I will never forget what made this company so great. I will personally guarantee your satisfaction when you are relying to us to serve you.

RIT on TV RIT prepares students for photonics careers

Gtgt Vice President Biden says photonics will bring thousands of new jobs to Rochester. But how will the next generation of our region's workforce prepare for those careers That's what brought high school math and science educators to this solar panel array at RIT. The university is helping teachers incorporate photonics into their lessons. Rochester will likely see more solar panels like these, and photonics jobs. Local educators want students to be ready. gtgt With all of these new types of businesses and industries coming to Rochester, our job is to get those kids ready.

Gtgt Many of those businesses and industries look for what's called middleskill jobs. gtgt So you don't necessarily have to have a BS or Master's degree, but you need some fundamental math and science. So we want to make sure that our students in high schools know these are career options. Because a lot of them don't even know what photonics is. gtgt If you don't either, don't be embarrassed. Photonics technology generates and detects photons, or particles of light. It's more efficient than electricity and used in everything from smartphones to medical equipment. But is high school the right age for students.

Renewable Thermal Energy Technician MS RTET CC

natural sound background conversation Benjamin Instructor We've got a very rigorous program where we're really training people how to install solar water heating systems or geothermal systems. We give them a lot of handson opportunities to play with the equipment, to put it up.. and get the practice installing it now. Sam Student I love this program. I used to be at a fouryear I didn't like that it was not handson at all, and I'm a. handson learner.

Getting into this program definitely helped. All these instructors have worked in the field, they know what they're talking about, and they definitely pass that knowledge on. background conversation Benjamin Despite the fact that we've got a fantastic training facility, the best parts are when we leave campus. We like to put in a lot of systems in the community and at various people's houses, so we really get out into the field and install real, functioning systems, make them work, and make them produce energy. natural sound.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

GtgtWe have a lot of great labs and equipment that were actually able to get our hands on and explore different things. The program has allowed me to move from technical background into more of engineering and management background. I chose the program here because it's one of the only programs that are offered in our area for engineering. I chose it because the ease of transferability. The transferability allows us to take classes at NWTC, and then we are allowed to transfer them into the UWStout program. gtgtThis program is a great fit for the students. This program prepares the student to become.

Solar Support Structure In Northeast DC

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Solar Panel Farm

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