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Solar Panel Installation Job Salary

Maryland Home Solar Power Vivint Solar Customer Review

My name's Caleb I'm from Maryland and I'm a Vivint Solar Customer. A guy in an orange shirt came over and told us all about solar panels. He told us about saving energy and money for people who don't have any money. about solar panels the sun beams on them to make power for us. The best part is my dad gets to save money for other stuff I've been learning about school and taking care of the earth we say we don't care the grass will grow back I don't even want.

Why Women Should Ask For More Pay

This episode of DNews is brought to you by Bluum. This may be a bit of no duh, science, but gals, Science says that you are JUST AS GOOD AS GUYS! Yay!!! Good day ladies and gentlemen, Trace here for DNews. There is a lot of underlying cultural interplay between men and women. The pay equality gap is just one example, but a visible one. A study out of Stanford in 1998 asked women and men to write an article, and then later asked how much they would pay themselves for the work. Women routinely asked for 18percent.

Less than the men. Not because they WANTED less money, but because they didn't compare their rates to men, but only to their fellow women. This was compounded by already existing pay gaps. Using THAT as a starting point, why don't people get a fair comparison Again, we already know it's not that women undervalue themselves, because a study from Cornell that removed the names and sex from equally qualified candidates found universities were more likely to tenure and hire men. The problem is systemic, but this MIGHT be starting to change. Again, might.

A metaanalysis in the Journal of Applied Psychology studied tens of thousands of leaders across a barrage of scientific papers and found men and women are rated EQUALLY as effective leaders. EQUALLY. As long as you don't ask them to rate themselves. They found when you ask a good leader to rate themselves men tend to think they're EXTREMELY effective and women thought of themselves as less so. However, when OTHER people doling the assessment, both men and women were rated about the same. The researchers believe the difference is the globalization and modernization of the.

Workforce. Women are more likely to be in positions of power than ever, and they're CRUSHING IT. Of course, if you REALLY look back, you probably already knew this was coming. When I was in elementary school everyone KNEW the girls were smarter. We just did. And ANOTHER study in Psychological Bulletin analyzed the grades of boys versus girls from 1914 to 2011 in 30 countries and found girls did BETTER in math and science for the ENTIRE CENTURY. The scientists who did the study were shocked. They think somehow, we all just. weren't.

Looking at the data and instead assumed boys were better at math and science because there were MORE boys in those fields as adults. So if women are equally good leaders, better in school and graduating from high school and college in record numbers, why is there still inequality in the workplace Unfortunately that's still a mystery. But maybe with science like this, we can educate ourselves to equality. What do you think of all this Tell us your thoughts on equality, leadership and the future down below. I know that's a.

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MSTC Renewable Electricity Technician

music background conversation Jason Student I'm learning an array of things about the renewable energy industry, um, primarily focusing on, uh, wind turbines and solar panels applications, doing site assessments. Mike Instructor They get to do this stuff handson with a lot of the newest technologies. Jason It was different, you know, it's almost on the cutting edge, it's not that many schools in the country that are even really doing this, so I wanted to jump on board, not only to do something better for myself, but better for the.

Change Ericsson MPS70 into USB Speakers

In this very quick tutorial, I am going to show you how to convert these Sony MPS70 speakers, which are for a mobile phone, into USB speakers that can work with any PC or laptop. The things you will need are. The speakers themselves, wire strippers, a soldering iron and solder, some heatshrink, a 3.5mm jack from an old pair of headphones, and a USB cable. The first thing we need to do is prepare our wires. As the speakers work via a proprietary connector, we need to cut it off and strip off the sheathing.

To expose the wires inside. Each of these wires must be stripped as well. I will refer to this particular wire as the input cable for clarity. Cut the USB cable to the length you want, and strip it. The white and green wires are not needed for this project, nor is the shielding, so they can be cut off at different lengths to avoid short circuits. Using some electrical tape would be ideal. Next up is the headphone cable. Turn on your soldering iron, as it's time to do some soldering.

We need to prepare each of our wires by adding a little blob of solder to them. Here I'm adding it to the Input Cable, now the USB cable, and lastly the headphone cable. Cut a length of heatshrink and thread the Input Cable through it. Don't forget this step as you can't add it later. Do the same for the USB cable. After threading a little bit of heatshrink to the Input Cable's red wire, solder it to the USB cable's red wire. Use your soldering iron to shrink the heatshrink.

Solder the USB cable's black wire to the Input Cable's black wire, and bring back the heatshrink we added earlier and shrink it. Next get your headphone cable and find out which wires go to each of the notches on the jack using a multimeter. 1 represents ground, 2 represents the right channel, and 3 represents the left channel. Solder the jack's ground wire to the Input Cable's golden wire. The green wire is for the left speaker, and the blue wire is for the right speaker. So solder your headphone jack's cable wires accordingly.

Power electronics company employs Innovate for Maine interns after they graduate

I'm Ben Polito. I'm the cofounder and president of Pika Energy. We're located in Westbrook, Maine. Pika Energy builds power electronics that help customers to produce and manage their own power. So, rather than buying electricity from the utility, they can actually make and manage their own power using our technology. They can cut their costs. We can provide secure power, so that their system doesn't go down in a blackout. Even allow them to sell power back to the utility. Actually, the company started out in my basement. There were three of us at first. We were developing.

The core technology. As we've grown over the years, we eventually outgrew the basement and moved to Westbrook, where we're located now. We have a team of 12 people. The Innovate for Maine Internship Program has been a fantastic help to our company. We've been involved in the program from the very first year. We had an intern named Tony Nuzzo, who's the engineering student out of the University of Maine System. The program matched us with the absolute perfect candidate. He actually had experience building wind turbines, which is one of the products we make.

Borealis Animated Walkthrough

Borealis. A modular solar home nestled within the Boreal Forest of Alberta, Canada. Resource industries found in Western Canada include forestry, mining and energy. This development has put pressure on existing infrastructure and local communities, resulting in housing shortages and higher costs. Borealis provides sustainable living and the comforts of home for remote working populations. These populations include knowledgebased professionals such as Engineers, biologists, geophysicists and project managers. Borealis is a prefabricated modular home composed of three pieces designed to address comfort, privacy and sustainability. The components are designed to be easily transported.

To remote locations by truck, while a steel substructure provides a solid foundation for the wellinsulated R40 walls. There is a core service module with two residential modules mirrored on either side. Designed to be net zero, this energy efficient home utilizes a 10 kilowatt photovoltaic array and solar thermal tubes to collect energy, and provide comfort for its inhabitants. With two living areas, each resident has direct access to their own living module which includes space for relaxing, socializing or working. There is a shared central module that can be closed off for privacy with sliding doors.

This shared space contains the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, laundry room, and mechanical room. A unique feature of the bathroom is the living wall which naturally detoxifies the air and is sustained by the light brought into the interior. The mechanical room is accessed from outside the house. It contains the fully automated control system that uses multiple zones to maintain temperature throughout the house. This one room collects and distributes all of the energy required for the home. An innovative feature of this home is the energy recovery system which stores waste.

Heat to use for dehumidification and heating. High velocity ventilation ensures comfort while maintaining efficient cooling and heating of the home. The east module shares the same floor plan as its western counterpart. But here the living area has been reconfigured to be used as an office to adapt to the needs of the residents. The fully outfitted kitchen contains a cooktop, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator with plenty of counter space for meal preparation. With capacity for up to 8 people, the integrated kitchen table can be a place to entertain,.

Hayley Electrician

Hi I'm Hayley, and I'm an electrician, and I'm currently working on the First Light project which is a sustainable house for the US solar decathlon. I think I always quite liked handson stuff, and knew without a doubt that I wasn't going to be spending my 95 in an office. So I had to look at a career that would give me the chance to be outside in a different environment. I didn't want to look at going to university or polytech, because I wanted to earn money while I learnt, so my mum suggested getting into a trade. So I looked on the internet.

And found this electrical training company, applied, and then pretty much over night or within a few days they accepted me into their training company. I think that because I quite enjoyed maths and science at school, that kind of helps out a little bit with the electrical side of things, and the theory side. And I realised as well that being a female, it wasn't as physically demanding as becoming a builder or a plumber works a lot tidier in some aspects. And I really enjoyed problem solving,.

So that was probably the one thing that drove me to the electrical side of things. So the First Light project was basically some final year architectural students at Vic Uni entered their little solar house that they'd designed into this American Solar Decathlon. All the tradesmen, all the materials have been given to these Vic Uni students for free so they're kind of sponsoring the project. And then, we'll ship it to the States, and you have seven days to assemble your project and make sure it's all working. Basically the whole idea is that you're trying to.

Generate as much power as you can to run your house. And then whatever you don't require will get pumped back into the national grid. My company came on board to sponsor the project, so that's how I got involved so I get paid to do it which is cool. But, I think I'm really enjoying it, and have a lot of passion for the project and I would do it in my own house. I think you've got to be willing to get pretty dirty in your work especially initially.

As an apprentice you'll be crawling under houses, and in ceilings, and doing a lot of hard jobs which is just the basic stuff you'll have to do for a couple of years to earn your place. So you're got to be willing to get a few cuts and scratches here and there. And it's handy having a trade you've got it for life. I'll never lose the fact that I'm an electrician. You get an international qualification and you're earning money while you're learning ant that's what I think was definitely a tick in the box for.

Ousted Egyptian president Morsi is well, says EUs Ashton

EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton told reporters on Tuesday in Cairo that deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is 'well' but she does not know where he is being held. In her second visit to Egypt in 12 days, Ashton flew to an undisclosed location to meet the ousted president, where they had a 2 hour conversation. Ashton, however, refused to give details of the discussions. He's well, and we had a friendly and open and very frank discussion for the two hours that I saw him. I also told him in my two hour conversation that I was not going to represent his views.

Because in the circumstances he can not correct me, if I do it wrongly. We talked for two hours, we talked in depth. He has access to information in terms of TV and newspapers, so we were able to talk about the situation. Ashton's visit was the first time an outsider had access to Morsi since he was overthrown from power by the Egyptian army and jailed a month ago. She also met the head of the Egyptian army on Monday and the leaders of all political sides. We are here to help, we are not here to impose. The people of Egypt will determine their own.

Future and those who are privileged to be in the leadership positions have the responsibility to ensure that happens. But we have some experiences that might be of value. And we can perhaps help to, by having conversations with everyone to listen and perhaps be able to offer some thoughts. That includes as you think about elections that we've already said we will be very happy to observe elections in the future and to help with that process. Amid western concerns that the Egyptian political crisis will turn into a full civil war, the.

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Indian Railways SolarPowered Coach

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