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Solar Panel Installation Dubai

China Builds Largest Solar Plant in World While US Falls Behind

Let's talk a little bit about solar power arizonabased First Solar started construction on the world's largest solar plant in Ordos China and upon completion in 2019 the solar farm is going to be a 2,000 megawatt facility producing clean energy birth 3 million homes this is the world's largest solar prop project to date the plants going to cover about 25 square miles it will incorporate some uh the latest advances in solar technology and this solar arrays going to dwarf all others First Solar's 550 megawatts project in California and the army's 500 megawatt solar thermal project in the.

Mojave Desert do not even com close and the thing i wanna talk about here is that the United States is really falling behind when it comes to alternative energy development we know about the influence of lobbyists we know about the plutocratic dollar ah Chrissy system that we have in this country we know about the influence of the Petroleum corporation's and the lobbies but with interesting Louis is that even the United Arab Emirates which is almost like a Holy Grail a petroleum has invested countless dollars I don't even I don't be it it's.

Certainly billions could be even more according to some some records in alternative energy the renewable generation capacity above the Gulf could reach 100 gigawatts by 2030 with about 60 gigawatts expected in saudi arabia alone so even though we are talking about oilrich petroleumbased economies we could almost say in the United States we still seem to be mostly stock under the thumb up shell exxon BP Texico our government which is run by special interests and the rest of the world is moving ahead every single month every single.

Day on alternative energy not only is it's sad from the point of view love what what are we doing to the planet but it's also sad because we have the capacity we have the intelligence and we have the resources to be the leaders in alternative energy in this country there's no practical reason right why why the United States could not be the leader in alternative energy there are political and corruption reasons why we are not going to be it by all indications and Republicans and Democrats alike.

Seem unable or unwilling to drastically change the situation which is what we need it's funny and after looking at this is looking like when the oil does dry out an who will we be looking to you right we're going to be ready. the right there already developing yeah and will probably have contracts with them I for renewable energy projects in this country and the money will still be going over there it's just unbelievable when we hear supposedly we want to be energy independent rhyme I and we have ways to do it we have all the resources in the world.

Drawing Pictures in Charcoal and Pencil

Hey You all. Welcome back to Pine Meadows Hobby Farm. I'm your host Jerry Hanson I just thought I'd transer some tutorials over from an old channel I had into this channel and this is one of the tutorials that I compiled on that other channel. Back when I was in college a couple years ago I I took an Art class, and this is what the result of that Art class was. Thank you for watching. Please come back again and tune in on some other tutorials that I have already loaded on and some other tutorials i'm getting ready to post.

Solar Impulse Airplane Masdars Largest Solar Plant Insider

Hey guys, we have a new challenge for us today, the idea is to go and see the sunrise Yes, how cool, it's 4 o'clock in the morning, see you We made it, we are now in Shams One the largest concentrated power plant in the UAE its surface is approximately 2'500 times as big as Solar Impulse, can you imagine that This power plant can power up to 20'000 houses So how much do you think Shams One costs It is the largest financing of Solar Power in the world.

With 600 million US Dollars Shams One allows a saving of wait for it 175 thousands tonnes of CO2 per year which is equivalent to, let me do the calculations, 15 thousands cars and 1.5 million trees Yes! I made it This is not a typical solar plant, what you can see behind me these are not solar panels like what you can see on Solar Impulse 2 These are mirrors, and they are used to gather the energy of the sun onto that very small tube that you can see.

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