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Solar Panel For Water Features

Burning Stuff With 2000F Solar Power!!

In a previous project I found a free tv and turned it into a giant solar scorcher. This shoots out a deadly beam of sunlight, that's hot enough to abuse food, melt metal and burn things you probably shouldn't. Today seemed like a good day to play with my Solar Scorcher. I positioned my frame and found the focal point, then added some concrete tiles as a base for my projects. Ok, I've got power, and I'll test it out with this piece of wood and when the light makes contact.

I've got instant fire. The sunlight at this spot is around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to melt this spot of concrete into a glowing orange liquid. I'm curious to see what I can do with all this heat so I've filled a glass bottle with water and I'll punch a hole in the cap. It's incredible to see that the instant I focus my lens on the bottle, it starts smoking. Just a few moments later this water is so hot it's boiling, and I'm a little nervous the bottle might blow. Yep, there it goes. The glass pieces are melting and that's cool,.

But now I want to try this on some food. I'll get some hot dogs, and when they hit the beam they really do get hot. This might be a little well done for my taste, and I'm still hungry so let's try an egg. The egg is actually working very well. It's so reflective it doesn't burn as fast, and even my wife is interested. A little salt and pepper and it's tempting to try a bite. Ok, so I wasn't actually expecting to eat this, but it looks safe enough, and.

Even my kids are anxious to try. Surprisingly, it's pretty good. Alright, let's see what else this will do. I'll try burning a penny, and, wow, it melted. How about a stack of pennies Yep, they're nothing but liquid metal now, and I'm thinking that slag in the mixture must be what's left of the copper coating. It's only taking about 4 seconds to melt these, and melting metal is really great, but now I want to see something burst. I wonder what would happen to this egg It's spewing some kind of debris and smoking like crazy. I hear.

Some little pops and it's even forming some interesting growths. huh, Look at that. But no explosion. How about if I put a pop top on this bottle of water and let the pressure build up Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Let's do that again. The lid is back on, and pressure is building. Awesome! Alright, the sun is setting and I've readjusted my Aframe. I'm just wondering if this would ignite gasoline. It does. Hopefully it goes without saying that this is very dangerous and you shouldn't try this at home. Well, I'm convinced there's.

An insane amount of power behind these lenses. If you'd like to see where I got this one, take a look at my tutorial on how I hacked it out of an old TV. This one boiled water in less than a minute, welded a nickel to concrete, and instantly torched any piece of wood in it's way. Well that was fun, but I'm still hungry so I'll put everything away and go get some real home cooking. That's it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you'll like some of my others. Check them out at thekingofrandom.

Outdoor Water Features Product Versatility

Absolutely not, no way. Not without getting heavy lifting equipment. Where would you source the stone in the first place in order to be able to do that The way that the rock, or concreteit looks like rock, The way that the concrete is painted, it looks like its one big peice of massive stone. You just wouldn't be able to find that out there, let alone get it into the back yard and finding it the exact shape that you need for it to be to get it over the side.

Energy 101 Concentrating Solar Power

Bjbj Take the natural heat from the sun, reflect it against a mirror, focus all of that heat on one area, send it through a power system, and you've got a renewable way of making electricity. It's called concentrating solar power, or CSP. Now, there are many types of CSP technologies. Towers, dishes, linear mirrors, and troughs. Have a look at this parabolic trough system. Parabolic troughs are large mirrors shaped like a giant U. These troughs are connected together in long lines and will track the sun throughout the day. When the sun's heat.

Is reflected off the mirror, the curved shape sends most of that reflected heat onto a receiver. The receiver tube is filled a fluid. It could be oil, molten salt something that holds the heat well. Basically, this super hot liquid heats water in this thing called a heat exchanger and the water turns to steam. The steam is sent off to a turbine, and from there, it's business as usual inside a power plant. A steam turbine spins a generator and the generator makes electricity. Once the fluid transfers it heat, it's recycled and used over and over.

And the steam is also cooled, condensed and recycled again and again. One big advantage of these trough systems is that the heated fluid can be stored and used later to keep making electricity when the sun isn't shining. Sunny skies and hot temperatures make the southwest U.S. an ideal place for these kinds of power plants. Many concentrated solar power plants could be built within the next several years. And a single plant can generate 250 megawatts or more, which is enough to power about 90,000 homes. That's a lot of electricity.

Stanford Start.Home Solar Panels

We decided to go with thin film. We liked that it was a pretty new technology that's actually getting better and better. There's a lot of great things about it. First, it's a lot cheaper than monocrystalline and it's also uses a lot less material. It's just a thin sheet of glass then, then the semiconductor layer. And so we really like that about these panels. And with a onthegrid system, like our house, you're actually selling electricity back to the grid. And then the great thing about it is that you produce the.

Most PV energy, photovoltaic energy during the day, when the sun's out. And that's actually when you would pay the most for it from the electric company. And so you're selling it back at those critical peak demand times, reducing the overall load on the system. We're using a standing steamed sheet metal roof, and it has these ridges in it so that you can actually use these clip products and just attach the, the PV panels to the roof. So that really reduces the amount of time it takes to install these PVs.

Levin Traveller 7W Solar Panel Charger Review

The Levin Solar Charger is great for outdoor charging without an outlet. This device features two flat solar panels with a foldable design. The panels are sewn into polyester canvas for weather resistant design. When folded, the device is very flat and fairly compact. The corners have large grommets for attaching to a backpack. The back has a zipper mesh bag to store cables. It's a little small for storing a phone. Your USB cable plugs into the port in here and you can charge a mobile device simultaneously as it absorbs sunlight. Unlike a power bank, it doesn't store energy. It's meant to charge.

In direct sunlight. As you can see I'm receiving a solid charge even just placing the device near the window. For those who need to keep their devices charged while they are outdoors or for people who just want to keep their home green, the Levin solar charger is an excellent choice for charging. Its also great for an emergency blackout where you might not have power. I consider a solar charger to be an essential tool and this one should last for a long time. 7 Watt 2Amp Output Weather Resistant Solar Panel in Polyster.

Saving Energy with Solar Power Using Homemade Solar Panels

When you look over there you see the more common size of solar panel. Don't be afraid that it looks that terrible because I did that solder it together by myself. There are companies who are producing these full sized cells and sometimes when they produce them, they break. And that what you see here, these pieces are all broken. And the funny thing is that it doesn't matter if they are broken or not, they are still producing electricity and each of these pieces is producing 1.5 volts. And the wattage depends on the size.

So this one will produce much more watt than a small one or a broken one. And so you see what I did is here is just put them together. The sun shines on it and ions go through this silicon. So on the top you have minus and on the bottom you have plus. And so I grab the plus from the bottom and bring it here to the next one so this is then the first 1.5 volts. It comes here, feeds in here. The next one has 3 volts. So it goes back there,.

Solio Solar Power Panels and Light

The Solio Solar Power Mini Clip light and Xcellerator Plus Hub charger help keep you powered up, even if the electricity goes out. These devices charge up in sunlight, and are perfectly sized to fit into your emergency kit or bugout bag. The Solio Clip Mini is a solarpowered flashlight that can be recharged through its USB port if the sun isn't shining. The integrated carabiner clip lets you quickly attach it to your belt, hang it overhead inside tent or clip it onto an overhanging branch. It also has a red diffuser light that lets.

You see while helping to protect your night vision. Fully charged, the Clip Mini will light your way for up to 3 hours in 100 power mode or up to 33 hours in 10 power mode. The Solio Xcellerator Plus Hub is a solarcharged battery pack with enough power for two full smart phone charges, to top off power levels for tablets and ereaders, or multiple charges for smaller devices. Fully charged, the Xcellerator Plus Hub helps cut charging times for other devices by as much as 50. It includes a solarcharging panel, a USB cable and the Hub battery pack.

The Eton Mobius A Rechargeable Battery Case with Solar Power for Your iPhone 4!

We're here at CES 2011. This is the Eton Mobius, something we're really excited about this year. It's one of the first solar charging cases for the iPhone 4. We used a very specialized lithium battery that can provide more than 2 times the amount of power that will enable you to charge your iPhone from zero to well over full capacity when you need it most. We've managed to put everything together in a very slim form factor under 20 millimeters. This unit is very sleek. It's completely robust. It offers a nice rubber mold injection on.

Solar Powered Water Fountain Pond Pump Kit

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3 Tier Solar Water Feature

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