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Solar Panel Electric Fence Unit

How Well Do Solar Panels Perform at Sunset

Here's the 6.2 kW solar array it's very much in the shade right now. because the sun is passed it faces slightly southsoutheast. If we can see it. There's the new solar array. 12 of the new solar array It's still very much in the sun. So it's making thousands of watts still. Here's the other side of that array..the other string. there's 9 more panels up there. It's making lots of power as well. Let's get into the garage here and check out. How the inverters are doing. Here we've got our twin Leafs Nissan Leaf.

Quietly. One of them is charging, the other is probably charged up already. So let's go to the first array. and. 108 Watts. So in the shade, making 108 watts. now this one, still in the sun. it made 30.7 kWh for the day. and it's still making 1700 watts. It's approaching sunset The sun will probably down in another hour. The sun is very much pointing at this array. So it's just doing awesome still. So between the two arrays it's about almost 68 kWh. Of energy production today. WOW!.

That's like 2 days worth of consumption for us. For our entire house, including cars So it did really well today, it made twice the energy we need in a day. The sun is right on the horizon, if not. ready to set. Oh, we're just inches away from sunset. So to speak. I don't see any shade on the array yet. Yeah, we're just in full sun still. but. there's not a lot of sun when it's that low on the horizon. Interesting, this is a perfect day by the way for any solar production.

There is not a single cloud in the sky. right now. Besides THAT one, he he. This array is about to turn off. It's only making 11 watts. Whereas this one is 487 watts. Is this sun set, oh it is so close. It is almost set completely. Oh you can just barely see some sunlight shining But they are totally out of the sun as well. It's sunset So it's totally sunset right now. This is what heatdeath of the universe will look like. when the sun goes out. There is no more power on the panels.

There is just. very little power. I'm amazed that it's even making any at all. There is no sunlight. This is just. Ambient light from the sky. The sun is already set. it is very dark. So a 5.2 kW array. And it's only making. about a 100th. here in a second it will be a 100th, of its rated power because the sun is going down. It's kind of fun to watch the sun set. Isn't it beautiful Ah. It's a beautiful sunset. 5 watt and going down quick. Almost 70 kWh for the day.

Spray Away Elite Motion Detector Animal Sprinkler Repellent Havahart

Sound Effects chirping, barking, meowing Douglas All right, everybody, quiet down! Quiet down! Sound Effects Animal sounds stop abruptly Douglas I got some bad news. The humans is NOT happy that we're foraging in their yards, so they came up with THIS stupid thing. Sound Effects Animal audience huh what Douglas It's called a SprayAway Elite. It's evil. You Gotta Watch Out for these things! The Havahart people are actually making it EASY for the humans to keep us outta their yards! Looky here. All they have to do is fill it with water.

Then carry it over to a place where they don't want us, all sneaky like, and put it on the groundlike this. You can barely see it. Okay, check this out, you guys. Go ahead, Eddie! Sound Effects animals gasping in fear Douglas Yes sir, scary! Well, SprayAway Elite got these solar power, infrared heat seekers that detect our movement 120 hooves away! The tank holds 3 12 gallons. Enough for 30 sprays. That's a lotta potshots! There are indicators for low water and low battery. And the solar power will recharge the battery for life.

Morningstar SunSaver 6 Charge Controller

Hi my name is Isaac and I'm with Wholesale Solar and I have here a SunSaver 6 Amp Charge Controller from Morningstar. This charge controller is one of the most basic units you can buy. It's great for a small 12 Volt system. It uses a single solar panel. It's very easy to connect. All you do is run a positive and negative in to the charge controller. and a positive and negative out to your battery. It also has a DC load control option for low voltage disconnect so you don't damage your battery either from overcharging it.

Making the trade Table Saw for a 1930s Frost King Ice Box

Well today is a sad day, I'm trading my beloved table saw for an ice chest from the 1930s. It's just a basics table saw, nothing hi end. But, for the price you pay it can't complain. The guy coming to pick it up and I'll show you the a icebox that we are trading it for. Frost King the purpose of this particular icebox is, now we can but a big chunk ice it put all our vegetables, alcohol beverages and in will keep for a longer time. It has good seal on here. Lets open this up.

Your ah chunk if ice goes in here and close the door all the cold air slowly make its way down and that's how you keep your food cool. The ice would be up in here tube there This is glass right here! The bottom is would be where ice pan would be. The little RV fridge does work well. but we find it eventually it does freeze the vegetables. Which isn't good if you are staying for a week. The long and short of it is. my wife wanted something like this.

It was a good trade, I can use my table saw at my work on occasion I need to. I've got another table saw at the cabin, so, a young kid got the the table saw. He's going to make good use of it which you know, if it gets more people in woodworking. then I'm all for that, so at the end of the day, I feel good about the trade. I'll maybe cry about it a little bit later in my workshop, but, I'll be okay. Thanks for watching!.

Pinetree PTSC24W 1!!!

Hi, I'm P of buypun Today, I'm going to show you It this It looks like handbag or tool's bag But this is solar charger PTSCW24 from pinetree You can tell us why don't you show a box It is the box which is received Theres is no sign or characters So, I did'nt show you a box because there is no explanation It' looks like really handbag and also it has a size and weight of handbag Let's see the front It is written Solar Pack and 24Watts kindly When it is opened.

This part is made of magnet It give me a good feeling Let's see all parts after opening magnet part There are 4 Solar panels There is no features catching eyes in solar panel There is no tell you because it's simple I'll show you at surface Once, I close it Let's see the backside It's made of mesh There is a manual in mesh The manual, and USB 5PIN cable and, look inside There are 2 USB Ports I think taht water or dust is easy to pass to usb port through mesh.

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