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How to Size Your Solar System

I’m going to talk about how to truly properly size your solar system how much power batteries can really store and the way of solar system really works because it’s pretty amazing how many people that have solar systems don’t truly understand how much power they have and it’s important to know because if you end up with a situation where your modules break your solar panels aren’t functioning for a period of time or you have a series of cloudy days it’s good to understand exactly how many kilowatt hours you can actually pull out.

Your battery safely so how many days and how you can ration your power and also that really helps you sighs your system properly without with what appliances you’re using so i’m going to start by explaining how the batteries are set up that first one to say the caps are off the batteries right now because i’m equalizing explain that in another tutorial but hydrogen gas is escaping right now and you don’t want these caps on while that’s happening so right here i have eight deka lt16 batteries now these are 350 amp hours batteries.

I’m going to explain as part of what i can explain today what that means but before i do that these are set up in two strings parallel together so we have four batteries a group of four batteries that are in series which means that they’re wired from the positive to the negative positive to the negative positive to the negative and then positive to the positive and negative to the negative over to the next string when you wire for batteries in series every time you do that the amperage stays the same but the volts double.

So each of these batteries is 6 volts so when i put 4 in series i end up with essentially one bigger 24 volt battery the amps are still the same though so what i have here are two 24 volt batteries and then they’re parallel together negative 2 negative and positive to positive and when you parallel two batteries together you double the amprage so i have sized my battery system to make this 24 volts with double the amperage of a single battery so each of these batteries is 350 amp hours.

Ok so first i want to clarify that when your solar panels on the roof the electricity that they generate you’re not using that electricity directly you’re never using that electricity directly any time you pull power from solar system you’re always pulling from the batteries the solar panels send electricity to the charge controller and the charge controller reads what the voltage of the battery system is and maybe even a couple other metrics and it determines how it should charge these batteries so if you’re using power during the day the pleading power from these batteries when.

The sun’s out that electricity from the panels is actually directed into the batteries to charge them but it’s not actually but the the power that you’re using your pulling power from the batteries and the solar modules through the charge controller are charging the batteries back up that’s the best way to look at this so that being said you only have as much power to use as what’s stored in the batteries now i have four 225 watt modules and at best they can produce about 200 watts each.

When the sun is very much perpendicular to the panels and it’s the strongest it’s going to be in the sky so that makes eight hundred watts but 800 watts isn’t the amount of power have available i have far more than that 800 watts is just the maximum potential of electricity that the charge controller can send to charge these batteries now the way you figure out how much actual electricity you have to use is through the amp hours of these batteries so let’s assume that these batteries have a 100 charge their 350 amp hours each.

So let’s go back and to reference how these batteries are set up there’s four batteries in series two pairs of that and when you do that you’re doubling the volts but the amp stay the same so this each of these strings each of these strings of batteries are actually still 350 amp hours each because the amps don’t change when you put them in series i’m doubling the volts every time to reach that 24 volts from the individual 6volt batteries so we have 350 amp hours here and 350 amp hours here now they’re parallel together.

And when you parallel you’re doubling the amps so what you end up with going to the to the solar system to the inverter and to your dc breaker boxes we have 700 amp hours of 24 volts of 24 volt dc power available to us at a 100 charge now let’s talk about what that means ohm’s law says that wats equals volts times amps so if we have 24 volts and we have seven hundred amp hours this is going to if we multiply those together we’re going to get watt hours.

So if i take 24 and multiply that by seven hundred i get sixteen thousand eight hundred watt hours now you’re more probably everyone is more familiar with what a kilowatthour actually is a kilowatthour is when you use a thousand watts for one hour kilowatt is a thousand watts so i have sixteen thousand eight hundred watt hours so what i actually have here if i divide 16,800 by a thousand is 16.8 kilowatt hours there you go everyone’s use the scene kilowatthour usage on their electricity bill now most people are also saying right now.

Well i use far more than that in my home well in your home you’re paying to heat and cool your house with electricity also your appliances are geared towards a higher consumption home but in worship 16.8 kilowatthours goes a really really long way so that’s a very important piece of information here how many kilowatt hours your batteries have when they’re fully charged so i have almost 17 kilowatt hours in these batteries now i never really want to go on a normal day below seventy percent usage so in an average day i got 16.8 multiply that by thirty percent.

I never really want to use more than five kilowatt hours of power out of these batteries a day because when you keep them at seventy percent full at the end of the day and they sit like that overnight you’re going to experience a really long lifetime with these batteries but if you start pushing it every day to 50 and 40 and 30 and 20 percent down you actually start using 10 12 13 14 kilowatt hours on this system you’re going to damage the batteries and you’re not gonna live a long life.

These batteries should live back in 8 to even 10 years if cared for properly but you might reduce you might have that if you take your battery’s down to the sub fifty percent level daily if you need to use more than five kilowatt hours on it system like this per day you should really expand your system so five kilowatt hours there’s a reason why thirty percent of these batteries is five kilowatt hours that’s because the system is sized proportioned in such a way that 5 kilowatt hours is actually the average of what my solar panels on the roof.

Will produce in one normal day so let’s talk about how many hours of sun i have, i have about four hours maybe even five hours of the day where the sun is at its peak and i’m really producing a significant amount of power anywhere between 500 and 800 watts at my 800 watt potential for my solar panels so if we do the math here i’ll say an average of 750 sorry i’ll say an average of 650 watts on producing for five hours and out of every day.

That’s the bulk of what i’m producing everything going to take 650 watts and i multiply that by five hours i get 3 250 watt hours which is 3.25 kilowatt hours per day of that five hour period but it’s also producing power throughout the other hours of the day just not quite as much so basically in an average day in the house my four 225 watt rated panels will produce approximately five kilowatt hours so if i use five kilowatt hours in a day get down to thirty percent the next day my modules will fully charge.

What will make up for that usage but i’m sizing my house not at five kilowatt hours i’m sizing my appliances to use more like 3.5 kilowatt hours per day that’s my fridge and any any ac devices i have that’s my lights that is my washing machine every my computer things like that so i am sizing everything to use three point five kilowatt hours per day that is only that’s somewhere around twenty percent of my batteries can hold and that ensures that the next day i will more than top out these batteries i.

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