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Solar Panel Companies Germany

How to Install Solar Panels Wiring for Solar Panels

Alright! We've got the panels mounted and now we're ready to connect the wiring that brings the power down to our charge controller which is located on the ground. We're going to be using this BX style wire which is just twelve gage wire with a wrapping of sturdy aluminum on the outside to protect it from the elements. Typically used in household wiring, pretty common at your home improvement center, twelve gage is adequate for a small system like this. Black wire for our positive connection, the white wire will be negative.

It's also called the neutral in an AC system. But for this we can use the white wire as negative, and then the green will go to our frame as a ground. So, we'll just strip a little bit of wire off here. We've got our DC wires already marked coming from the panels. Red, positive and white is negative. So we'll follow that here, again, and strip these wires down. Special wiring comes out of these panels. It's USE rated versus THHN for instance. And this USE wire is UV stabilized so it can actually be out in the sunlight for many years without.

Degrading. We're using the shielded wire here could be in different styles of conduit or even a UV rated wire for a small installation like this. And your bigger grid type connections, all this can be in conduit and the wire choices would be a little more limited because of the high voltages concerned. But here, twelve to forty volts, we're not really as concerned with that as we might be. Still, it's nice to have everything solid. We're going to use our linesmen pliers here to get a nice solid twist on our positive wires and a little wire nut on top of that, snug.

It down. We've got our negative wire here, and you notice I didn't strip these both at the same time. Even through it's only 40 volts, you can still get a pretty decent shock off of these panels. So, it pays to keep the wires separate. In fact, at the other end here, we're not quite ready to make this connection, we should connect down at the bottom first before making this wire completely hot, just for safety. So now, let's leave this for a moment and go down and wire up our charge controller here in the laundry room.

Korea Germany agree to expand economic cooperation

We start at the presidential office. where President Park Geunhye held a summit with visiting German President Joachim Gauck this morning. The presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae said the two leaders discussed ways to bolster cooperation in the technology sector. This includes more joint research and development projects in such areas as solar energy panels and automobile parts. The leaders also agreed to expand trade and investment in a balanced manner. Germany is Koreas largest trade partner in Europe but Seouls trade deficit with the nation has more than doubled in seven years.

White House Brings Back Solar Panels

Really offsets it for what it's worth at least its symbolic we remember that back now gosh the 30 five years ago I think it was jimmy carter put a solar panels on the roofer love the White House and ronald reagan just to show our what a a huge a whole he was and maybe this was the first time ladies and gentlemen you know tonight a I wanna plug Chris haces documentary on global warming and what are the things that we've been saying on this program and I think he.

Makes his point the in the in the peace tonight is that denial of global warming has become one of those a.m. cultural touchstones for the Conservatives and I I would imagine they're all reagan pulling down those solar panels from the white house was the beginning of this or at least if not the beginning the first sort of milestone down this road that any that somehow girl eh I mean I really think it's what it comes down to its fammi for the conservative mind to to want to get power from the Sun.

And so he pulled down are those solar panels and after three years in essentially promising parent to put solar plant als back on top at the white house as a sign at the president's a commitment to renewable energy a white house official who asked not to be identified because the installation is in process wrote in an email the project part of a part of an energy retrofit that will improve the overall energy efficiency are the white house so a panels going back up and I guess the only come back down if Ted Cruz gets his way.

But they will be on the a white house at least for the next couple years it's a.m. at least it says uh somewhat symbolic but to take it for what it will forty well I'm sure Pinto Obama says the Keystone to go up well the implications of that are tacky which I really it's more apt to say they'll be coming back down after we hear from my rush limbaugh and the those in congress kisses a far more proof forget of course that you know you use solar panels who but a.


Thank you for your interest in the Akula technology. For several months we have now published some tutorials about the new Akula technology. During his studies the Russian inventor Akula had the idea to use the Earth's magnetic field as an energy source. The inventor completed successfully a degree in radio engineering and microelectronics. When he repaired a TV for friends, he saw for the first time a useful effect. Then he developed a power electronics device based on this effecrt, where he used special ferrites. The first successful experiments were done in 2004, but the prototype did not run stable.

To develop the technology further, costly measuring devices were necessary , but because of lack of capital, he put the project aside. In 2013, the cooperation with the German partners began and the required measuring instruments were purchased in order to make the project a success. In the summer of 2014, the inventor brought three working prototypes to Germany. These were reviewed by numerous experts and companies. After the start pulse of a battery, the circuits are running stable with durable performance. The power output was depending on the prototype ranging from 0.5 watts to 1.0 Watts.

One of the prototypes was even shielded with a Faraday cage and stored overnight in an underground bunker to confirm longterm use. One of the prototypes was dismantled on camera and in the presence of some experts. This tutorial is viewable on the Internet. See here watchv2cqk7fijGG8 For the system commercially available components are predominantly used, but they are electrically connected in a special way. The main concern of further development is the composition and production of the ferrite core. This technology is stationary and portable and scalable to larger power outputs , up to 50 Watts.

Per module. See watchvsPAz8aR1Ylg This unique technology uses the earth's magnetic field like a spring , to generate an induction in the conductor from the prototype. The prototype gives off the power permanently. The advantages of this technology are the decentralized, autonomous, fuel free and environmentally friendly use. The major challenge in the development of this technology was to structure the Earth's magnetic field so that it can be converted to usable electricity. Therefore, the Earth's magnetic field is like a treasure chest that gives off energy in abundance for the human race.

The use range is from a 5 watt flashlight to a mobile 10 watt charger for mobile phone applications and versatile selfsufficient energy solutions for households, trade, commerce and industry applications. Principle of operation To start the device a battery is used , which can be disconnected after a few seconds. The excess power of the system allows autonomous operation without a battery or any power The excess power of the system allows autonomous operation without a battery or any circuit and supplies electrical energy to supply other electrical circuit for the consumer.

EU and China reach amicable solution over solar panels row

Brussels and Beijing have finally agreed to a minimum price for solar panel imports. After the European Commission accused China of selling its solar panels in Europe at below cost, the EU executive imposed an almost 50 provisional tariff on Chinese solar imports. EU trade commissioner Karel de Gucht said on Monday that both sides have reached an amicable solution. After weeks of intensive talks, I can announce today that I am satisfied with the offer of a price undertaking submitted by China's solar panel exporters, as foreseen by the EU's trade.

Defense legislation. This is the amicable solution that both the EU and China were looking for. Sparking fears of a trade war, the antidumping case was the biggest ever undertaken by Europe. Under the new deal, the temporary tariff will now be called off. We are confident that this price undertaking will stabilise the European solar panel market and will remove the injury that the dumping practices have caused to the European industry. We have found an amicable solution that will result in a new equilibrium on the European solar panel market at a sustainable price.

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