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Solar Panel Companies Derbyshire

The shell comes in from paint, there’s nothing on it whatsoever, it’s just a shell with the doors on still. And then they are taken to the trim line. On trim, the doors are taken off, and are sent to a different door line where I am from. I’m Andrew Fletcher I do left hand check on process, I’ve worked here for about a year now. On trim are things like dashboards, basic wire harnesses are fitted, cars that are gong to South Africa, Japan, Europe, they all have different specifications. Lefthand drive, righthand drives. What goes into the door, parts can be different all the time. Everyone to the right of me on the line, is a customer to me.

I pass my process on to them, but if my process is not complete to what it should be they can’t compete theirs and it all just backs up. We do an 8 hour shift, building 370 cars, that’s just our shifts, your looking at 700+ cars a day. It’s just mad.

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