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SelfCleaning Solar Panels

Most solar installations happen to be in really arid regions where you have a lot of dust in the atmosphere. That dust gets deposited over time onto your solar panels and that lowers the efficiency of your solar station. That might not sound like a big deal, but if you have millions of square feet of solar panels out in a desert that ends up really costly, especially if water is a scarce resource. So, what we're looking to do is use a more efficient method by using just a small amount.

Of electricity to statically push the dust off the surface of the solar panel or the solar mirror. So this sort of looks like the back windshield of your car where you have those heater strips, those lines that go all the way across. What we do is we just put them at a voltage. So we sort of charge them up to a very high voltage, to about 1200 volts. And what that does is that creates a big electrical field and that electrical field charges and then pushes away the dust.

And in order to efficiently push it away, what we do is we have three different sets of fingers that are all connected and each one is a different phase. So by alternating the order in which we turn them on, we create a wave that travels across the screen and charges and pushes the dust off. And it's actually a really small amount of energy because we don't complete a circuit. We're just charging up those lines. So the load on our power supply is what's called a capacitive load. We're not actually.

Window Magic Window Cleaning San Diego Window Cleaner

Hi, I'm Randi with Window Magic Window Cleaning. We've been serving San Diego county since 1986. We're family owned and operated and know that it's satisfied customers that make our company what it is today. we service all areas of San Diego. No job's too big, no job's too small. We're insured up to five stories. We do solar panel cleaning, we do gutter cleaning, we also are a green company. All of our products are top of the line and eco friendly. We are committed to preserving the environment. I also.

Active surfaces for SelfCleaning Solar Panels

Researchers at MIT and in Saudi Arabia have developed a new way of making surfaces that can actively control how fluids or particles move across them. This work might enable new kinds of biomedical or microfluidic devices, or solar panels that could automatically clean themselves of dust and grit. Most surfaces are passive. They rely on gravity, or other forces, to move fluids or particles. The research team decided to use external fields, such as magnetic fields, to make surfaces active, exerting precise control over the behavior of particles or droplets moving over them.

The system makes use of a microtextured surface, with bumps or ridges just a few micrometers across, that is then impregnated with a fluid that can be manipulated for example, an oil infused with tiny magnetic particles, or ferrofluid, which can be pushed and pulled by applying a magnetic field to the surface. When droplets of water or tiny particles are placed on the surface, a thin coating of the fluid covers them, forming a magnetic cloak. When exposed to a magnetic field , the droplet is pulled toward the magnet by its thin cloak.

Of ferrofluid, even though the droplet itself is not magnetic. Tiny ferromagnetic particles, approximately 10 nanometers in diameter, in the ferrofluid could allow precision control when it's needed such as in a microfluidic device used to test biological or chemical samples by mixing them with a variety of reagents. While other researchers have developed systems that use magnetism to move particles or fluids, these require the material being moved to be magnetic, and very strong magnetic fields to move them around. The new system, which produces a superslippery surface that lets.

Fluids and particles slide around with virtually no friction, needs much less force to move these materials. This allows to attain high velocities with small applied forces. The new approach could be useful for a range of applications For example, Solar panels and the mirrors used in solarconcentrating systems can quickly lose a significant percentage of their efficiency when dust, moisture, or other materials accumulate on their surfaces. But if coated with such an active surface material, a brief magnetic pulse could be used to sweep the material away. ie This new approach could lead to systems that make.

Solar Panels Cleaning Robot

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