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Solar Panel Battery Charger Project

A new way for portable charging the average cell phone today consumes more power than ever preventing our batteries from dying is always been a problem especially when you’re out on the go and there isn’t a power outlet in sight current solutions include portable charger such as power banks and backup batteries which are fairly expensive.

And they to need to be charged at some point regular solar chargers are effective but slow above all the biggest disadvantage is having to carry two devices everywhere you go your phone and the charger itself to solve these problems we’d like to introduce the duo boost solar case.

A dual powered backup battery case built just for the iphone 5 5c and 5s each one of these cases contain a 2600mAh capacity Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery that can fully charge your iPhone our product is unique allowing you to not only recharge the case through a wall adapter but also through solar power therefore doing away with the constant need a wall.

Charging it’s easy to use doesn’t need any extra jacks or fixtures it is very affordable. As a special feature it also comes with a choice its stylish interchangeable snapon snap our skins that can be used independently of the dual boot solar case or together with it.

The duo boost solar case is built with large contact area mono crystalline silicon solar panels with a high energy conversion rate of 23% which delivers a good charge in about 10 to 12 hours a strong daylight it also features builtin overcharging and discharge protection circuitry to ensure prolonged battery like usage of the duo boost solar case will not compromise or affect your iPhone’s other functionalities.

For added emphasis on aesthetics and great design The build of the duo boost solar cases sleek and slim weighing only 3.9 ounces or 110 grams this stylish interchangeable snapon snapoff skins which come with each case have been drop resistance tested and are designed to offer maximum phone protection.

Becoming a selection of skin colors and for iphone 5s users they come in limited edition gold and silver After about four months worth the planning and working in collaboration with our manufacturers in China and consultants in Singapore the conceptualization up the final design and prototyping of the product is now completed.

Right now we need your support to help fund the next stage of our work initial production every dollar counts and for early donors do check out this special rewards we have just for you regular shipping worldwide is free cool Duo Boost Solar Case my name is Ken thank you for watching.

DIY Portable Solar Power Generator Part 1

Hey , i would like to show you my portable solar power generator that I recently built. I want to thank all of the folks who posted their projects on YouTube previously, they were great inspirations for this one. I consider this a mediumsize and moderately priced portable solar power generator. It generates 110 amp hours and costs,.

Including the 100 watt solar panel that’s used with it about $950 dollars total cost. It’s portable, but I would say that it’s not meant for backpacking. It weighs about ninety pounds. This particular unit I built to use on my cruising boat I wanted something that was portable so that when I sold the boat and upgraded.

I could take the system out and take it with me. i also do some tent camping and it will be used for that purpose as well. The system offers again 110 amp hours, obviously the starting point is to get some power into this .so for demo purposes today I’m using a small 27 watt.

Solar panel and i’ll show you how all this mates and how the whole thing works. Come around to the back of the system and you will see what I’ve installed is a 2pin SAE port that allows the energy from the solar panel to come into the system.and once that is coming into the system it is going to a.

Solar charge controller that is under the top. we’ll get back to that in just a bit. The case itself is a Plano sportsman’s case .was about twentyfive dollars, it is quite rugged is much more sturdy than a typical Rubbermaid container by all means but was quite affordable and again is to be used.

Inside a cabin on a boat so it doesn’t need to be perfectly weatherproof but this is I think quite weatherproof as it’s built. On the front, after we get some power into the batteries we’re able to provide power through a number to accessory ports, we’ve.

Got 12 volt on the side I did install a 12volt power indicator. It’s reading about 13.4 volts going in right now. We’ve got USB power here, a 5 volt 1 amp and a 5 volt 2.1 amp USB port, of course a 12volt outlet here and on the AC side.

What i’ve installed, you’ll see how that works in a bit, is an AC voltmeter and ammeter and that gives me an indication that power is on here and also is very important because the ammeter tells me how many amps I’m drawing out of the system using various appliances and that’s very.

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