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Solar Miller Stirling

music gt;gt; Good afternoon! gt;gt; Unison Good afternoon. gt;gt; Welcome to the entrepreneurship forum. Next week I understand we aren’t going to have one. Is that right?.

gt;gt; right. gt;gt; Spring break? gt;gt; Yeah. gt;gt; You’re OK with that? gt;gt; Yep. gt;gt; Alright, good.

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce a good friend of mine. He is now, and I want you to give him a round of applause of congratulations, he was CO of Brighton Bank and he is now going to be CEO. So, can we have a round of applause? Applause .

He’s been with brighton since 2009. He has over 35 years of commercial, industrial, and real estate lending experience in the local market. Why would this be beneficial to you? Brighton Bank is a community bank, smaller bank, but smaller banks generally are more attentive to the needs.

Of borrowers than larger banks. And but I’m going to let Robert Bowen tell you about that. He has served on the as a board member of the Utah Bankers and he’s a member of the Board of Trustees of Artspace of Utah, which is a local nonprofit organization serving the Salt.

Lake low to moderate income housing market. And he previously served on the advisory board of the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. He is a graduate of that Marriott School with an MBA and a banking and finance degree and that would be BYU.

And so, without further ado, let’s give a big round of applause for Robert Bowen! gt;gt; First of all, I’d save the round of applause until we’re finished. You may not want to do that. I appreciate being here.

This is a good opportunity and i would like this to be very open and informal. If you have questions, please ask as we go along. A lot of this information is not and I admit, it’s not the most exciting stuff to talk about, but I think it is beneficial, especially in the setting.

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