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Solar Inverter Using Mosfet

Cree Mosfet or IGBT for high power designs

Are you still using an IGBT Then perhaps you haven't heard about the cutting edge Cree MOSFET technology. If you're ready to take your power converter designs to the next level, it's time to say no to the IGBT and yes to the Cree MOSFET. Cree has made major advances in MOSFET technology that have totally changed the power conversion game and opened up some exciting design options. Let's get technical the traditional MOSFET's are great because they have low switching losses. But they can't handle higher voltages above 800 volts.

IGBT's can handle higher voltages but they have high switching losses. Cree's MOSFET technology marries the best of MOSFET's with some cutting edge Cree technology, That work at voltages up to 1700 volts with low switching losses. The result is that the Cree MOSFET can replace the latest generation IGBT's but with six times lower switching losses. Need proof Take a look at these two identical Cree evaluation kits. They are both configured to run as boost converters switching at 100kHz. Look at how fast the IGBT is heating up! That's the result at the six times higher switching losses in the IGBT.

And, high IGBT switching losses mean that you need to reduce the switching frequencies which result in larger parts such as inductors and capacitors. And, larger parts mean extra money. Not convinced Let's see an example application. Here's a 10 kilowatt power converter built with a Cree MOSFET. And, here's one built with an IGBT. Did you spot the difference To recap, an IGBT has six times higher switching losses been a Cree MOSFET. This requires designers to switch them slower or use more them. Both options are costly and produce larger systems. With the Cree MOSFET.

Googles Little Box challenge will give $1 million prize for reducing inverter size.

Google is partnering with IEEE for the Little Box challenge which will give 1 million dollars as prize for developing better inverter. Currenlty picniccoolersized DCtoAC inverters are used to connect solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles and other grid edge devices. Google's Little Box challenge is aiming to make these inverters into something the size of a small laptop. ie roughly 110th of its current size. In techical words, Google is expecting someone to build a kWscale inverter with a power density greater than 50W per cubic inch. The winner of this Little Box Challenge will get.

SineWave Power Inverter Circuit Part 3

Okay, so we have an Arduino programmed in regular C, a quad ANDgate package acting as a mux, gate driver chips that let us use NChannel MOSFETs for both the high and low side switching, a stepdown transformer used as a stepup transformer and an RC filter for the output. That gives us 60 volts peak. But forget that filter, it's useless to us. Here we have a toroidal choke used in place of the resistor which results in 100 volts peak. The LC filter provides us with more useful power although the output is not as.

Power electronics company employs Innovate for Maine interns after they graduate

I'm Ben Polito. I'm the cofounder and president of Pika Energy. We're located in Westbrook, Maine. Pika Energy builds power electronics that help customers to produce and manage their own power. So, rather than buying electricity from the utility, they can actually make and manage their own power using our technology. They can cut their costs. We can provide secure power, so that their system doesn't go down in a blackout. Even allow them to sell power back to the utility. Actually, the company started out in my basement. There were three of us at first. We were developing.

The core technology. As we've grown over the years, we eventually outgrew the basement and moved to Westbrook, where we're located now. We have a team of 12 people. The Innovate for Maine Internship Program has been a fantastic help to our company. We've been involved in the program from the very first year. We had an intern named Tony Nuzzo, who's the engineering student out of the University of Maine System. The program matched us with the absolute perfect candidate. He actually had experience building wind turbines, which is one of the products we make.

MHz High Efficiency High Power Density Bidirectional Battery Charger with GaN HEMT Xiucheng

Hi everyone. This is Xiucheng from CPES. Today, I gonna demonstrate a high efficiency high frequency high power density battery charger system using high voltage GaN devices The research target of this project is to evaluate the performance and potential of high voltage GaN switch based on a bidirectional battery charger system This battery charger can be used in nonisolated system, such as dc nano grid Buckboost converter is used due to its simplicity and high efficiency The top and bottom switch is both 600V GaN switch In current stage, the 600v cascode GaN switch is preferred.

Due to its easier gate drive and better switch performance The right hand side figure shows the switching energy comparison between cascode GaN switch and state of art Si MOSFET It is obvious that GaN switch has much less turn on switching loss The turn off loss is negligible due to current source drive mechanism existing in the cascode configuration This page shows a brief control diagram of one phase module of battery charger system The converter operates at critical mode The required signal includes zero current detection ZCD, maximum cell voltage and current reference.

The ZCD signal can be generated by detecting the inductor current polarity The control scheme is simple and is capable for MHz operation This is the one phase module efficiency The bottom curve is the corresponding switching frequency DCM and burst operation is adopted to improve the light load efficiency The right hand side figure shows the four phase system efficiency curve The grey point is the phase shedding point The system efficiency is well above 99 over most load range and peak efficiency is about 99.4 This is the prototype of 4phase bidirectional battery charger with 600V GaN switch.

The rated power is 5kW. This is the GaN SW in TO247 package This is the high frequency inductor made of ferrite material and Litz wire The whole system can achieve 99.4 peak efficiency and it requires less thermal management The system power density is 500Win3 This is full load condition The converter operates at critical mode and the switching frequency is 1MHz The yellow waveform is the PWM signal of top switch and blue waveform is the drainsource voltage of top switch It is obvious that top switch can achieve zerovoltage turn on.

ROHMs 10KW 3Levels Motor Control SiC MOSFETs Demonstration PCIM 2015 English subtitle

Welcome to ROHM booth at PCIM 2015. My name is Andrea Colognese, Technical Marketing Manager for industrial and consumer market. Let me explain the benefit of our Silicon Carbide technology in a motor control application. This board implements a 10kW 3 level motor controller using silicon carbide power mosfets and it's the result of a collaboration with Xilinx and Qdesys The purpose of this platform is to explain and demonstrate the benefit to use the best ROHM technology to create very effective and efficient solutions. The adoption of SiC power mosfets in such application gives the engineers the possibility to design a compact and efficient solution reducing the size of heat sink thanks to the lower switching losses.

Outback FM80 and FM60 Reset and Voltage Set Points

Hey this is Josh from the Tech Department at Wholesale Solar. And I wanted to just take a second and show you guys how to do a hard reset on an Outback Flex Max 60 or a Flex Max 80. And it''s a relatively simple procedure. You can have to do this when you go through and reset your battery type, your system voltage, few other things. Relatively easy, we're going to use the softkeys they're not well labeled anywhere actually but there's one, two, three and four in respect to the diagrams they show in the manual.

And what we do to do a reset is hold down buttons number one and three and supply power back to the unit. So we're going to go ahead and turn it on here. It's going to ask us to select a version. We're going to go ahead and go with English. It's going to ask us for a password. Now the default password on the FM 60, MX 60, FM 80, all the Outback equipment is going to be onehundred and fortyone that's 141 so we'll get that typed in here.

We're going to go enter which happens to be soft key number four. We're going to go yeah we want to do English. We sure Yeah. It's going to ask us system voltage so we'll jump in here. We're actually doing a twelve Volt systems so we'll just hit enter. Happens to be soft key number three. Are we sure Yeah. Awesome! So we get to here there's only one other adjustment that we really need to make and we hit soft key number one to do kinda the initial setup. The first thing I want to look at is going to be.

Charger and that's really the only thing that I suggest people go through and look at. Depending on the battery type, we'll hit go and this is going to allow us to adjust three things current limit, absorbing and float. Now this is an 80 Amp controller it's set at 80 Amps. We can't turn it up higher than that. We can turn it down lower, it doesn't really make sense, so let's just leave it at 80. Now on the absorbing 14.4 is an okay default set point. Each battery is going to come with a different spec from.

The manufacturers as far as where you want it to be. 14.4 will work here. As far as float goes, on my system, I'm using AGM batteries, they're the UPGs. Goes 200 amp hours, 6 Volts. Now the float on a lead acid battery is going to be a little bit higher so default is at 13.6. With my AGM batteries i'm going to need to turn that down a little bit. They want to float at 13.0. So I'll go ahead and set it there. Go back out, we're done, we'll hit exit, we're back to the main screen.

How To Make A Simple And Powerfull 12v To 230V Inverter Circuit Using Two MOSFETs

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Super Simple MOSFET Inverter

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