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Overview and Testing Canon Vixia R500 Camera with external Mic at our off grid solar cabin

Good morning bill and rosa our off grid solar cabin im trying to test out this new camera. with a microphone and also i have no clue what it sounds like. but as you can see its pretty foggy here. drawing in about 130 watts of solar of the roof up there but uh see if i can get you a better shot out of this but i did change out the uh turbine with a new tail wider longer tail. and uh put the little barrings up there and i will editing more tutorial cause i did.

About 20 to 30 minutes of me taking it off and putting it on and all the work I did so that will take a little time to try and go through and clean it up I did that and see if i can get around here without getting to muddy. its a mess around here. and then i put in another piece of stove pipe and just because I wanted to and gave it support straps cause its pretty high up there now. and we got our first egg off of one of our hens.

A little brown hen that came off the nest she did lay in the nest. which was cool. usually they dont start off laying in the nest. but we took care of them and had to go pull my pickup truck out of the bog went to help my neighbor and sunk the pickup truck its a mess. but we came home and thats what we pretty much attacked. let me get up here and walk across my little path be glad when it dries out a little bit. but thats what we did.

The tutorial is coming out were i put that up there and respond and a little bit a wind that thing will turn now with out any questions so we will see how that little barring works out. thats about all we did. cloudy and overcast thats what we had going on. there will be some tutorial coming out shortly after I get them all cleaned up and the turbine work and a few other things I was doing but yall have a blessed day. My dad is still kicking but not very high but he is having some good days and bad days.

Unboxing New Camera and Microphones and Grip.

Alright I have had a lot of you complain about my breathing and my wind and the quality of some of my tutorial's. So we saved up and order something hopefully to correct the problem. So we will unbox what I ordered. so here is how it goes. I ordered some bubble wrap see thats suppose to fix the problem. Alright. I ordered a Canon Vixia HF R500. It had a input mic. I has all kind of stuff. It will take me forever to learn how to use it. But.

This is the new camera that has the auxiliary mic. And then I ordered a lapel mic kit. So that when i am being still and working I can put the little lapel mic thingy pn there a lavaliere microphone. I ordered the zxr300 compact stereo tutorial microphone with a dead kitten wind screen to help stop the wind. It has a shock mount so you want hear me touch the buttons. Its a VXR300 made by vivo And then I ordered a they call it a fore grip Little thing were I can put my camera here and microphone up here or light on it. It.

Can also hook unto my tripod. So I can have a more stable tutorial's. Its called a action cam sports grip. So hopefully we will have some better tutorial. Maybe this is the last time I use the samsung. Its been a good camera but has no external mic but has great tutorial. But it picks up all the noise you can think of. Probably give it to my daughter. Thats what we got. Im not going to unbox them right now. I just wanted you to see that there are.

How to Bottle Beer

Hi I'm Tricia an organic gardener I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply for a clean and sustainable environment for an enjoyable and rewarding experience Welcome to home beer brewing part 2 it's time to do the racking that's when you take the beer from the primary fermenter into the secondary fermenter You know it's time to rack when you're airlock stopper has a bubble less than every 90 seconds Let the racking begin Make sure the auto siphon doesn't touch the bottom of the container Use a clip or a friend.

Start the siphon and fill your cleaned and sterilized secondary fermenter After your secondary fermenter is filled up take a sample to get another specific gravity reading Take a hydrometer reading and record it we will use this later to calculate the alcohol by volume of the finished beer I've resanitized my airlock and stopper and I'll add them to the secondary fermenter the time in the secondary fermenter varies by beer type so check your recipe Ales are usually ready to bottle within two to three weeks after fermentation is.

Completely finished there should be few if any bubbles coming out of the air lock at this time Once again make sure to clean and sanitize all equipment that comes into contact with your beer this include your bottles and caps as well as your siphon and hose It helps to have a separate bucket filled with your sanitizing solution your caps should be sanitized by putting them in boiling water for 10 minutes Now rack the beer into the bottling bucket Dissolve three quarters cup corn sugar to two cups water.

And then add it to your bottling bucket this is what's going to make the carbonation Rack the beer into your sanitized bottling bucket with the corn sugar in it when it's finished lift it up onto the counter so it's higher than your bottles Our beer is ready for bottling it's a good idea to make you have everything that you need for this process all laid out and ready in front of you It's time to put your bottling wand on the end of the siphon hose Your gonna want a friend to help you on bottling day.

Because somebody's gonna start the siphon while we fill up the bottles and the hydrometer Let her go Pete Push down and the bottling wand will allow the beer to flow lift up and it stops this helps make bottling more tidy Start filling your bottles to within three quarters of an inch from the top place a cap on top and use the capper to seal the bottle Store your bottles for two weeks in a cool dark location after two weeks the beers gonna be ready to be consumed.

Ditch Digging with a RotoTiller

Hi. Welcome back to Pine Meadows Hobby Farm. I'm your host Jerry Hanson. Hey, today I am working on cutting a a culvert. It's going to serve three purposes Number ONE It's going to divert water from the neighbor's property as it comes down the surface water, as it comes down off the hillside, It's been flooding out my driveway and creating a muddy, boggy mess in the winter. So I'm just following the fence line, and what I am doing is cutting in just right along the fence line with the rototiller. I'm doing several passes with the rototiller.

And then I am removing the dirt and taking it over and dumping it into my raised beds that I put on the perimeter my yard and putting in and I then also it's gonna create a natural firebreak for this summer as we are heading into are really critical fire season, is what they're saying. Right now we got overcast skies. We've had intermittent rain I hear in the Cascade Mountains of Southern Oregon, and The only thing this is doing is making the fuels grow and creating more fuel's which ultimately is going to be more of a.

Critical fire hazard this last summer. I got my diversion ditches all done.This rototiller worked out great. I was able to scoop up all the dirt and move it over into my yard to fill in all the raised beds that I built. And so, now, this next summer, or this next winter when the rain start coming hopefully this will divert the water that flows down from the property next door to me, hits the culvert, and flows down into the creeks. I've got a creek over there, and a creek on the other side of the garden down there.

EASY How to Build a Chicken Coop

So you want to start raising your own backyard chickens. which is great you know you need a safe and secure coop to how's your chickens protect them from predators see go down to your local hardware store to find the perfect coupe kid but your disappointment you quickly realize most readymade coops are ridiculously overpriced and are not built using sustainable building material which is not so great the lowest priced budget cook kids you can find goes for an outrageous six hundred dollars plus and that's when they're on sale you decide to change our strategy.

And set sail on building your own coupe instead with materials that you choose you jump online to search for chicken coop plans and find chicken coop guides dot com chicken coop guides provide you with highquality stepbystep chicken coop plans that you can use to build your own quality chicken coop for pennies on the dollar regardless if your carpentry skills your in fact the plans are so easy your teenage son or daughter can build one whether you're looking for a classic a frame coupe like this to house 528 chechans or more sturdy construction.

Like this second house in fifty chickens are more chicken coop guides got you covered and since you got this far planning your chicken racing adventure you already know about the immense benefits a building your own coupe compared to buying a prefabricated one benefits like one it saves you a ton of money you can put together a classic a freight Cooper about 120 150 dollars why your local hardware store would charge $300 to $400 dollars plus saving you two hundred dollars or more and that's for the smallest coupe.

For if you go for midsize to larger group you could save thousands to you get to choose the material most readymade coops you material that won't last even one harsh winter building your own coupe allows you to choose the highest quality material that makes your coop last for years to come material that makes 3 customized the coop to your needs when you're building your own coupe you're in control need some extra space for another nesting box no problem it's so easy to make amendments to the plans anyone can do it.

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