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Music Guitars Student When you have oil, coal, natural gas they're finite solutions. And there will be a time when they will run out. And there will still be humans on this planet. Dr. Russell Half of the total primary energy consumed in the U.S. 48 pretty much just say half is consumed by residential and commercial buildings. So we really, if we're going to if we're going to have energy independence and if we're going to be able to reduce our carbon footprint buildings are a.

Really big place to start. Narrator In 2010, Appalachian State University was chosen as one of twenty teams from around the globe to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. The competition challenges young minds from around the world to design and engineer a cost effective, energy efficient, and attractive solar home. Many of the innovations used today in these prototypes hold the promise of being part of our daily life tomorrow. Dr. Russell I think first and foremost our goal is to win the competition. It's really, uh It's really a.

A big deal. It's the largest green design and sustainable design competition in the world. And so we'll be on a world stage competing with universities from all over. Bret You realize the importance and the future of homebuilding. This is the future. This is where we're going. But it's how we're going to get there. And so this Homestead we believe is how we're going to get there. Gentle Guitar Narrator Appalachian's construction The Solar Homestead stands apart from many other solar homes in the competition.

Because of its unique, innovative structure The Outbuilding Module, or OM. The OM generates energy for the home and also has mobile capabilities that enable it to act separately from the rest of The Homestead. Deeply rooted in the architectural design of The Solar Homestead is the tradition and efficiency of mountain living. Bret The Solar Homestead design and concept comes from the early pioneers of the Appalachian Mountains. and we believe that this, this style this concept can really solve some issues that we're having not only economically, but environmentally.

Within our country. Chelsea We really wanted to take the concept of the traditional lifestyle of people that lived around Boone, North Carolina and how they used outdoor modules they had all these separate outbuildings that they used in different ways and how can we reinvent that to a modern day lifestyle. Narrator The trip to the Solar Decathlon in Washington DC this September has given Appalachian the opportunity to involve a variety of students and faculty from different departments in an effort to not just compete but to win the competition.

Chelsea We want to get the art department involved. We've had graphic designers involved. Building science majors. We've had appropriate technology majors. Interior design. Bret This is the biggest thing along, along renewable energy side along sustainability goes this is the biggest thing that the institution's ever done. Narrator The Solar Homestead does not just represent Appalachian's best foot forward, but a greater commitment that the school and region has to renewable energy and flexible, affordable, and reliable solutions for tomorrow. Ed Representing North Carolina is very important to us but as a whole this is more important.

Appalachian States Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

Meet the Modern Homesteaders. They are making a purposeful decision to move from the crowded city to simplify their lives and live more naturally. Not wanting to sacrifice the amenities and culture that a city can provide, Asheville, North Carolina is their destination. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the sustainable city of Asheville is a regional hub for business, shopping, and education. It offers a lively art scene, diverse outdoor sports, and fine dining. Welcome to the Solar Homestead. Designed for a family that wants to invest in a natural lifestyle and values a healthy home that will last a lifetime.

The 870sqft, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, singlefamily home features a detached home office with half bath and an attached outdoor kitchen. This netzero home has an abundance of living space with over 2000sqft of indooroutdoor area. The spacious common areas encourage the family to enjoy each other's company as well as the natural surroundings. The Solar Homestead incorporates independent, transportable Outbuilding Modules or OMs, with a solar canopy that creates a protected outdoor space as well as free, clean energy for the entire site. Life on the Homestead revolves around social spaces. The living area reconfigures.

For dining, entertaining, and relaxing. Multipurpose furniture easily transforms to redefine the room. The kitchen is encased with maple butcher block, features fullsized appliances, and a highly efficient induction stovetop. A 37 TV is ideal for everyday use, but an available projection screen can create a home theater for a more cinematic experience. The passive solar Trombe wall radiates heat as ambient temperatures drop. Throughout the house, triplepaned glazing and R40 walls maintain comfort and reduce energy use. The spacious bathroom features a custom vanity, large shower, and skylight. Affordable locust.

Planks and corrugated steel are used throughout the core to create a sophisticated aesthetic and minimize maintenance. Comfortable bedrooms are efficiently sized to minimize space conditioning costs. A dimmable LED light wall creates ambient lighting, dividing the two bedrooms. The Great Porch, comprised of seven OMs, provides a venue for entertaining friends and family while celebrating the home's connection to the outdoors. Whether the family members enjoy sports, woodworking, or harvesting from the sustainable garden, the modular OMs offer 240 cubic feet of waterproof storage. The FlexOM acts as a freestanding home office.

For the Modern Homesteaders with a change of furnishings this space can easily become a comfortable guest suite. Poplar bark siding and an extensive green roof not only allow the FlexOM to seamlessly blend in with its natural surroundings, but also minimize maintenance. The Solar Homestead is designed for the mountains of Appalachia, functioning well across all seasons. The durable materials, energy efficiency measures, and the minimal operating costs all make this home an environmentally and economically sound investment. Never a sacrifice, it allows for all the comforts of an American lifestyle. The Solar Homestead makes it easy.

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Narrator Welcome to the Solar Homestead, an affordable, sustainable alternative to traditional residential design and construction. The isolation of early settlers in the mountains of North Carolina fostered a pioneer spirit of independence and ingenuity in those who established selfsustaining livingworking compounds on the frontier. The Solar Homestead fuses these values into a modern zero energy home, which remains true to these underlying principles by integrating renewable resources and innovative technology into a dwelling that is adaptable, selfsufficient, rugged, affordable, and attractive. The entire Solar Decathlon site is carefully crafted as an exhibit of innovative design.

The modern homestead includes a high performance home and modular, technologically advanced outbuilding modules with forms inspired by vernacular leanto sheds, supply power to the dwellings while providing a metaphorical link to the multibuilding homesteads. Approaching the house, visitors experience the unique solar thermal Trombe wall, which uses phase change materials to selectively heat the interior of the home. A sliding door is available to provide increased privacy, storm protection, and summer shading. A reinterpreted Great Porch, formed by the placement of the seven independent outbuilding modules or OMs, creates an inviting and functional entry to the home, while also.

Providing a venue for casual social gatherings. The solar canopy composed of bifacial solar panels provides filtered daylight, solar energy, and shelter from natural elements. Upon entering the house, visitors are welcomed into a flexible multipurpose living space. Occupants can enjoy a cozy seating area, open kitchen, and an eating nook with a window seat. The furniture can reconfigure from a multipurpose space to a formal dining room. The coffee table easily transforms into a dining setting for eight. The 864 square foot main house is also comprised of two bedrooms and one full bath. The internal.

Core of the house contains mechanical space, laundry, and a daylit full bath. The bathroom walls are washed with light from the solar thermal skylight above, an element that also provides hot water for the home. Both the master and the guest bedroom feature builtin closet storage and a private deck. Upon reentering the public area of the home the kitchen has been transformed into a home theatre with a detachable movie screen. Back on the great porch, visitors move toward the Flex OM, a 120 square foot structure with a half bath and outdoor shower. As its name implies, the Flex OM can serve a variety of.

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Music I've been involved with the project for over two years now and it's absolutely exciting and thrilling to be here on The National Mall. We couldn't be more proud just to be selected to be in this and to be able to display our home here. music The main part about the project that we think is marketable is the fact that it is a real house. It's a twobedroom house. It has fullsize appliances. We also have an extra flex space in the back. The flex zone can act as a home office. It has an additional.

Powder room. It has an outdoor shower so it's actually an additional full bath. You could use it as a guest space or a home office. music We took the idea of having outbuildings that support a main building and put outbuildings around our building that actually create solar power for our house. This creates the great porch which is one of our major features. It celebrates outdoor living by having bifacial solar panels, rather than having them tacked on top of the house we actually celebrate the solar panels, you can see them from underneath.

Solar Decathlon Solar Homestead, Appalachian State, 2011

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About The Solar Homestead

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