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Solar Home System Rural Areas

BPC LESEDI Rural electrification with individual solar kits, Botswana Webdoc Africa Express

In Botswana, we meet Tanguy working at BPC Lesedi, a company that develops solutions for rural electrification with individual photovoltaic kits. BPC Lesedi is a jointventure between BPC, which is Botswana's national electricity operator, and EDF the French national operator. It is a quite original concept as Botswanese people are offered to invest in a franchise and then they set it up in their village. Beyond the franchise system, the business model is based on the energy compensation the customers do not pay for the product, but for the maintenance of their equipment.

We have just arrived at Domboshaba Lodge, a small hotel somewhere in Botswanese countryside. It took us 5 or 6 hours from Gaborone to get here. We are going to focus on the electrical installations of this lodge as they are only solar installations set up by BPC Lesedi. Here, we are in a standard room which includes an individual solar system. You can see three battery boxes with the controller system here, which shows the battery level, or if the panel is running well for example. Here is a small inverter.

JPCC Foundation Solar Home Lighting Clean Water for Tuhegafoa Nias

The Word of God says that love covers all transgressions Love covers all lacks But love itself can only be felt by others when we are able to manifest that love into Acceptable and relevant actions for the recipients of that love Love doesn't use the words supposedly, if only, Instead love says even though, in spite of The people in the village of Tuhegafoa lived in darkness and lack of water for many For that reason, JPCC Foundation, as the extension of Jakarta Praise Community Church, brought that love out of the church's scope into societies.

Solar Lantern SP2 by OPTI SOLAR Offgrid application

The OPTISolar SP2 lantern is our advanced model that combines a powerful, dimmable LED lamp with DC charging port. The SP2 was designed in Germany to meet the needs of people in developing and poor countries who lack electricity, and replaces their unsafe, expensive and hazardous kerosene lamps. It provides an affordable and reliable lighting solution, that can also charge mobile phones and other DC devices thanks to the builtin USB port. It can then be used wherever you are in the world, and meets all your standalone solar lamp needs.

And, the multipurpose SP2 can also be fixed to the ceiling, or used as a torch, thanks to the buildin handle. The SP2's 90 to 100 lumen LED offers a service life of 30,000 hours. Its light intensity can be regulated by pushing this button. This button triggers a high medium or low intensity light settings. Thanks to its durable longlife 6V2.8Ah GEL battery, a full charge can provide at least 100 hours of low intensity light, 10 hours at medium intensity light and 4 hours at high intensity light. The SP2 comes with a 1.5W peak crystalline silicon solar module.

With aluminum frame and tempered glass, and a 3meter connector cable used to charge the lamp. It takes six hours to fullycharge the battery in good conditions. A small indicator light on the side always lets you know the batteries charging status. Here you can see the 5V DC port for charging mobile phones or other electronic devices. 8 different adapters are available for the most common mobile phones. The SP2 also includes an extendable 3 meters switch cable, for switching the lamp on and off. This is very convenient for when you.

30ft Pole Needed For Internet In Rural Areas Health Action 2013

So a lot of people criticize the stimulus package for you know what it you know with or can it didn't do anything to the american people who create new jobs in one part of the stimulus package the expansion of broadband to ruled parts of the country where i had the view from the center for rule affairs in the brassica um. and you you don't you listen to the experience stimulus package was ten uh. the stimulus package included money for royal bred band and it was really just a start to widen we need if you compare what was in the stimulus.

Package to rule broadband compared to what we spent on a roll telecommunications infrastructure in this country and adjust for inflation the stimulus package is just that just a very start of what we need to companies you and that's often about the of what we need to invest it get parole broadband access expanded now what is the rule broadband access looked like i think there's a loser always just above the fiddle to american put on the stand you know you guys have no access to internet prior to.

Observed island rectify out solo and some people enrolled communities are still on dialup internet believe it or not uh. i can give your personal stories the at plot and move to a house in the country and northeast nebraska about three years ago and i only had two options for internet and won a satellite service which is not very good but the other required me to put up a thirtyfoot telephone poll in my growth in a clear angry trees in micro and so i had did on the route five foot hole on the ground and holy stuff a.

Thirtyfoot telephone paul if she'd line of sight to attack or in its five miles away from me and that allows me to get broadband service at my house and it's still not even that good a broadband said i mean how costeffective uh. so i mean there's obviously costs associated with a couple totaling up all and is three hundred feet away from my house and i had a very aligned back to my house was infrastructure costs there the monthly cost is reasonable but the service is not that good.

And it's not that reliable because anytime you're putting circling you're running broadband over the air like that for a fivemile distance it's not nearly as reliable as having to deal here houses for folks who don't understand is that we do the reign of the woods of the things that annoy exactly it's very affected by the weather rain part of i mean if it does that affect businesses and foreigners yes exactly it's very uh. it affects your ability to i had internet based businesses are all communities specs farmers ability to do marketing research information.

Well i've gotta tell you i mean i hope it will completed beneath the more the symbol for wood progress by the way will see more money going to roll broadbent of course we haven't seen the president of republicans in the office of you know uh. and and it's it's just like any other utility and we invested in this country to bring electricity and telephone service to rural areas and we should do the same thing to bring broadband service could the suburb of selfpride if you from the front of the world affairs in the press computer to.

USDA Rural Development investing in Rural America with Broadband

Music We're here to celebrate a total to Southeast Oklahoma. highspeed internet simulation Well, Pine Telephone, We're a small company, ah, small company with big dreams and shallow pockets. But we really believe in Southeast Oklahoma. Awesome! USDA believes in Rural America. I grew up in Southeast Oklahoma not from here. The obvious observation is progress. Getting to work with the folks that I have has been very meaningful to me because You know we're getting to deliver services to, to individuals, families, businesses, schools, that haven't had those services before and there is quite a reward to that.

These are absolutely life changing investments that we're making that will absolutely change the face of Southeast Oklahoma. Twothirds of which have absolutley no internet access whatsoever. It's these public private partnerships with USDA and our partners like Pine Telephone that allow us to be able to bring these services to Rural America. Just to be able to do business in this climate these days, having, having stable internet or broadband is important to. our winery just for regular everyday business. What we found was that even though those Texans and others that are coming here.

Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh, Microfinance Solar Home Systems Ashden Award Winner

Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh, Microfinance Solar Home Systems Ashden Award Winner,This tutorial can be downloaded here.ashdenawardswinnersgrameen Grameen Shakti won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2006..

Solar Energy Lighting Up Rural Areas Of Cambodia.LEAD IN With lots of sunshine and an underdeveloped electrical grid, Cambodia is well suited to solar power. But overcoming challenges like poverty and a lack..

SELCO India, Affordable Solar Home Systems - Ashden Award Winner.This tutorial can be downloaded here.ashdenawardswinnersselco SELCO won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2005. You can follow..

Rural Electrification Fund - Video Presentation On Solar Home Systems In Cambodia (Khmer.Sub)..

Solar Power In Bangladesh Used To Empower People In Poor, Rural Areas.In Bonn, Germany this week are representatives of the Bangladeshi organization Grameen Shakti, which makes loans and offers technical assistance to allow..

Rural Electrification Fund -- Television Spot On Solar Home Systems For Rural Villages In Cambodia.The Solar Home System provides your house with enough electricity to power some of your electric appliances such as BlackWhite TV, Radio, Lighting or a Fan..

Deng Ltd, Ghana, Solar Electricity For Rural Communities Ashden Award Winner

Deng Ltd, Ghana, Solar Electricity For Rural Communities Ashden Award Winner,This tutorial can be downloaded here.ashdenawardswinnersdeng Deng won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2007. You can follow..

Rural Electrification Fund - Radio Spot On Solar Home Systems For Rural Villages In Cambodia.The Solar Home System provides your house with enough electricity to power some of your electric appliances such as BlackWhite TV, Radio, Lighting or a Fan..

Development Of Portable Solar Power System For Rural Area Application.As we can see now, the earth becomes hot effect of the global warming. Here we can take an advantage from the effect of the global warming. We can use solar..

Solar Energy Home System For Rural Cambodia 'the Banyan Box '.Product presentation of a solar home system. Using solar energy for the base of the piramid in Cambodia. Product and movie made for the company Kamworks..

Changing Lives With Solar Energy In Rural India.Simpa Networks brings light and fans to homes in rural India that are not connected to the energy grid. They use a pay as you go system to make solar energy..

3 Million More Solar Home System In Next Three Years, Part 2..

How To Hook Up Solar Panels (with Battery Bank) - Simple 'detailed' Instructions - DIY Solar System.shows how to hook up solar panels with a battery bank. simple instructions. home solar power station. very easy to put together. all you need is 1 or more..

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