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Solar Home System Price In Mumbai

The battery runs out too quickly there’s no where to charge it and it’s too expensive it’s been a bumpy start for the allelectric car with some survey saying only five percent of drivers are considering switching away from traditional gas guzzlers.

Can the electric car overcome these roadblocks? Buckle up Industrial Revolutions gets behind the wheel Every day a thousand more cars join the congested roads of New Delhi pumping more carbon onto already smoggy streets.

Experts warn india could see an extra 140 million vehicles by 2035 So, could the electric car be the solution? It was specifically designed for lowcost but yet not be a boring vehicle and we have kept the cost under ten thousand dollars.

Launched a year ago Mahindra Reva’s e2o is one of ten electric models on the global market it can travel 100 kilometers on a single charge We keep about 10 kilometres of charge in reserve that the customer cannot automatically use.

When the battery runs out of charge the customer has to contact the control center and control center will release the last ten kilometers and thereby cannot accidentally and get stranded on the road With only five hundred e2o’s sold so far it’s clear there’s a long road ahead to winning over skeptical consumers.

But maybe the future isn’t an electric one? Maybe the answer comes from the sky Meet Stella What makes Stella special is that it’s the world’s first family call on solar energy it’s a car that actually provides energy.

Instead of just using it Students at Eindhoven University built the four seater car to compete in the world solar challenge which they went on to win With it’s aerodynamic shape and lightweight it can travel 400 kilometers.

On a single charge But what happens if the Sun doesn’t shine It’s going to stop Stella when it’s cloudy because we have a really large battery in the car and essentially you can see it as a normal electric car but you have solar panel as range extender.

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