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Solar Home System For Sale Philippines

Solar powered air conditioning

Music playing Narrator Over 50 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions you produce in your home are generated by heating, air conditioning and hot water. In other words keeping your home warm in winter, cool in summer with nice hot water on tap is emitting 2.5 to 5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. It also contributes a hefty amount to your electricity bill, between 50 to 60 percent. CSIRO has invented a new solar air conditioning system for Australian homes. This technology solution will reduce Australia's emissions, reduce your energy.

Bills and reduce our demand for electricity and gas. If every home in Australia installed our solar cooling technology it would be the equivalent of saving 15 mega tonnes of CO2 or taking 3.5 million cars off the road. CSIRO's solar air conditioning is an innovative three in one technology that provides hot water, cooling and heating. It uses only a fraction of the electricity of current systems and halves greenhouse gas emissions. The process begins with a typical solar hot water system. Water is heated by solar panels and stored in the hot water tank.

This solar hot water can then be used throughout the home, reducing the need for gas or electricity. A portion of the hot water is diverted into CSIRO's new solar air conditioning unit, which is divided into two compartments. The hot water enters a heat exchanger in the first compartment of the unit. Similar to a car radiator the heat exchanger uses the hot water to heat outside air that has been drawn into the first compartment through the vent. At the same time outside air is also being drawn into the second compartment into a desiccant wheel.

The desiccant wheel is the most critical part of the system. It is used to dry out the air before it goes into the house. Slowly turning the desiccant material in the wheel continuously absorbs moisture in the second compartment and then the absorbent material dries out in the first compartment. The desiccant material is dried out using the hot dry air generated by the heat exchanger. This air is then exhausted outside the home. The dry air from the desiccant wheel flows through an indirect evaporative cooler which creates a stream of cool dry air.

How The Stock Exchange Works For Dummies

What is the Stock Exchange and how does it work The Stock Exchange is nothing more than a giant globally network tend to organize the market place where every day huge sums of money are moved back and forth. In total over sixty trillion 60,000,000,000,000 Euros a year are traded. More than the value of all goods and services of the entire world economy. However it's not apples or second hand toothbrushes that are traded on this marketplace. But predominantly securities. Securities are rights to assets , mostly in the form of shares.

A share stands for a share in a company. But why are shares traded at all Well, first and foremost the value of a share relates to the company behind it. If you think the value of a company in terms of a pizza. The bigger the overal size of the pizza, the bigger every piece is. If for example Facebook is able to greatly increase its profits with a new buisness model. The size of the companies pizza will also increase, and as a result so will the value of its shares.

This is of course great for the share holders. A share which perhaps used to be 38 euros could now be worth a whole 50 euros. When it's sold this represents a profit of twelve euro per share! But what does Facebook gain from this The company can raise funds by selling the shares and invest or expand it's buisness. Facebook for example has earned sixteen billion dollars from it's listing on the Stock Exchange. The trading of shares though, is frequently a game of chance. No one can say which company will preform well and which will not.

If a company has a good reputation, investors will back it. A company with a poor reputation or poor performance will have difficulty selling its shares. Unlike a normal market in which goods can be touched and taken home on the Stock Exchange only virtual goods are available. They apear in the form of shareprices and tables on monitors. Such shareprices can rise or fall within seconds. Shareholders therefore have to act quickly in order not to miss an opportunity. Even a simple rumor can result in the demand for a share falling fast regardless of the real value of the company.

Of course the opposite is also possible. If a particularly large amount of people buy weak shares. Becouse if they see for example great potential behind an idea. Their value will rise as a result. In particular young companies can benefit from this. Even though their sales might be falling, they can generate cash by placing their shares. In the best case scenario this will result in their idea being turned into reality. In the worst case scenario. this will result in a speculative bubble with nothing more than hot air.

How a Portable Solar Lighting System Works

As we know we get a lot of free things in the world, one of which is solar energy and we should use it to its fullest. SuKam has come up with a new product Solar DC Home Lighting System which is a very unique and easy to carry product. We can charge this product from solar energy. Like you can see, we have a 40 Watt solar panel. All you need to do is connect this with the system and it will be charged. When solar energy is not.

Available, we have an adapter which we can easily use to connect to main to charge. There are two LED bulbs provided with the product. We can easily connect these two bulbs with the system and see. These LED bulbs are of 3 Watt and if we connect one LED to the system, it will give us almost 23 hours of battery backup. You can also connect lot more appliances to the system like DC TV. You can connect a 25 Watt DC TV with this small system and this DC TV will start working. Like you can see the DC TV is switched on. You can also.

Connect a 10 Watt DC fan to this system. There is a symbol of fan on this system. So, we can connect the fan here and start the fan. You can also charge your phone with this.There is a USB port provided here in front of it. So, you can connect it here and charge your phone. Here is also a FM port provided. So, you can connect it to FM and listen to it. As you can see my phone is charging here and you can use this product not only in villages.

New Zealands Solar Decathlon 2011 Sales Audiovisual Presentation

The design of the house is based on the Kiwi bach which is the New Zealand holiday home, it's a traditional house that's found throughout the country. we use the bach to showcase the lifestyle that we have in New Zelaand. The values that we focussed on in designing this house were the social nature of the bach the way that it's a really small dwelling but the whole family, the extended family, piles into the same space and using the spaces flexibly so accommodating more people during the day or at different times of the season.

In order to provide all the hot water needs for the whole house in New Zealand for the whole year The house is designed for an older couple, an eco conscious couple, the house is designed for New Zealand, for New Zealanders The spaces have been deisgned flexibly so we can maximise every sqaure metre of the house. This central space is really the heart of the home it contains the kitchen and the dining room its also the entranc enad exit, so in summer the doors can open tot he north and south.

Adn it really does feel like you're living outdoors. So the kitchen's really compact for two inhabitants we've used energy efficient appliances and compact models as well so we can fit them well into the space. We've used a simple palette of metrials but also durable ones Teh primary function fo the study unit is to visually partition the bedroom off fromt eh rest of the spacea dn the peic eof urniture transforsm into a fully functioning study unit If you're not using th eoffice you can actually foldn the table back up intot he unit and that allows for more space in the living area.

The lounge unit is where we can accomoodate temporay guests for a period time, the seat actually pulls out to become a double bed, and then a wall folds back to show a bunk bed So the house has been designed around eneriovnmentally sustainable principles, first and foremost sustainable materials have been used so the owner can be really confident that this is a really low energy sustainably sourced and built home The switches are located around the house to only use the lighting you need at the time to discourage overuse of lighting in the space.

However we've made it really easy to turn all the lighting off as you go out of the house with a master off switch at the door In this type of house and in New Zealand and in the bach we see home entertianment as a more of a human thing so the primary function of the house is really to encourage social interaction dining round the table, gathering, playing board games. We do have a home enterinament sytem and we've kept it nice and simple, all the qiring goes back to a patch panel int eh shed.

Which means you can move you're home entertainment around so we don't have to have the DVD player next to the TV so it can be in a cupboard, it's concealed from view it's not It's not always out but it's conveniently accessible when needed its inviting form the outside, the canopy draws you into the centre of the space and we've worked hard to create a house that doesn't look like it has a lot of sophisticated technolgy in it, it just goes on behind the scenes and when you're inside you aren't aware of the goings on of the house it just looks after itself.

SP Junior Offgrid Solar Inverter by OPTI SOLAR

Hello Today, I'd like to introduce you to our SP Junior Series of offgrid modified sinewave inverters. These inverters use PV DC power to provide dual DCAC energy. They are ideal solutions for offgrid solar home systems or commercial applications. These allinone inverters combine an inverter with a solar charge controller. Ranging from 300 to 5000W, they come in 12 or 24V with a 50 to 60Hz CPU controlled output frequency. As you can see here, these inverters range from 100 to 240V. The builtin 3stage intelligent charger automatically charges Nicad, GLEAGM, flooded, sealed or wet batteries,.

Without the risk of overcharging. And delivers an output current of up to 30A. This optimizes solar system usage and lenghtens the lifetime of your batteries. These inverters have a very compact formfactor design, making it compact and light weight. These different samples are here to show you the appearance and size of the SP300 SP600 SP 1000 SP 1500 SP 2000, SP 2500, SP 3000 SP 4000 and SP 5000 Let's have a look at the main interface. You can see that the SP300 and 600 have dual AC and DC outputs,.

With a USB port directly on the unit. This is very convenient because sometimes you may want to use them as a mobile solution and directly charge your mobile phone, for example. The other models don't have a USB port on the inverter, so the DC Terminal has to be used to charge DC loads. You can see that the models over 2kW have two builtin AC sockets. All the different inverter include a power switch, a DIP switch to set the type of battery, LED indicators to better control the system status,.

And terminals for the solar input and DC output. Models over 1000W also include a remote control port. On the other side you can see the battery terminals and the automatic cooling fan. Models over 3000W include two fans. For advanced applications with higher capacities, we strongly recommend that you combine anyone of these inverters with one of our PWM or MPPT solar external chargers. For more information about our offgrid SP Junior series of inverters, please visit us at optisolar. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Solar Panels for Home Cost of Solar Panels

You Can Afford Solar Today, solar power is affordable for almost everyone. The fact is, if you can afford to pay your current electric bill, you can afford solar. Declining prices of solar panels together with the availability of a variety of financing options have made solar panel systems affordable for every budget. Your financing options include solar loans, solar leases or PPAs and most don't require you to put any money down upfront. Regardless of how you finance your new solar power system, your monthly loan or lease payment is likely to be less than your current electric bill so you start saving money right away.

Without incurring any upfront costs. And, overtime, as electricity prices continue to rise, your savings will continue to grow. A solar loan is a great way to finance the purchase of your solar system. Solar loans allow you to own your system and maximize your savings and financial returns. You get to take advantage of all rebates and incentives that reduce your purchase price, lower your taxes and in some cases, even provide additional income. These loans may be secured using your property as collateral or unsecured. Loan terms can be anywhere from 7 to 20 years.

With interest rates ranging from 410. Your monthly payments with a solar loan will be lower than a solar lease or PPA, but it may take a little more paperwork and time to apply for one. Solar leases and PPAs, on the other hand, are like renting. The leasing company installs the solar panel system on your roof and sells you the electricity at a price lower than that charged by the utility. The leasing company owns and maintains the system. They allow you to save on your electric bills without actually purchasing the system. These options.

Have monthly payments that are higher than that of a loan, but applying for them takes less time and paperwork. Which is of the two is more suitable option for you depends on your financial goals and objectives. Some criteria you may want to consider while making your decision include Do you want to own or rent your solar panel system How much money do you want to save each month How much paperwork and time do you want to put into getting a loan or lease and do you want your solar panels to increase the value of your home.

Please check out our presentation on comparing solar loans with leases. Now that you understand your options, you'll need to choose the one that's best for you. The EnergySage Marketplace is an excellent starting point. The Marketplace will help you get quotes from multiple prescreened installers and financial companies. It will also provide you with applestoapples comparisons of the financial benefits associated with purchasing the system and financing it with solar loans, solar leases or PPAs. The Marketplace make it easy for you to evaluate each option and choose the one that will best.

Solar Panel Wholesale How to Get your Solar Power System Cheap

Hi injury I'll you're obviously looking for some solar panel wholesale ah look always looking for the same thing solar panel wholesale I look this camp was different brain scan it was different places you can give them different store aisles different shops sigh much information out there the toy ago confused a little bit with the with the solar panel system all sitting up and an actually OS two to three months doing this until I actually found the system with someone actually put it all together told you what to do.

What's hells to get have all come together and how to buy simply walk at your electricity bill because smaller bills three to four hundred dollars a month it's now 0 i cud because of by sickly got this system implemented and walked out my Lexus ago site I thought might sorry box of Fulham hikes before Mike Leigh's Cup with quick tutorials to help other people on the information we failed helped us so much site look you're in the tutorial here there'll be a link sOooo a the myself family if it's not there to Brians.

The description below will take you off to idea you know for over 10 minute tutorial on have the system works and a a and then we'll ask you to look city some solar panel wholesale stood to tube on the system and if you do that implement you walk a your electricity bill a size 32 for grain your on electricity and I'll never have to plan another electricity bill again because most in a coupla box and got you this information that helped us just so you what we needed to do with their all.

Solar Power Philippines 2014

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