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Weekly Russian Words with Katya The Solar System

Hey guys, hello everyone and let's start next session now, Russian weekly words and me, Katyusha. Where is my magic screen and its. solar system solnechnaya sistema First word is. zemlya. It's our globe right This earth, it's where we live, walk on, run and all the kind of things we do on earth. zemlya. . My zhivom na Zemle. We live on earth. Wow it's kind of I feel so tiny right now when we talk about this topic like an ant, you know tiny, tiny ant.

Maybe to the moon luna. It's a nice word, now in Russian luna very, like, luna, so romantic. . Ya vizhu Lunu. I can see the moon through the clouds. Maybe, I am becoming a poet. Next word. mars Mars , very firefighting kind of feeling brings to the conversation. I want to watch a movie about Mars. . Ya khachu pasmatret' fil'm pra Mars. I wonder there is a life on mars. , Interesna, yest' li zhizn' na Marse.

saturn Saturn. The Saturn is a 6th planet that's far from the sun. . Saturn shestaya planeta vdaleke at Sontsa. I wonder if you can repeat the sentence after me in the Russian. Again. . Saturn shestaya planeta vdaleke at Sontsa. And it's not the sun, it's. kameta comet . Oh I can see the comet flying. . Ya vizhu kameta letit. Yeah sometimes we can see like on the sky right. There is something moving like.

Russias Putin praises Crimeas return home in New Year address

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in his televised New Year's address that the return home of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula to Moscow control is an important chapter for Russia. Love for one's motherland is one of the most powerful and uplifting feelings. It manifested itself in full in the brotherly support to the people of Crimea and Sevastopol, when they resolutely decided to return home. This event will remain a very important epoch in domestic history forever. His controversial statement is likely to strike a chord in both the East and West, with some.

Weekly Russian Words with Katya Home Tools

Hi everyone, nice to see you again and it's me Katyusha with Russian weekly words. How exciting! Now let's have a look what kind of topic we are going to have today. A special day for special topic and it's going to be if I can touch the screen home tools. Wow! Home tools ! Damashniye instrumenty. Do you have any home tools U tebya yest' damashniye instrumenty Maybe you can just knock on your neighbor's door and say. U tebya yest' damashniye instrumenty.

Give me home tools, calm down! The first word is screw vint. If it's a big one, big screw , it's vint. And if it's a small screw , it's vintik. . Mne ne khvatayet vintika. I am missing the screw. Next word. malatok hammer. malatok. Okay, don't mix it with milk because it's a bit similar. It sounds like malako, but we are talking about the hammer malatok. Where did I put my hammer Kuda ya palazhyla malatok .if it's a girl or.

Kuda ya palazhyl malatok if it's a boy. Okay. pila saw , pila. You know the horror movie, right So in Russian, it's called pila, just in case you want to watch it in Russian too, okay . Fchera ya smatrela fil'm Pila. Yesterday I saw a movie Saw. Yeah, I saw Saw. Next word is. uraven level , uraven. Well if you are interior designer or any constructor company employer you need to know I mean you basically.

You obviously know that you need a level, right I need level to put my picture frame. . Mne nuzhen uraven' pavesit' fotakartinu. Because you know you want it to be straight right. So it's better to have level with you. . Ispol'zuyte uraven'. Use level. Next word is. yashchik s instrumentami toolbox. Toolbox. but in Russian it's a bit opposite. It's a box with tools. So, the box is yashchik, with s, instrumentami tools. Okay, good! It's a bit long but I am sure you can say it right.

Maps That Prove You Dont Really Know Earth

Maps that will make you realize you know nothing about the Earth. This is the world, according to the Mercator map projection. You see this map everywhere, but did you know that it's a total lie! Because the Earth is a sphere, there is no way to show it perfectly on a flat map. So, all maps are distorted. Here is how countries actually compare. You might think North America looking like nothing compared to Russia, but in reality Russia is only about 2.1 times larger than the continental US. Canada here is all wrong.

First of all, it's way too big. Canada is actually only about 1.2 times the size of the US. Secondly, Canada is shaped more like this. The United States vs Canada. What The UK actually looks like this and Madagascar actually looks more like this. And here's what they look like compared to the United States. Greenland and Africa look roughly the same size, but in reality this is how they compare. Africa is almost 14 times larger. In fact, Africa is larger than a lot of places. You know that huge sheet of ice at the bottom of the map.

Los Alamos Discovers Super Efficient Solar Using Perovskite Crystals

Aditya Mohite Our group focuses on converting solar energy into electricity. And we're working on a class of solar cells which are referred to as third generation solar cells. The goal of our project was, how do we take these materials and control their crystalline properties, crystalline size, and get them to a point which are comparable to what is used in daytoday semiconductor industry like gallium arsenide or silicon. We're not there yet, silicon is the holy grail, but one of the biggest advantages of this material, at least from what we've begun to discover, is that you can make very high.

Quality crystals off this material which are large area, they are single crystalline, and they have properties which are at par with silicon or gallium arsenide. There's a lot of work that needs to be done in the engineering aspect of things, in terms of the stability you're trying to get, the right electrical contacts for them to perform at par with silicon, but I would say that this is something which will be achieved in the coming years. Wanyi Nie So, we developed a new technique, it's called the hot casting process, where we keep.

Our substrate hot and solution hot and do the spincoating at elevated temperature and at the same time the film color will be converted from light yellow to dark brown which means we're forming a highquality crystalline grain, and if we look at it under the microscope we are able to achieve up to millimeter scale large crystal grains. Normally for the crystals to grow usually require high temperature or sophisticated processing, but this method is kind of low temperature and easy solution processing. Mohite There has always beena lot of defects and disorder and multiple interfaces.

That has plagued efficiencies, and so by growing these crystals of highquality you have sort of circumvented that problem and solved an important bottleneck which has existed in this field of nanomaterial, solutionbased solar cells, third generation solar cells. Solar energy is trying to tap into the unlimited amount of solar energy that falls on Earth and that's basically free, and if you can harvest that at a very, very low cost, much cheaper that what is used, by burning coal for example, and fossil fuels, then that gives us a route to really be completely energy.

Are these solar cars the future of motor racing

Twenty futuristic solar cars have been put on display in Chile, as participants from around the world prepared to race through the Atacama Desert. The cars, shown off on Wednesday, are either completely solarpowered or hybrids that use both solar and humanpower, which allows the racers to give an extra push by pedalling from inside the cockpit. The sleek designs were on exhibit in downtown Santiago in front of Chile's presidential palace, where drivers and passersby checked out the unique designs ahead of the competition. Teams from around the world took to Chile to take part in the race with the hopes of.

Weekly Russian Words with Katya Jobs

Hello again and it's me Katyusha with you for Russian weekly words and to learn some words in Russian. So I hope you are excited and I wonder what's our topic and theme is going to be about today. So let's have a look and as always. jobs rabota What kind of job can you do There are so many, oh my god. So the first job is. injener engineer. Okay, engineer, you know what's engineer is. So, injener which is very similar in pronunciation. . Moy papa rabotayet inzhenerom. My father is an engineer.

In English, it's kind of similar because you just say is which specifies what kind of job person does but in Russian, you have to say work. So, what exactly he does, what work he does. So, it's rabotayet. So, the next job is. medsestra. It's a nurse. Literally, sestra is a sister. It's interesting that we say sister and brother actually. In hospitals, there are sisters and brothers like medical sisters and medical brothers. For women, you say medsestra and for guys, you say medbrat. Funny!.

My sister is a nurse. . Maya sestra rabotayet medsestroy. programmist programmer. There are many good programmers in Russia. I would like to be a programmer. . Ya khatel by byt' pragrammistam. For girls or for guys it doesn't matter, it's always programmist. professor professor. Would you like to be a professor Ty khatel by byt' prafesaram professor and professor are very similar so easy to remember for you. Next word is. damakhazyayka housewife.

It's interesting that I use it as a job. I guess it's pretty hard job too. So. damakhazyayka. I would never think I could be a housewife. , . Nikogda by ne podumala, chto ya mogu byt' domokhozyaykoy To me, I am not sure, I would rather choose something else more exciting maybe involving meeting other people like you, you and you and you and you watching me. This is the end to our topic today. That was jobs and so I hope next time, we will also talk some about.

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