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Solar Home Lighting System Subsidy

Energy 101 Concentrating Solar Power

Bjbj Take the natural heat from the sun, reflect it against a mirror, focus all of that heat on one area, send it through a power system, and you've got a renewable way of making electricity. It's called concentrating solar power, or CSP. Now, there are many types of CSP technologies. Towers, dishes, linear mirrors, and troughs. Have a look at this parabolic trough system. Parabolic troughs are large mirrors shaped like a giant U. These troughs are connected together in long lines and will track the sun throughout the day. When the sun's heat.

Is reflected off the mirror, the curved shape sends most of that reflected heat onto a receiver. The receiver tube is filled a fluid. It could be oil, molten salt something that holds the heat well. Basically, this super hot liquid heats water in this thing called a heat exchanger and the water turns to steam. The steam is sent off to a turbine, and from there, it's business as usual inside a power plant. A steam turbine spins a generator and the generator makes electricity. Once the fluid transfers it heat, it's recycled and used over and over.

And the steam is also cooled, condensed and recycled again and again. One big advantage of these trough systems is that the heated fluid can be stored and used later to keep making electricity when the sun isn't shining. Sunny skies and hot temperatures make the southwest U.S. an ideal place for these kinds of power plants. Many concentrated solar power plants could be built within the next several years. And a single plant can generate 250 megawatts or more, which is enough to power about 90,000 homes. That's a lot of electricity.

Clark Baxter Sustainable Design Corp New Website Intro

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your home less of a burden on the environment Making changes to you home lasting and safer for your family Its as easy as scheduling a free sustainable design review from Sustainable Design Corp. They'll review your home in an informative session, give recommendations for green sustainable design opportunities. Your family spends 50 of its time at home and its your largest investment. Sustainable Design they're experts in sustainable and will make you eligible for tax benefits, energy effeciaent mortgages You'll also be in compliance with all of California's new green codes beginning January 2011. Before you buy a home or make that.

How The Stock Exchange Works For Dummies

What is the Stock Exchange and how does it work The Stock Exchange is nothing more than a giant globally network tend to organize the market place where every day huge sums of money are moved back and forth. In total over sixty trillion 60,000,000,000,000 Euros a year are traded. More than the value of all goods and services of the entire world economy. However it's not apples or second hand toothbrushes that are traded on this marketplace. But predominantly securities. Securities are rights to assets , mostly in the form of shares.

A share stands for a share in a company. But why are shares traded at all Well, first and foremost the value of a share relates to the company behind it. If you think the value of a company in terms of a pizza. The bigger the overal size of the pizza, the bigger every piece is. If for example Facebook is able to greatly increase its profits with a new buisness model. The size of the companies pizza will also increase, and as a result so will the value of its shares.

This is of course great for the share holders. A share which perhaps used to be 38 euros could now be worth a whole 50 euros. When it's sold this represents a profit of twelve euro per share! But what does Facebook gain from this The company can raise funds by selling the shares and invest or expand it's buisness. Facebook for example has earned sixteen billion dollars from it's listing on the Stock Exchange. The trading of shares though, is frequently a game of chance. No one can say which company will preform well and which will not.

If a company has a good reputation, investors will back it. A company with a poor reputation or poor performance will have difficulty selling its shares. Unlike a normal market in which goods can be touched and taken home on the Stock Exchange only virtual goods are available. They apear in the form of shareprices and tables on monitors. Such shareprices can rise or fall within seconds. Shareholders therefore have to act quickly in order not to miss an opportunity. Even a simple rumor can result in the demand for a share falling fast regardless of the real value of the company.

Of course the opposite is also possible. If a particularly large amount of people buy weak shares. Becouse if they see for example great potential behind an idea. Their value will rise as a result. In particular young companies can benefit from this. Even though their sales might be falling, they can generate cash by placing their shares. In the best case scenario this will result in their idea being turned into reality. In the worst case scenario. this will result in a speculative bubble with nothing more than hot air.

Sustainable Energy Projects Risk Assessment

In 2008, there were 2,600 Ontario companies in the environment sector broadly representing $7 billion in revenue and 65,000 jobs. But only 100 or so of these companies are currently developing madeinOntario proprietary intellectual property and patented innovations. Principal investigator Salemi's projects in remote sensing for energy usage and sustainable energy technologies, which will help advance small and mediumsized businesses and the college's research capacity, are an undeniably hot area for R and D these days. The opportunity comes down to saving energy and costs for businesses and homeowners, and reducing our.

Dependency on a finite resource fossil fuels. This sectoral demand, along with Ontario public policy, the new Green Energy Act, helped convince the college's Office of Applied Research and Innovation to allocate several rounds of seed funding to Salemi's projects in mechanical engineering technology. Leo Salemi We're at the Kortright Centre where we're looking at one of the research projects we're working on, on solar energy and you see behind me, we have the solar panels and this is basically where we started our research and from this point onward we just.



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