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Solar Home Inverter India

Brainy Eco Priority to solar for charging

SuKam Brainy Eco Solar Home UPS is connected to SuKam 150 Amp tubular battery. It has an inbuilt 30 Amp solar charge controller. We will test the grid charging and solar charging sharing features. We have used DC source for solar panel. At this time, the system is connected to grid and solar. It is receiving 18 amp current from solar which is being used for battery charging. At this time, there is no current used from the grid. Now we will reduce the solar current. At this time, we have set the grid charging in the system to 15 amp.

Now you can see, the current received through solar is 13 amp and the battery is receiving 14.6 amp. Now we will reduce the current of solar. We are receiving 10 amp through solar and the battery is receiving 15 amp. Since grid charging setting is 15 amp, that's why battery charging requires 15 amp. The balance charging amp is received by the system through the grid. This proves that Brainy Eco UPS has solar as priority and due to this, the first priority is given to solar and when the solar current is less, only then it will.

SP Junior Offgrid Solar Inverter by OPTI SOLAR

Hello Today, I'd like to introduce you to our SP Junior Series of offgrid modified sinewave inverters. These inverters use PV DC power to provide dual DCAC energy. They are ideal solutions for offgrid solar home systems or commercial applications. These allinone inverters combine an inverter with a solar charge controller. Ranging from 300 to 5000W, they come in 12 or 24V with a 50 to 60Hz CPU controlled output frequency. As you can see here, these inverters range from 100 to 240V. The builtin 3stage intelligent charger automatically charges Nicad, GLEAGM, flooded, sealed or wet batteries,.

Without the risk of overcharging. And delivers an output current of up to 30A. This optimizes solar system usage and lenghtens the lifetime of your batteries. These inverters have a very compact formfactor design, making it compact and light weight. These different samples are here to show you the appearance and size of the SP300 SP600 SP 1000 SP 1500 SP 2000, SP 2500, SP 3000 SP 4000 and SP 5000 Let's have a look at the main interface. You can see that the SP300 and 600 have dual AC and DC outputs,.

With a USB port directly on the unit. This is very convenient because sometimes you may want to use them as a mobile solution and directly charge your mobile phone, for example. The other models don't have a USB port on the inverter, so the DC Terminal has to be used to charge DC loads. You can see that the models over 2kW have two builtin AC sockets. All the different inverter include a power switch, a DIP switch to set the type of battery, LED indicators to better control the system status,.

And terminals for the solar input and DC output. Models over 1000W also include a remote control port. On the other side you can see the battery terminals and the automatic cooling fan. Models over 3000W include two fans. For advanced applications with higher capacities, we strongly recommend that you combine anyone of these inverters with one of our PWM or MPPT solar external chargers. For more information about our offgrid SP Junior series of inverters, please visit us at optisolar. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

SP Series HybridOffgrid Solar Inverter by OPTI SOLAR

Hello, today I'd like to introduce you to OPTISolar's SP Series Inverters. This SP Series Inverter right here safely and efficiently converts DC power sources into AC power feeds. It's great for offgrid residential, commercial and industrial configurations, as well as hybrid configurations thanks to its AC input. The only difference is it doesn't plug into the grid. SP Series range from 1.2 to 11kVA for the wall mounted version here, and 1.2 to 3.6kVA for rack mounted versions. These inverters continuously provide up to 11KW with a nominal input voltage of 120 or 230Vac and 24 or 48Vdc for systems over 5,000W.

This powerful and highly efficient inverter delivers a pure sine wave. This means you will have a clean and reliable energy source to power even your most sensitive equipment. This low frequency inverter is equipped with an iron core transformer to step up the voltage and compared to high frequency transformerless inverter types, this SP Series inverters can deliver higher voltages and has a greater surge capacity. Thanks to the unsurpassed charging current of the AC charger, you can charge bigger batteries of 600Ah and higher, and also change the settings of the charger.

This allinone inverter also has a 40A solar charger. You can use it to create different configurations thanks to its dual AC and DC input sources. Plus, you can set all source of ACDC priority logics and also others settings with this configurable inverter. Its system control panel including LCD display, LED indicators and control buttons is used to configure your SP Inverter, set and display advanced features, and also provide diagnostic information, all in one place. This makes it easier for you to monitor and control the system. Right here you can see battery terminals for all types of lead acid batteries, the terminal.

Block for AC input and output, the breaker, the solar input and the communication interface. This system offers many communication options, including RS232, SNMP and USB connections. You can also collect and analyse all your data with our builtin software. Plus, a Generator Card is available, which enables you to easily connect your generator to the inverter. For advanced applications with higher capacities, we strongly recommend that you try one of our PWM or MPPT solar external chargers. For more information on the SP Series inverters or any of our other products, please go to.

Installing Solar Panels

Photo voltaic cells are an important focus of our retrofit. The photo voltaic or PV Cells are destined for the garage roof. There is enough space there to accommodate the 1.2 kW array. Current government rebates apply to the installation of the array but rebates are subject to change so you will need to check if you qualify. The panels are mounted on aluminium frames. This is vital to ensure that they are set to the correct angle. In this location it's around 7 degrees. When it is finished we are hoping to generate about 7kwh per day which goes back into the.

Grid. It may even give us some return. The panels are interconnected and the electricity fed through to an inverter. The PV Cells have a life expectancy of more than 25 years and they are virtually maintenance free so you can be assured of getting a good return on your investment. Installing a 1.2 kW array of photovoltaic cells and connecting into the grid is a relatively simple exercise. The finished array looks very neat and in these conditions will be paying its way in no time. Ok, there it is, the photovoltaic's are installed on the roof. They are wired into here, this.

Brainy Eco Automatic Bypass feature Test

SuKam Brainy Eco solar home UPS 1100. There is a feature included in this which is called automatic bypass. In this feature, if there is an internal issue in UPS, then it will bypass the mains and load will work without any hindrance. Right now we will demonstrate this. We have connected a 150 H SuKam concurrent tubular battery. Now we will remove the positive wire of the battery to create fault. Let's see what changes take place, whether the load runs or not. As we can see that the positive wire of the battery has been removed but the.

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