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Solar Home Builders Utah

I want to give you just a brief overview ofwhat is the solar decathlon so it kind of gives you an idea of the type of things thathad to be on our mind as we were starting to work as a team and putting together allof our design ideas. Here you can see this is actually a competition that’s a departmentof energy sponsored event. And this was actually the 5th time, the 2011 event was the fifthtime that this event has been held. And they actually set you up as a village so they select20 teams from around the world to actually be able to build the homes, bring them overand set them up as part of the village for the competition. And these teams are comingfrom China, Germany, we had a team from Belgium.

So it’s truly an international competitionthat all these technologies and ideas and culture are all being brought into the samecompetition. A couple of the pieces that you can see here are just kind of this idea ofthe neighborhood, which I think, you know we were speaking a little earlier about thisidea of being able to walk through what is a solar or energy efficient neighborhood looklike and the opportunity to see 20 different varieties of what that is I think is a reallyimportant piece of the competition. We are actually just closing in, 2 weeks from I thinkthis time period, the 2013 competition will be opening out in California so this is anexciting point for us to be able to see what

the next group behind us will have accomplishedwith the competition. So these are the areas that we actually we pursing and so it’s atrue decathlon 10 competitions. You can see it’s a pretty wide spectrum of thingsthat we needed to achieve. It wasn’t simply the architecture of the building or the engineering,but actually also how well can communication that; how affordable is this product to thepublic. So being able to actually share each of these as individual components, as wholesystems, as a whole building and then also how we share that with others made for a reallyinteresting team make up that we had 10 disciplines from across campus. All the way from architectureand engineering that were expected in that.

We had business students, we had graphic designers,we had culinary students. We actually, as part of going through this process, you’reactually demonstrating daily life in the house. You’re doing loads of laundry, you’re simulatingshowers, you’re cooking dinner parties and we actually had to host our competitors inour home and they got to judge us. But it was how much energy are you using on yourmeal? How did it feel as a human being in that environment enjoying that meal togetherwas it comfortable or not? So a lot of the pieces that James is thinking about aboutlessons learned with lighting and the color that are actually important to that experiencewithin the space. Here’s a little bit of a

makeup of our team. You can see the wide varietyof kind of where all of these groups were coming from. I think to me it was a littlebit unexpected to see we knew we needed graphic designers, but when we actually got down toit, having a team that included 28 graphic designers was something that I had not anticipated,but they made wonderful things like this image to help us convey our story. I think werea great part of helping make us successful. When we looked at what were, as a team, weall got together, all of the disciplines, and we sat in a room, and we wanted to knowwhat is important to the team. What are the things that we want to keep in mind as wepursue this design. And so you see here six

concepts that we set out as being, these areour goals. These are the things that we want to achieve. So having the transparency inthe views and obviously harvesting the sun’s energy, which is kind of the point of thecompetition. Leaving a small footprint. Having space that transforms, which allows us toremain a compact unit. And then having the ability to control your view and your ventilation.One of the other pieces that we wanted to keep in mind is actually Tennessee as an inspirationfor our team and our design. Where do we come from and why does that matter? So we wereable to look as far back as cantilever barn as a structure. There were reasons behindhow all of that structure were built. You

Insane Futuristic Man Cave The Skysphere

Si combinas una casa en el árbolcon la ingeniería mecánica, puede pasar algo asombroso. Hoy estoy en Palmerston North(Nueva Zelandia) con Jono Williams quien hizo un refugio de alta tecnologíaque parece haber venido del futuro. Viviendo a lo grandeen una casa chica ¡Hola, Jono! ¿Cómo te ha ido? Estoy sin palabras. ¡Es una estructura impresionante! Creo que sí.

¿Cómo se te ocurrió crear algo así? Honestamente, no sé dedónde saqué la idea. Simplemente estaba sentado ytuve esta idea, una visión y sólo la hice. Hice un modelo en lacomputadora y lo construí. Construí una casa en unárbol hace como 5 años y me divertí mucho haciéndola. Usé muchos materiales reciclados.

Al terminar ese proyecto quisehacer algo nuevo, más grande. Empecé a hacer modelos en la computadora. Comencé a comprar los materiales. y comencé a construirla. ¿Cómo construyes algo así?¿Por dónde empiezas? Básicamente busquéinformación por Internet. Estudié cómo hacer los cimientos. Ni siquiera sabía hacer soldaduras.

Tuve que hacer un curso alcomprar los materiales. Las cosas fueronhaciéndose poco a poco. ¿De qué está hecha la estructura? Acero de 8 mm de espesor. Puede soportar terremotos de 8,5grados y vientos de 200 kmh. Supongo que necesitas hacer una estructura muy fuerte. para construir algo tan altoen la cima de una montaña. ¿Cómo hiciste para fijarla al suelo?

Hice una base de concreto de50 toneladas bajo el suelo. Es como un contrapesoque la mantiene de pie. ¿Para qué es ese agujero? Es un lector de huellas digitales. Sólo te acercas y metes el dedo. Al reconocerte dice tu nombre. Puedo programarle las huellasde hasta 250 personas. Estoy ansioso por verlo por dentro. ¿Podemos entrar? Por supuesto.

¡Dios mío! ¡Esto es de otro mundo! Es absolutamente espectacular ¿Qué te inspiró a crearun lugar como éste? No lo sé. sólo quería un sitio dondepasar la noche y echarme en el sofá Dime algunas cosas quehayas incorporado aquí Las luces son controladaspor mi teléfono. El dispensador de cerveza tambiénlo controlo por teléfono.

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