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Solar Generator The Blaze

Solar power to go! Science Nation

MUSIC MILES O'BRIEN Fill 'er up with sunlight More energy from our sun hits the earth in an hour than is consumed on the planet in a whole year! But the burning question is how can we put all that sunshine to work making usable fuel JANE DAVIDSON And in that one spot, we have the equivalent of 3,000 suns. So we're able to get exceedingly high temperatures. MILES O'BRIEN With support from the National Science Foundation's Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation Chemical Engineer Sossina Haile at Caltech and Mechanical.

Engineer Jane Davidson at the University of Minnesota, are working to expand the nation's renewable energy storage capacity. Their mission put the heat of the sun to work creating replenishable fuels that don't need to be drilled out of the ground. SOSSINA HAILE And, what we're doing is collecting enough sunlight to create high temperatures. So collect a lot, to get a lot of heat, and then use that to drive chemical reactions. Breaking apart the water molecule or the carbon dioxide molecule in order to make a fuel like hydrogen.

Or carbon monoxide. JANE DAVIDSON There are seven concentrators. And, right in the middle of each one of those is a 7,000watt light bulb. MILES O'BRIEN This is an indoor solar simulator, and it can crank out the rays. Davidson and her team gave us a demo, dialing it up to more than 1500 degrees Celsius burning a hole in this brick. Experiments like this are helping Davidson and Haile figure out how to harness real sunlight to make synthetic fuels. JANE DAVIDSON The smoke coming off uhthere's already a hole,.

Coming, melting out the front. That was a success yup. MILES O'BRIEN They call it sungas, and it's tankready. JANE DAVIDSON One of the real advantages of solar fuels is that it still powers the same cars that we drive today. You can use it for long distance trucks. You can make fuels for airplanes. You pull up to the gas station and you can get exactly the same product, but made from sunlight, water and CO2. MILES O'BRIEN Sun stations on the corner are years away. Engineers are still working to improve the efficiency of the.

Process. But, the catalyst used to split water and CO2 is an inexpensive metal oxide called Ceria. It can create fuels for cars, power plants, even your laptop. SOSSINA HAILE I like to say that I'm fuel agnostic. laughs So, if you are a technologist that would like to have hydrogen, we can make hydrogen. If you'd like to have syngas, which is the precursor to liquid fuels, which is a mixture of hydrogen and CO, we can also deliver that. We'll deliver whatever fuel you need using sunlight as the input.


Today germany produces one third of its entire energy using solar and wind. so lets explore how the solar fan works. this is the solar propeller and this is a small toy motor and now you affix this plastic fan to the axle of the motor. there are two leads coming out of this toy motor. these are attached to two screws and the motor is mounted on a wooden stand. the propeller must rotate freely. this is the solar panel. this is the underside of the solar panel from where the two leads are coming out and are attached to two crocodile.

Minecraft Solar panel factory with Tekkit 1 second per panel

Hello, I am G5 and I want to show you my solar panel factory design I've made with Tekkit I've seen number of different design on the you tube however most of them use Build Craft pipes while i prefer RedPower and have some complicated timing and controll this factory provides solar panel every second uh. here you go and it takes about 8 minutes to get enough for one HV solar array uh. abd. the factory have three sections that craft components at different timings a green crafts circuits.

Red craft most of the rest while yellow wires every six seconds to synchronize factory sections I use counters I have small example here that shows how it works and here you see timer connected to counter counter's maximum count is set to the same value as the decrement and it's max count side connected to decrement so when I turn it on you can see that the output ticks every 3rd timer tick to prevent unwanted pipe connections and to be able to make more compact design I use covers.


During winters we wear dark clothes because they absorb a lot more heat. to do this experiment take two aluminium cans. one colored black and the other should be shiny aluminium. now fill both the cans with same amount of water. fill both the cans to the to. then take two thermometers and place one in each can and measure initial temperature of the water. then keep these cans in the sun outside for almost 3 hours. after 3 hours you will be surprised that the temperature of the black can would have risen by 6.5 degrees. which.

TJ4200 Gravity Inlet Produces Uniform Air Distribution

Let's begin with a closer look at what is perhaps our most revolutionary new product, the TopJet TJ4200 Attic Inlet. The metal roof and the attic of a poultry house act as a giant solar collector. Attic temperatures range between five and 30 degrees above outside air. This is basically a free source of heat, that until now was wasted energy. With a TopJet Attic Inlet, you can tap into this abundant source of free heat and distribute it throughout your facility. The TopJet is specifically designed to work with a poultry house's minimum ventilation fans,.

To collect this valuable source of heat. When the fans turn on, the attic inlets open. The drier, warmer attic air is distributed evenly in four directions, thus minimizing harmful drafts. When the ventilation fans shutoff, the counterweight ceiling inlet firmly closes, keeping the hot air from leaving the house. During the warmer times of the year, when supplemental heat is not needed, the TJ4200 TopJet Inlet can easily be locked closed. It's a snap to put the TopJet TJ4200 Attic Inlet together and installation is simple. In order to maximize the function of the inlets,.

Double L provides installation guidelines as to the number of inlets needed and optimal spacing for your particular application. The TopJet Attic Inlet is a breakthrough in poultry ventilation. While a typical poultry house without attic ventilation pulls in outside air using conventional sidewall inlets, a house with a TopJet Attic Inlet also pulls in the free solar heated air from the attic and distributes this warmer air throughout the house. The Results. less humidity this means drier litter and substantially reduced heating costs. In short, the TopJet Attic Inlet saves you money.

And increases productivity. It's the most efficient way to heat a chicken house I have ever seen in my life and it makes sense. I understood it immediately when I saw it. All the heat is in the attic. We are paying a fortune to insulate the attic of our poultry houses to keep the heat out of the chicken house and we don't use it to actually heat the chicken house. Well, with the ceiling inlets you're bringing the heat from the attic, not the outside. So, you got this heat that is 20 degrees warmer.

Than your 30 degrees outside temperature. So, you're bringing in a 50degree heat, which is drier than your 30degree humid outside temperature and there is not a grower in the world that doesn't go into a poultry house and hear their sidewall inlets open and every brooder and furnace they've got cut on and absolutely make you physically sick. I am really, really, extremely excited about the TJ4200 TopJet Attic Inlets. I have used them for a year on previous houses and we have had tremendous fuel savings. You are bringing in drier, warmer air.

Regency EPA Wood Stove Burning No Smoke, Auber Digital Thermometer

So if you look at that, there's no smoke coming out, and this is because we have an EPA wood stove. We'll go in and take a look here, see what kind of fire we've got in there. There's a kitty. So, you can see, we've got a fire in here that's burning away, and it's reburning it's own smoke. You can see the smoke coming out and burning. The fire's at 375, so that's a fairly decent warm fire with no smoke. You can see the air is turned down partly,.


You can make a very lovely hovercraft using a throw away CD. you would require an old CD, some rubber glue, a balloon, a rubber band, an old sketch pen and a rubber disc. remove the lid and the tip from an old sketch pen. remove the end cap and cartridge inside. now with the needle make a hole in the cap of the sketch pen. this is the front view and this is the back view. now take this cap in the rubber disc. push the cap slightly inside. now take an old computer CD and on the back side apply some rubber adhesive and.

Let it dry for some time. then take this rubber disc and stick it right in the middle. this is the back view, you can see the hole in the middle. now take the sketch pen and attach a balloon to it tightly with a rubber band. now this will be the assembly. you can insert the pen like this, but the balloon is not inflated. inflate the balloon and put the sketch pen back. now this air will escape from small orifice and the CD will swim on the pushing of air. this is the principle on which a hovercraft works. place it on a.

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