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Solar Generator Prepper

SunZilla A DIY SolarPowered Generator To Go

SunZilla is a portable solar generator designed to replace conventional diesel generators in remote areas or outdoor events it travels in a box and the solar panels just unfold like a flower but it's even more it's an open source framework which allows you to develop your own modules We put all the different functions like inverting from DC to AC, for example we put them in standardized boxes which can be just plugandplayed to each other All the plans are open and you know exactly what you have to do.

To make a module which fits to our system and you can even adapt the code to make it perfect to your needs It's tackling 2 problems The social problem is that there's lots of people in the world that don't have access to energy you don't have to bring a whole grid to them but you can just bring SunZilla Of course, the environmental impact is there's less use of fossil fuel the diesel generator emits noise and air pollution and SunZilla does not in the bigger picture it's about making people independent again.

From big power suppliers we want to create grids from the bottom and not from the top of course, I could go to a big company as an engineer, I would earn a lot of money but this is not what I want I want to leave my footprint a positive footprint in the world and use the time I have in my life to do something great and make the world a bit more sustainable I was always looking for a project or something where I can put my energy in.

Which will provide a benefit to the environment or to people, in general, in the world for me, it feels very selffulfilling to know that we work as a group and we are deciding on what we do and why we do it You feel connected to a bigger community of people who try really hard to work on this issue it feels like, okay, we are going in this direction and maybe we'll arrive there and could contribute something to it, too life is about learning and with such a project.

Awesome Preppers Aquaponics Homestead 3

Here is the main greenhouse and another view, you can see across the property this greenhouse is a work in progress as well but well along. It has only been in operation about eight months It has a back water wall for thermal storage nice windows for the greenhouse, and he's growing carrots, tomatoes, and again this is starting up in powered by those little babies ltfishgt right now Here's a fig tree that he just took a cutting branch and stuck it in and it started. And that was less than 8 months ago.

DIY Emergency Fire Starter Char Cloth

Before the discovery of matches and other modern conveniences, fires had to be started in more primitive ways. Like rubbing sticks together, or burning wood with a magnifying glass. But anyone who's tried these methods know it's extremely hard work to make a fire, especially in an emergency situation. Luckily, there's a way to cheat, and it's called Char Cloth. To get started on this project, I'll sacrifice one of my little boys shirts, and a can of tuna. This shirt is 100 cotton, and that's what we need, so now we can focus prepping.

This can. I'll grab my wife's can opener and a small screwdriver and get to work on removing the lid. The lid lifter cuts sideways, and removes the top portion of the lid just below the rim, and that's perfect because we'll want it to fit back together later on. Ok, the tuna comes out, and after a little cleaning, our char cloth maker is nearly complete. Let's cut off about 4 pieces of shirt and lay them on the lid, then the bottom of the can fits over top. To finish, we can punch a small hole in the top with this screwdriver to act.

As a vent hole. To char this cloth properly, we'll need to heat this up over 400 degrees Celsius, and that can be done with the Solar Scorcher. It's about 7pm and the sun has nearly set. I've found the focal point and am happy to see there's still plenty of heat. The little flame shows that the cotton is charing and releasing hydrogen and methane gasses through the hole in the top. Alright, the flame just went out, so that means it's done, and we'll need to carefully cover the hole with some aluminum foil to.

Prevent air from leaking in and causing a flashback. Now that it's cooled down, we can remove the foil and the cover to see how our cloth turned out. It's completely black. Totally charred, but not burned, and that's just what we needed. The fabric's still pliable, but is now extremely sensitive to heat. Just a few seconds with the sun and a water bottle, and we can easily make a fire! Your water bottle can also be used to make a fire without the char cloth but it takes a lot longer, and is much more difficult. Ok, so it's the next day and I'm making another.

Batch, this time with an open flame! This method works super well and only takes about 2 minutes to cook all the gasses out of the fabric. When it's cooled down and the foil is off, i'm really impressed at how much the fabric has shrunk from the original size. Now I'm wondering if cotton balls will work, so my little boy is helping load a batch, and after 2 minutes in the fire they're all done. They're looking great and I'm interested to see how they'll compare to the cotton fabric. To test the quality, let's brush the side.

With a flame, and blow gently to see if it glows. Success! This fabric ignites amazingly fast, and burns impressively slowly. From this point, all it takes to get a flame is to add something flammable, like this paper, and blow. Haha FIRE! These charred cotton balls work so well, and are so cheap and accessible, that I think from now on I'm going to use them exclusively in my Fire Piston. You can see how to build this in a different tutorial. I also tried making Char Cloth using another fabric and a mint tin, a glass baby food jar,.

Concept Green SPS1220W Solar Powered Generator with 2x10W Solar Panels

SPS1220W Hey guys, I'm Shanley and today I'm going to show you this Concept Green Solar Powered generator. This generator converts solar energy to acdc voltage and usb outputs with easy setup and maintenance it just has a plug and play operation. It has 3 usb ports built in and the charging times are 9 hours for solar panels, 2.5 hours for household voltageor 110 volts ac and 2.5 for car voltage or 12 v dc. The LED indicators on the system let you know what the power or charge of the unit is and.

FYI Kohler Generator Basics

Hi this is Josh Roelofs with FYI, an informational tutorial series from Wholesale Solar. Today we're going to talk about Kohler generator basics. Wholesale Solar is an authorized Kohler generator distributor, and our experienced, factorytrained technicians can help recommend a generator for your application. Kohler generators are industry renowned for their durability and reliability and we have a wide range of models and sizes in stock for almost any purpose. There are two main applications for a generator. The first is providing standby power for a home during a power outage, and second is providing power for an offgrid home.

Most people experience power outages due to thunderstorms, severe winter weather, earthquakes, and other factors. And these outages can severely affect your home and family. A Kohler home standby generator assures that you can weather the storm. Generators are also used in offgrid power systems mainly to supplement solar power during prolonged periods of overcast weather. They can also be used offgrid as a backup power source in case of equipment maintenance or failure. While some people will operate their offgrid home entirely on a generator, over time the cost of fuel can add up, and for that reason we recommend a solar power.

System with generator backup. A Kohler home generator is the ideal choice for seamless backup power. Home generators are professionally installed by your electrician, and they're permanently mounted outside on a pad and wired into your home electrical system. A home generator's going to start and stop automatically when needed to provide power for your home during an outage Home generators operate on either natural gas or propane fuels. They can work in conjunction with battery backup and solar electric systems. Portable generators are also designed for standby backup and offgrid power and there's a wide range.

Of sizes available, although generally size is smaller compared to a home generator. A portable generator is your most costeffective option and no installation is required. These generators operate on gasoline or diesel fuel, however manual start and stop is required and they need to be refueled frequently. There's a lot to consider when choosing a generator for your home. Here at Wholesale Solar we have years of experience designing power systems, and Kohler factorytrained technicians ready to assist. If you have questions or need help feel free to call one of our solar experts or visit the website. This has been Josh with FYI.

Valentines Day Gifts for Preppers

Hi it's AlaskaGranny Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you're looking for a gift for a prepper girlfriend woman in your life here are a few suggestions that I like what do women want for Valentines Day know that I love you show I love you and I want to keep you safe how about a weather alert radio or even a hand crank emergency radio I love you enough that I want you safe always how about some pepper spray they have pepper sprays for runners pepper spray that looks like.

Lipstick and pepper spray that attaches to your keychain tell your girlfriend I love sharing things with you I always want to be able to hear you and see you how about some shooters eyes and ears ears are some Midland walkietalkies tell your girlfriend you light up the night for me a Dorcy Coleman emergency lantern large or small Coleman or Dorcy Lantern is a great Valentine Gift for a prepper show your woman I love sharing a meal with you what about a GSI bugaboo base camp cook set.

Buy your valentine emergency food from Mountain House Classic Assortment emergency just in case Classic Food Bucket Essential Food Bucket let's toast always having enough fresh water to drink Reliance Products Aqua Tainer 7 gallon rigid water container no matter what comes our way show your valentine I want to always keep you warm and snuggled with hand warmers Grabber Hand Warmers Toe Warmers Body Warmers and a warming mitt tell your woman I know that you can take care of yourself and here is a tool multitool leatherman multitool gerber multitool for my valentine.

GoalZero Yeti400 Solar Generator System REAL Prepper Power

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How To Build A DIY Portable Solar Generator

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Our New Modular Solar Generator!.This product is for those who are looking for a mid range sized and priced solar system. We can custom build units to match your needs. Send me an email..

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