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Solar Generator Pictures

Burning Stuff With 2000F Solar Power!!

In a previous project I found a free tv and turned it into a giant solar scorcher. This shoots out a deadly beam of sunlight, that's hot enough to abuse food, melt metal and burn things you probably shouldn't. Today seemed like a good day to play with my Solar Scorcher. I positioned my frame and found the focal point, then added some concrete tiles as a base for my projects. Ok, I've got power, and I'll test it out with this piece of wood and when the light makes contact.

I've got instant fire. The sunlight at this spot is around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to melt this spot of concrete into a glowing orange liquid. I'm curious to see what I can do with all this heat so I've filled a glass bottle with water and I'll punch a hole in the cap. It's incredible to see that the instant I focus my lens on the bottle, it starts smoking. Just a few moments later this water is so hot it's boiling, and I'm a little nervous the bottle might blow. Yep, there it goes. The glass pieces are melting and that's cool,.

But now I want to try this on some food. I'll get some hot dogs, and when they hit the beam they really do get hot. This might be a little well done for my taste, and I'm still hungry so let's try an egg. The egg is actually working very well. It's so reflective it doesn't burn as fast, and even my wife is interested. A little salt and pepper and it's tempting to try a bite. Ok, so I wasn't actually expecting to eat this, but it looks safe enough, and.

Even my kids are anxious to try. Surprisingly, it's pretty good. Alright, let's see what else this will do. I'll try burning a penny, and, wow, it melted. How about a stack of pennies Yep, they're nothing but liquid metal now, and I'm thinking that slag in the mixture must be what's left of the copper coating. It's only taking about 4 seconds to melt these, and melting metal is really great, but now I want to see something burst. I wonder what would happen to this egg It's spewing some kind of debris and smoking like crazy. I hear.

Some little pops and it's even forming some interesting growths. huh, Look at that. But no explosion. How about if I put a pop top on this bottle of water and let the pressure build up Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Let's do that again. The lid is back on, and pressure is building. Awesome! Alright, the sun is setting and I've readjusted my Aframe. I'm just wondering if this would ignite gasoline. It does. Hopefully it goes without saying that this is very dangerous and you shouldn't try this at home. Well, I'm convinced there's.

An insane amount of power behind these lenses. If you'd like to see where I got this one, take a look at my tutorial on how I hacked it out of an old TV. This one boiled water in less than a minute, welded a nickel to concrete, and instantly torched any piece of wood in it's way. Well that was fun, but I'm still hungry so I'll put everything away and go get some real home cooking. That's it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you'll like some of my others. Check them out at thekingofrandom.

How To Make 3D Hologram Projector No Glasses

Awesome 3D hologram projector and you can watch without glasses stay tuned to see how to make this cool gadget ok,hacktubers for making this hologram generator you will need plastic CD case and we going to use the transparent piece you can download free template at description below and be careful when you cut the pieces with razor blade not to make not to make scratches like I made also when you break the plastic be extra careful you will need to make 4 identical pyramid pieces and with sandpaper smooth the edges.

Before gluing the pieces with electrical tape you make the form of pyramid,take the strongest super glue and on edges of pyramid put one drop of glue on each corner of pyramide leaveit to dry 5 min,remove the electrical tape pieces and a description below I'll put links of hologram tutorials that you can use to project to do this tiny 3D generator when I built this for the first time I don't expect something cool but when I found some awesome 3d tutorials,my opinion for this projector has change I love this tiny projector and I guess that you hacktubers.

DIY Emergency Fire Starter Char Cloth

Before the discovery of matches and other modern conveniences, fires had to be started in more primitive ways. Like rubbing sticks together, or burning wood with a magnifying glass. But anyone who's tried these methods know it's extremely hard work to make a fire, especially in an emergency situation. Luckily, there's a way to cheat, and it's called Char Cloth. To get started on this project, I'll sacrifice one of my little boys shirts, and a can of tuna. This shirt is 100 cotton, and that's what we need, so now we can focus prepping.

This can. I'll grab my wife's can opener and a small screwdriver and get to work on removing the lid. The lid lifter cuts sideways, and removes the top portion of the lid just below the rim, and that's perfect because we'll want it to fit back together later on. Ok, the tuna comes out, and after a little cleaning, our char cloth maker is nearly complete. Let's cut off about 4 pieces of shirt and lay them on the lid, then the bottom of the can fits over top. To finish, we can punch a small hole in the top with this screwdriver to act.

As a vent hole. To char this cloth properly, we'll need to heat this up over 400 degrees Celsius, and that can be done with the Solar Scorcher. It's about 7pm and the sun has nearly set. I've found the focal point and am happy to see there's still plenty of heat. The little flame shows that the cotton is charing and releasing hydrogen and methane gasses through the hole in the top. Alright, the flame just went out, so that means it's done, and we'll need to carefully cover the hole with some aluminum foil to.

Prevent air from leaking in and causing a flashback. Now that it's cooled down, we can remove the foil and the cover to see how our cloth turned out. It's completely black. Totally charred, but not burned, and that's just what we needed. The fabric's still pliable, but is now extremely sensitive to heat. Just a few seconds with the sun and a water bottle, and we can easily make a fire! Your water bottle can also be used to make a fire without the char cloth but it takes a lot longer, and is much more difficult. Ok, so it's the next day and I'm making another.

Batch, this time with an open flame! This method works super well and only takes about 2 minutes to cook all the gasses out of the fabric. When it's cooled down and the foil is off, i'm really impressed at how much the fabric has shrunk from the original size. Now I'm wondering if cotton balls will work, so my little boy is helping load a batch, and after 2 minutes in the fire they're all done. They're looking great and I'm interested to see how they'll compare to the cotton fabric. To test the quality, let's brush the side.

With a flame, and blow gently to see if it glows. Success! This fabric ignites amazingly fast, and burns impressively slowly. From this point, all it takes to get a flame is to add something flammable, like this paper, and blow. Haha FIRE! These charred cotton balls work so well, and are so cheap and accessible, that I think from now on I'm going to use them exclusively in my Fire Piston. You can see how to build this in a different tutorial. I also tried making Char Cloth using another fabric and a mint tin, a glass baby food jar,.


This solar toy car is a ready made chinese toy. it is difficult to make it because it is difficult to find small solar panels. but it is a very nice toy. you can see these 4 wheels down below. these actually do not do much. it is actually powered by this middle wheel.this middle wheel is driven by a motor which runs on solar panels. if you put it on a board out in the sun, the car strikes the boundary and then turns and moves on. if you place your hand on top of the car, sunlight is cut and stops producing electricity.


The lighthouse generator is an amazing scientific model. For making this your require Neodymium magnets, 35gauge insulated copper wire, old CD, and a lot of other material. Take 35gauge insulated copper wire and wind 1000 turns on an old film can. Remove the coil and place a pen inside the coil. Make a hole in the pen and remove the two ends of the wire through the pen. Scrape the two ends of insulation and attach an LED to the ends of the coil. Now you can see that the pen is inside the coil and the two ends go through the pen and.

Are attached to the LED. Fix the LED to the end of the pen. This is the complete coil and the rotating pen. If you spin two strong magnets near the coil, EMF will be generated and the LED would light up. Now take an old CD and cut three parts. You require two rectangular strips and a square portion with the hole in the middle. Fix with glue the lid of a film can to the square. Take a press button and fix the part with the trough in the middle.

Of a wooden base. Stand four wooden pillars as shown. Apply glue on the top of these pillars and fix the square CD piece on them. It is through the hole in the middle that the pen will come out. These are 4 strong Neodymium magnets. Stick 2 magnets backtoback on a piece of rectangular plastic CD. Make two such strips with twotwo magnets each and glue them on to the pillars as shown. This is the final foundation of the Lighthouse generator. Now slip in the pen that the tip of the pen sits in the press button. Ensure.

That the pen spins smoothly. This is the view of the Lighthouse generator from all sides. On spinning the pen the coil will spin inside the magnets and the LED will light up! You can see this much better in the dark. If you spin the pen the coil spins between the magnets and an EMF is generated and the LED lights up. This is a variation. Instead of a wooden base you can have a piece of rubber and you can have 4 pencils. Once you spin the pen the coil rotates inside the magnets and the LED lights up just like a Light House.


In this model of the multiple generator is quiet easy to make. it requires several strong magnets, insulated copper wire, and lots of odd materials. first take a square lock of wood and stick an old CD at its center. then take another CD and apply glue at 4 points at 90 degrees. stick very strong disc neodymium magnets at this 4 points. then take an old film can bottle and wind 500 times of very thin insulated copper wire. remove the coil, anchor it together so that you have just two ends protruding out. scrape the insulation.

Out of both the ends of this copper wire enamel. attach them to an LED. LED draws very little current. now this is the coil and the LED assembly. now apply glue at five points on the base Cd and take five coil and LED assemblies and stick them on to the base CD. now this is the coil and LED. in the middle apply some glue and a sewing machine bobbin. this will act like a fat washer. now take the old CD, one with the magnets, invert it, apply some.

Glue and stick a toothpaste tube lid to it. there is a hole in this tooth paste tube lid. on the base on the magnet side stick a washer in the center. this washer is slightly bigger so that it goes into the nut. you can spin this very freely. now on this CD stick a color disc. this is like a Newton's color disc. as you spin this CD, you can see all the 7 colors coalesce, and you can see greyish white. also when these strong magnets spin, they.


With this crank generator you can light up a LED. for this you require two strong Neodymium magnets and a lot of thin insulated copper wire and odd materials. first take two old CDs and sandwich rubber in them to make a pulley.put washers on the two sides of the CDs. now mount this pulley, big pulley on a wooden stand. for this make a hole and fix a screw. put a sewing machine bobbin as a washer and now put a handle on to the big pulley and slip in the CD pulley. affix it in place with a nut. ensure that the pulley.

Rotates smoothly. then take a piece of PVC pipe with two holes and tightly fit two refills on the two ends. take a cycle spoke and weave it through one of the refills, bring it midway and then weave a piece of sponge or rubber and push the cycle spoke to the other end. fix two magnets on the two ends of the rubber. now take insulated copper wire, 30 gauge thick and wind 500 turns on the top of the pipe piece. for this you can wind it criss cross.

This is your finished coil. straight the two ends of the coil and solder them to an LED now place a piece of rubber and fix your coil to the top part. on the other side of the bicycle spoke fix a small pulley. you can see that your generator rotates smoothly. this is the schematic view. now put a rubber band between the big pulley and the small pulley. the generator is all ready to generate electricity and to light up the LED. you can see that with your efforts can actually produce electricity and burn LED.


There is not much of a difference between a motor and a generator. you can make a generator using a 12V toy motor, an LED and a pulley. take two broom sticks and tie them tightly using a thread. the purpose of using two broom sticks is to make them stronger. now take the thread and tie it on the other end of the broom sticks to make a bow. tie this and make a knot and then trim the knot. the bow is ready now. now take a 6 or 12V toy motor.

And fix an LED to it. take a small plastic pulley and fix it tightly on the axle of the motor. now if you turn the pulley, you will see that the LED will glow. if you bring it in a dark room the LED will grow much brighter. now you can take the thread and put one round of thread along the pulley. on moving the bow left and right the pulley will rotate and the LED will glow. if you bring it into a dark room the LED will glow much more brightly.

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