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Solar Generator Kit Amazon

$189 Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone Review, Free Case The Deal Guy

Hi. I'm Matt Granite the YouTube Deal Guy. If you are subscriber, first of all you are one of my favorite people on earth, and you know that you get deals before any one who watches me on TV or USA Today, and you are also now getting access to deals I don't see anywhere else like the Amazon Fire phone deal drop. Now keep in mind that none of what I show is a product placement, we don't make a dime of commission, I don't care what you buy. There is a link to grab every deal I.

Profile right under this tutorial window. Hi Mountain Lion! Look at her. She came back in to the studio. Hi. Now back to the fire phone. Technical eye candy. Now look at the price drop you can now see on your screen. It's $250 off. Usually retails for $450. Now $199 on par with both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal drops. My favorite thing other than the price drop and case deals which are $14.99 is that all the features included in the prime membership come with the phone.

You get countless other features but I'm going to stop labeling them otherwise I may just sound like a commercial for Amazon. Now I want to show you some of the features I like other than the ones publicized on TV. I like the dynamic perspective so you do have 3D capabilities. I also find the app store is improving very quickly. In terms of the music and movies and how quickly things buffer, I've been impressed with this too. For example, the Man in the high castle let's click watch and in seconds,.

It's playing. Faster than any service I've tested including Netflix on this device. That's nice, the Twitter app, all those other things. Another deal drop today. the Amazon Fire TV. $84 plus free shipping. Not as significant as the Fire Phone but that deal is pretty good. A lot of people also wondering, how does the speaker perform Let's go to Madilyn Bailey, a great YouTube Singer. I'd say the music quality is good. Obviously you're not going to blast this through your home but with headphones, it's great. There you go. Thanks for watching! If you want more inside deals or exclusive access.

Amazon CEO Recovers Apollo Engines From Ocean Floor

Image source Bezos Expeditions BY LORA VLAEVA Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claims to have recovered several NASA rocket engines from the ocean floor engines that might have sent Neil Armstrong on his way to man's first moon walk. The rocket engines were fished up from a depth of more than two miles in the ocean near Cape Canaveral just a year after Bezos vowed to find the missing engines used in the Apollo 11 mission. Via Bezos Expeditions The first stage of the Saturn V rocket used in the July 1969 mission consisted of five.

F1 engines which fell back into the Atlantic Ocean after they were spent. Via NASA The Economist explains how Bezos's team of scientists tracked down the missing engines. NASA's flight data gave Mr Bezos's team a rough location to begin the search. They then used sonar to pinpoint the engines' precise locations. Undersea robots, similar to those used to investigate the Titanic, were sent down through more than 4,000 metres 13,000 feet of water to confirm the find. But it is not yet clear if the F1 engines the scientists recovered were actually those.

Used in the Apollo 11 mission. The Bezos Expeditions website explains restoration work on the rocket should clear up the mystery. We're bringing home enough major components to fashion displays of two flown F1 engines. The upcoming restoration will stabilize the hardware and prevent further corrosion. We want the hardware to tell its true story. NASA administrator Charles Bolden welcomed the discovery in a statement, saying This is a historic find and I congratulate the team for its determination and perseverance in the recovery of these important artifacts of our first efforts to send humans beyond.

Earth orbit. Not all the engines from the Apollo days have been lost at sea. Recently, some of the leftover engines have been given new life. NPR reports NASA is studying some of the unused F1s the most powerful engines of their kind ever built to help them design new heavy lift rockets. It's already fired one of the old engines on a test stand. Via NASA The recovered rocket engines, which will remain NASA's property, will be displayed in the Museum of Flight if Bezos can confirm they did in fact come from Apollo 11.

Free Energy Generator Akula 1 KWatt Selfrunning Free Energy Device Presentation 2

28th of September 2013. I will present you now a stationary autonomous Free Energy System outdoors. Here you see the devive which is started with a lead acid battery. That is for the Startimpulse generator, so when the system is started I can remove the battery. Here is the load connected via this wire to the 4 bulbs as the load. These 4 bulbs have as a total 1 KWatts of output power. The 1 KWatt power level is always at your free disposal. It only needs a ground connection via this cable to a 2 to 2.5 Meter deep water pipe.

Now I will start the system. So you can see that the lamps are starting to light up. And now the unit runs without any problems. This unit has a maximum output power level of 5 KWatts. Now you see here at the back side that there is the grounding cable connected. Okay, ahh, yes, we now first remove the battery so you see, it does only need the battery for starting. Now the battery is completely removed. Now we take a look at the back side at the grounding cable.

You see here the grounding cable goes to this water pipe, which acts as a normal grounding rod. I can touch it without any problems, as it is just at ground potential. The only thing you need is a really good grounding of the system like this. So the grounding works together with the electromagnetic fields from the air. We now see here the system still running and the output load is positioned on a transparent glas bottle.so no hidden cables. So we have this 1 KWatt load permanently at our free disposal.

Top 5 Power Banks of 2015!

Hey guys AppsOnFire here and today I'm gonna be counting down the best power banks that I have seen this past year. This is the top 5 power banks of 2015. So first on our list is the ravpower 3200mah power bank with UV flashlight. This is pretty much your average mini power bank except for the fact that instead of the usual flashlight it comes with a built in UV light which is useful for a lot of different things. It is really good at catching stains that you wouldn't see with the regular eye. I found this fun to play around with at times.

But haven't used the UV light much. But still this power bank from ravpower has a solid design with the matte black finish and a special shaped ergonomic design that is different from most power banks. You get one smart charging port and you get some LED indicators to tell you how much power is left. Moving on to the second power bank on our list I have one with probably the best build quality out of all of them. The jackery giant plus has just an awesome build and a lot of power. It is packing a 12000mah battery and has two fast charging.

USB ports. The battery pack itself is not the thinnest but still remains light and compact. With an aluminum build and this much power, it is one of my favorite power banks. It also comes with three LED indicators as well as a flashlight. So this is one of the more traditional lipstick power banks. This design is probably the most popular design because it is very compact and you can fit it almost anywhere. If you search for portable chargers chances are that it is going to look like this one right here. Small chargers like this usually.

Come with 1 to 2 charges for your phone. This one comes with 3200mah. Anker is probably the leading company in portable chargers and that's because they are just very good at what they do and you know that with every product you get from them, you can expect quality. So this is actually one of the biggest power banks out there coming from a company called Avantech. This may not have the best build quality but it is packing a huge amount of power. You can probably charge two devices at least 5 or 6 times without even recharging.

The power bank and that is amazing. It is a bit bulky and heavy but it is definitely worth it if you are looking for the power. Again you get some LED indicators and you get a plastic design with a matte finish. Now finally we have my favorite power bank out of all of these and that is the elivebuy 10,000mah portable charger. It is my favorite because of its really cool two tone color and that it is packing a huge amount of power into a very thin package. I mean this is just a little bit bigger than my phone. It also.


Thank you for your interest in the Akula technology. For several months we have now published some tutorials about the new Akula technology. During his studies the Russian inventor Akula had the idea to use the Earth's magnetic field as an energy source. The inventor completed successfully a degree in radio engineering and microelectronics. When he repaired a TV for friends, he saw for the first time a useful effect. Then he developed a power electronics device based on this effecrt, where he used special ferrites. The first successful experiments were done in 2004, but the prototype did not run stable.

To develop the technology further, costly measuring devices were necessary , but because of lack of capital, he put the project aside. In 2013, the cooperation with the German partners began and the required measuring instruments were purchased in order to make the project a success. In the summer of 2014, the inventor brought three working prototypes to Germany. These were reviewed by numerous experts and companies. After the start pulse of a battery, the circuits are running stable with durable performance. The power output was depending on the prototype ranging from 0.5 watts to 1.0 Watts.

One of the prototypes was even shielded with a Faraday cage and stored overnight in an underground bunker to confirm longterm use. One of the prototypes was dismantled on camera and in the presence of some experts. This tutorial is viewable on the Internet. See here watchv2cqk7fijGG8 For the system commercially available components are predominantly used, but they are electrically connected in a special way. The main concern of further development is the composition and production of the ferrite core. This technology is stationary and portable and scalable to larger power outputs , up to 50 Watts.

Per module. See watchvsPAz8aR1Ylg This unique technology uses the earth's magnetic field like a spring , to generate an induction in the conductor from the prototype. The prototype gives off the power permanently. The advantages of this technology are the decentralized, autonomous, fuel free and environmentally friendly use. The major challenge in the development of this technology was to structure the Earth's magnetic field so that it can be converted to usable electricity. Therefore, the Earth's magnetic field is like a treasure chest that gives off energy in abundance for the human race.

The use range is from a 5 watt flashlight to a mobile 10 watt charger for mobile phone applications and versatile selfsufficient energy solutions for households, trade, commerce and industry applications. Principle of operation To start the device a battery is used , which can be disconnected after a few seconds. The excess power of the system allows autonomous operation without a battery or any power The excess power of the system allows autonomous operation without a battery or any circuit and supplies electrical energy to supply other electrical circuit for the consumer.

Free Energy Generator Akula Free Energy Device garden test with English Subtitles translation

2013, I stand here before an autonomous Energy Generator system I will now start it up. One is seeing here the load of the generator, a total of 4 bulbs with total of around 1 KWatts. Here is the grounding of it. The ground cable goes this way about 4 to 5 Meters to the water pipe. The water pipe is grounded into the soil.So that is the grounding, you see, one can touch this with no problem. this is just the ground potential. So now I am going to start it up.

For this purpose I will connect this cable here to the battery and then push the green start button and then you see, that the output load bulbs will now light up ! This is about 1 KWatts of Free Power. Now I disconnect the cables here from the battery and take the battery away ! Okay, and now it runs itsself ! A Free Energy Generator with 1 KWatts of power. Ahh, Okay, this is just the long grounding cable, I will just lift it up, so you can see now, that there is no hidden connection and I take the battery with me.

Mass Price Drop in Solar Power No Longer Alternative

Big dropped in solar power prices and hopefully it will make alternative energy no longer alternative there's an article in the economist which talks about the price of photobook uh. the cost of photovoltaic bubble take cells per what but they generate right now in nineteen seventy seven it would cost seven little over seventy six dollars per walked to produce it photo vote apical take cells in nineteen ninetyseven it'd prop to about five dollars per lot and the forecast for the end of this year is only seventy four cents.

Or walked wind farms provide about two percent of the world's electricity and that their capacity is doubling every three years and we really have the opportunity to see huge growth in solar power and that the fascinating thing here is there's two ways to get more efficiency oneway is reduce the cost for the cells such that the collection of one wat goes down but then there's also allowed the cells to harness a higher percentage of the sun's energy which is where we've talked about being stuck with solar power for a while which is.

UrbanOff Grid With Goal Zero Yeti 150 Boulder 15 Solar Panel

UrbanOff Grid With Goal Zero Yeti 150 Boulder 15 Solar Panel,BiblesnBarbells Store astore.amazonbiblesn0d20 In this tutorial I show how easy it is to recharge my Yeti 150 Charging Station with 1 Boulder 15W..

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Small DIY Portable Solar Generator

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????? Solar Charger, X-DRAGON Solar Power 10000mAh Solar Battery Charger - Amazon.Quick thoughts to supplement my tutorial demonstration. I use this for survival type situations e.g. bug out bag where youd like to charge a cell phone, but there..

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