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Solar Generator Ghana

SOLARIS Solar Charging Station for Africas Village Entrepreneurs!

In Africa, mobile phone growth over the past 5 years has been astronomical. And phones are now social and economic lifelines. However, 576million people currently do not have access to electricity and 30 of those own at least one mobile phone. So how do they charge their phones Some of my friends, they come from the remote areas. Now, if they have to charge their phones, they have to travel far some people are walking a long distance, or even getting a taxi to take them to the market place to charge.

The phone, which is costly. So somebody spending 70kSH 0.35USD a day to make sure he can communicate, he can be online, which is a problem. SOLARIS aims to solve this problem It's a solar powered multiple mobile phone charger. Entrepreneurs or kiosk owners would buy this to provide a charging service to their local community allowing the village residence to keep their phones powered and the Solaris owner to generate significant income. So what we do is design and manufacture solar powered products for unelectrified regions in Africa and specifically for the offgrid.

Phone charging market. The approach we've taken differs from competitors because the products actively encourage entrepreneurship and income generation and this creates a sustainable and highly scalable business. So this is our flagship product, Solaris, and what you do is plug this solar panel into the battery unit and we plug any phone into the universal port and the phone is then charging. When I started I was charging even 10 phones in a day, it was doing very well, people were coming in good numbers, I was doing the service.

For them. In fact I was just charging 15kSh 0.18USD per phone they were just paying 15kSH 0.18USD per each. Maybe for the duration I have been with, around maybe I may have saved around 40004500kSh 5055USD. It is a good business and a promising business, and even the device itself, I think it has a long life span because I have not seen any problem with it, even the solar panel is working very well, I don't see any problem with it. For the week we have been with the machine,.

We have managed to save the community. At least per day we are having at least 10 customers who are coming to charge their phone batteries and we expect in due course, we have more customers. Just like these ones, they've brought their phones, but themselves they've gone to do their work. They come to collect their phone when the phone is fully charged so that's the benefit, that's the benefit to them. So instead of going to Baruba, it's better to be here and wherever he is doing is work, the phone is being charged.

Korea uses engineering expertise to help developing Southeast Asian nations

The rise of stateofart technology has benefited millions worldwide, but many developing countries have been left in the dark. But Korea's private and public sector say they may have a solution. by providing practical development support in the form of socalled appropriate technology. Paul Yi reports. Here on the west coast of the Philippines, a group of Korean IT volunteers is helping to install solar panels for homes in the Ternate Municipality. The goal is to help the community, which suffers from frequent blackouts, by establishing a steady supply of electricity.

For places where electricity is not very well supplied, this power generation through solar energy is not used together with the gridconnected lines. Therefore it establishes an independent system. However, there are other basic utilities that also lack infrastructure here. Many residents are forced to drink from contaminated springs due to the high cost of bottled water. To provide a sustainable solution, engineers from a leading Korean university have designed and donated a mechanical water purifier. The project uses no electricity and can be easily carried to other locations to provide clean water.

It's not always just a problem about the quality of water. But by utilizing this provided water purifier, we're able to resolve other problems as well. The methods used here are based on a principle called appropriate technology, which is tailored to the social and economic needs of each geographical region. Since this field of appropriate technology is a good fit for this area, we've decided to offer to provide these goods and services. We're also preparing to provide highercapacity products in the future. Korea intends to further expand its appropriate technology initiative to other developing.

Without Power How Can you Raise a Family

I am cooking dinner. I struggle a lot because when we have electricity the life is simple. Ok, like now, I buy charcoal now for almost 100 shillings, and cannot cook tomorrow. When we dont have some money to buy kerosene we use candles so these are candles I put it on, put it on the table but this is not safe even, because this can cause a fire, yeah its very dangerous Yes, my neighbor lost her daughter because of a fire. So, the house caught fire and the daughter burned 100, the body. She died in the hospital.

Seed Storage

Empowering Farmers with Better Seed Storage Storing seeds in the developing world is hard. Storage facilities are often inadequate. Pest problems abound and in the humid tropics, seeds rapidly deteriorate. Bad seeds result in poor stand establishment, lack of crop uniformity and reduced yields. Horticulture CRSP researchers are teaching farmers the importance of saving good seed and providing them with an inexpensive seedstorage solution. Seeds are stored in airtight containers with improved desiccant beads. Beads can be reused indefinitely, by baking between use. Better seed storage enables smallholder farmers to invest in local seed markets, conserve.

WomenInSTEM Using Science Math to Power the Globe

Well I'm an engineer by training and right now I broadly focus on energy and development. Growing up I always enjoyed math and science. In high school I was introduced to physics. So I asked someone, what's the hardest area of engineering And they gave me this kind of broad list but on there with electrical engineering so I went with it. I cofounded a startup company that operates in Tanzania right now. It provides energy services to residents that are not connected to the grid. I know firsthand the difference that having access to power makes for residents, for their.

Make Ferric Chloride for etching printed circuit boards

Warning In this experiment corrosive acids are used. Gloves should be worn. Greetings fellow nerds. I've gotten a lot of requests for this so in this tutorial we're going to make ferric chloride. A useful chemical to etch copper clad printed circuit boards. Start with 20g of iron. I'm using iron nails but steel wool also works. Just use whatever iron source is cheaper for you. Now add to it 100mL of water and then add 100mL of concentrated 12M hydrochloric acid. The acid should start dissolving the iron. This can take a couple of days if you're using nails.

Steel wool dissolves within a few hours but if you're impatient like me you can speed up the dissolution by heating up the mixture. I'm going to put this round bottom flask of cold water on top to recondense any vapors. And there it goes. Obviously if you're going to boil acid do this outside or in a fume hood. What's happening at this point is the iron is reacting with the acid to produce hydrogen gas and green iron II chloride also known as ferrous chloride. Once the iron is completely dissolved turn off the heating and let it cool.

If any of the acid evaporated or boiled off just top it up with more acid until the total volume is back to 200mL. Now with lots of stirring slowly add 200mL of 3 hydrogen peroxide. Do this in small portions since the mixture will heat up a lot. If it gets too hot to hold slow down and wait for it to cool before adding the rest. What we're doing here is oxidizing the ferrous chloride into iron III chloride, better known as ferric chloride. If you don't want to use hydrogen peroxide.

Then a cheaper way to oxidize it is to bubble air through the solution using an aquarium pump. Okay I recommend using something a bit stronger than this pathetically weak pump but it will still work. Over the course of several days the oxygen will slowly react with the ferrous chloride to produce ferric chloride. This also has the added advantage of keeping the solution more concentrated than the hydrogen peroxide method. Of course the hydrogen peroxide method is faster if you're impatient. Anyway, however you oxidize it, it's now ready for etching printed circuit boards.

The construction of the wooden mirror The wooden mirror 44

In the back of the piece you can see the components that make it work. You can see the back of the camera. So this is where the signals begin. The camera is connected through two wires, the power and the tutorial signal going out to the desktop computer which is hiding in a different room. After the computer processes the signals, it sends commands back to the board. These commands come back through these ten lines of serial communications on the floor. These are then feeding, daisy chained, from one to the other,.

These serialserver controller circuits. Each one of these serialserver controllers is, in turn, wired to eight server motors. A nice effect that comes with these serial controllers is that they blink a little green LED every time any of the motors associated with that board moves. So that gives me a very good way to debug the system. By moving something in front of the camera, I see if all the boards are actually blinking. If one of the boards is not blinking, I know there is some sort of problem.

Emergency Light From A Water Bottle

He realized that with a simple water bottle and the light of the sun he could bring light into the homes of people who lived in ghettos, refugee camps, people never had any electricity and what he did was he realized that if he put a little hole in the tin roof the very simple dwelling and hooked the bottle through the hole in the roof and sealed it up that when the Sun hit the bottle it would light up inside people's houses he discovered this trying to light his own workshop during a power outage.

Because he had a metal roof you can take that kind of thought and turn a simple water bottle into an emergency light for your family using, I have different bottles and going to show you with simple flashlight I got from the dollar store so I didn't pay more than one dollar for any of these I'm gonna turn off the light and I'm gonna show you how this idea can work for you in an emergency situation don't put a hole in your roof use a flashlight let me show you.

I have several water bottles filled with just water so I'm gonna turn off the light and I'm gonna show you I have a simple pitcher and here is that dollar flashlight I can just put it through the lid here is a water bottle and I have a little flashlight I and I just tucked it on the end with this ring this one I also just wrapped the little key chain attachment around the end of it through the handle that holds the lid sometimes they don't want to stay.

You get the idea that for it was working then I have an empty bottle of water from white vinegar see how that works you there and I can also do you think a simple glass of water and put a glass lid on it and I can light it that way and look at the power you can get with a simple flashlight you can have a light in your home where you can use one you can use more never put the Flashlight into the water shine it through the water and the.

And container whatever container you want and you can see how for one dollar flashlight and a container of water you can have emergency light in your home or at your campground or wherever you are in your vehicle I thought this is fabulous and I was glad to read about Alfredo Mosier and know he's using simple disposable what we would consider disposable soda bottles and the light from the sun to bring light to people who never had it try this at home leave a comment of how you found a way for it to work for you.

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