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Solar Generator Bunnings

How To Choose Energy Saving Bulbs DIY At Bunnings

Hi I'm Sox and I'm here to shed some light on how you can save some money on energy saving globes. Here's what we'll be covering energy saving globes, the different styles and what wattage. If you haven't already, it's time to switch over to new energy efficient globes. The first step is to choose the style of globe you want. They come in many shapes and sizes to suit any home. Energy saving light globes use a low wattage to produce the same amount of light as an old incandescent globe. When looking.

DIY Solar Panels Boulder CO Call 7203075797

So you're ready to go solar no need to do it yourself solar panels did you know you can have a residential solar system professionally designed installed and maintained with no money out of pocket even better and you'll save money every month on your utility bill say goodbye to dirty call and hello sunshine you probably heard over and Airbnb we're doing the same thing to the energy industry decentralizing in disrupting how electricity is generated and distributed everyone the opportunity to save money monthly with no upfront costs while reducing carbon emissions from dirty coal if you own a home.

Make Ferric Chloride for etching printed circuit boards

Warning In this experiment corrosive acids are used. Gloves should be worn. Greetings fellow nerds. I've gotten a lot of requests for this so in this tutorial we're going to make ferric chloride. A useful chemical to etch copper clad printed circuit boards. Start with 20g of iron. I'm using iron nails but steel wool also works. Just use whatever iron source is cheaper for you. Now add to it 100mL of water and then add 100mL of concentrated 12M hydrochloric acid. The acid should start dissolving the iron. This can take a couple of days if you're using nails.

Steel wool dissolves within a few hours but if you're impatient like me you can speed up the dissolution by heating up the mixture. I'm going to put this round bottom flask of cold water on top to recondense any vapors. And there it goes. Obviously if you're going to boil acid do this outside or in a fume hood. What's happening at this point is the iron is reacting with the acid to produce hydrogen gas and green iron II chloride also known as ferrous chloride. Once the iron is completely dissolved turn off the heating and let it cool.

If any of the acid evaporated or boiled off just top it up with more acid until the total volume is back to 200mL. Now with lots of stirring slowly add 200mL of 3 hydrogen peroxide. Do this in small portions since the mixture will heat up a lot. If it gets too hot to hold slow down and wait for it to cool before adding the rest. What we're doing here is oxidizing the ferrous chloride into iron III chloride, better known as ferric chloride. If you don't want to use hydrogen peroxide.

Then a cheaper way to oxidize it is to bubble air through the solution using an aquarium pump. Okay I recommend using something a bit stronger than this pathetically weak pump but it will still work. Over the course of several days the oxygen will slowly react with the ferrous chloride to produce ferric chloride. This also has the added advantage of keeping the solution more concentrated than the hydrogen peroxide method. Of course the hydrogen peroxide method is faster if you're impatient. Anyway, however you oxidize it, it's now ready for etching printed circuit boards.

Solar Camp Shower Bag Demonstration Review

Solar Camp Shower Bag Demonstration Review,.envirosponsible Visit my site. Heres a review and demonstration of a 5 gallon solar camp shower bag. Fill it wh water, let it warm in the sun, then..

How To Choose Energy Saving Bulbs - DIY At Bunnings.In this tutorial, Sox from Bunnings Warehouse talks through the benefits of using energy saving light bulbs in your home. If youre not already using them then its..

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EEVblog 228 New Lab Progress.

EEVblog 228 New Lab Progress.,A tour of the new EEVblog lab, still under construction. Benchtop..

604. Generator 2-stroke Engine, Test Run After 2 Years Not Used..This test run done 26 July 2015, about 18C an unusually warm and sunny midWinters day. The generator is usually stored in the garage which is cool but dry..

SWIMMING POOL SOLAR HEATER.homemade solar swimming pool heater water comes out so hot it almost burns..

Solar Portable Power Station - Camping/Festivals.My new project and first HD tutorial. Tried to record in 1080 with my new camera but for unknown reasons it would not save the files, so 720p will need to do..

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How To Save Energy In The Home.A stepbystep guide to saving energy in the home by Bunnings Warehouse. Knowing how to save energy in your home is important and this easy to follow How..

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