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Solar Generator Bangalore

Brainy Touch Solar PCU 2.5 KVA48VSMB Priority

Now solar mains battery. When we select solar mains battery, the setting for battery voltage mains will be 48.8, 49.6, 51.6 and 52.6 for 48V system. Now I am selecting 48.8 and I will save it. This means when the battery voltage will be 48.8, then mains will be connected to the system. As you can see, the input voltage is present but the system is running in backup mode. As the battery voltage will become 48.8, then the system will start working on mains. Now the battery voltage is 48.8, the system has come to mains mode.


This solar toy car is a ready made chinese toy. it is difficult to make it because it is difficult to find small solar panels. but it is a very nice toy. you can see these 4 wheels down below. these actually do not do much. it is actually powered by this middle wheel.this middle wheel is driven by a motor which runs on solar panels. if you put it on a board out in the sun, the car strikes the boundary and then turns and moves on. if you place your hand on top of the car, sunlight is cut and stops producing electricity.

Researchers come up with way to produce electricity from flowing water

When you think of green energy, solar or wind power springs to mind. Now picture this generating electricity from rain drops that fall against a window or roof. It's one method local researchers have come up with, and they say they've only began scraping the surface of technology's potential. Sohn Jungin explains. A piece of glass substrate is connected to a small LED light bulb. When droplets of water fall one drop at a time onto the substrate, the bulb gives off a pale light. With the indoor lighting turned off, the flashing.

Light, resembling that of a firefly can be seen more easily. This time, the researchers use a shower faucet to sprinkle water onto the glass substrate. The bulb emits an even brighter light. The secret is in a new advanced energy device that turns moving droplets into electric power. It alters the electrical characteristic of waterdrops, which makes the electrons inside move suddenly, generating electricity. Water that is normally neutral instantly becomes positively charged due to the device, which causes electrons to move. One single drop of water can create up to 0point42 milliwatts, which can light three.

PULS Dimension Series DCDC Converters

Welcome to GTV! Today I will be showing you DCDC Converters using the Puls Dimension Series. The Dimension CDSeries is a 32 millimeter DINrail DCDC converter in the 92120 Watt output power range in a very compact housing. These DCDC converters are allowed to run with a battery or similar sources. Models are available with an input of 12 to 48 volts with an output of 24 volts and in the model CD5.121, the input is 24 volts with an output of 12 volts. The current output ranges of this series ranges from about 4 to 8 amps.

All devices except the CD5.241L1 have a PowerBoost of 20 incorporated. This extra power can even be used continuously up to 45 Celsius. The output is electrically isolated from the input in a safe way. The input is protected against reversed voltages and contains a soft start function. The DCDC converter is resistant against feedback voltage of up to 30 volts DC and does not show malfunctioning with load feedback. They can also be used in some cases as external input protection. The units are designed for both inductive and capacitive.



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