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Solar Energy Virginia

West VirginiaRome Audiovisual Presentation Solar Decathlon 2015

A collaboration between students from West Virginia and Italy have created a team to present a sustainable, netzero, and costefficient house. The concept of the STILE is based on the contrast between two different shapes the rigid squared box and the arch's curve. STILE's main structure is made of steel, which is strong, durable, and fireresistant. The West Virginia linear architecture is structured to withstand rugged terrain, reflecting the Appalachian rustic character. The arch creates a covered passage that guides visitors inside, shades the house, and supports the 36 solar panel array. A patio occurs naturally as a result of the arch's shading effect.

Tidewater Virginia Virtual Tour Solar Decathlon 2011

Music Our original design inspiration was a sixunit, multifamily building and our entry into the Solar Decathlon is thought out to be an extraction from one of those units. So we basically took one off the top right of that multifamily building and set it down here at West Potomac Park. We have designed around the idea that multifamily, center city housing is really the sustainable vision of the future, much more so than suburban living that takes up a lot of farmable land and increases vehicle miles traveled. The key element on our house, in terms of technology, is that we have used a traditional.

Virginia porch, with a deep porch, as a summer environment and then a movable window. A big, huge window on the face of our house, that transforms that porch from a porch into a sun space in the winter and allows us to use it for passive solar heating. The house is equipped with all LED lights, which use a fraction of the energy of the regular incandescent light bulb that is in most houses. There is a control system on all of our windows and doors. If the door is left open more than.

West VirginiaRome ComputerAnimated Walkthrough Solar Decathlon 2015

West Virginia University and University of Rome Tor Vergata have partnered to present STILE a house that merges Italian and Appalachian design concepts with innovative energy techniques. A portion of the house will be created by recycled shipping containers, which will allow the house to be constructed efficiently. A patio occurs naturally as a result of the arch's shading effect. STILE's floor plan maximizes public spaces and promotes an open flow with the outdoors. The 30 solar panel array we have chosen to use are 280 watt panels equipped with microinverters.

Located on the arch. The windows we have chosen to utilize are a major feature due to their presence creating a more open and bright feel due to natural light. The home app that we have created controls many aspects of the home. It provides the homeowner with the ability to automatically close the windows and blinds, turn the lights off with a touch of a button, and monitor energy produced or consumed. There are security features that include driveway notifications, visitor alerts, and locking the door remotely. The house is outfitted with a HVAC system.

West VirginiaRome Team Interview Solar Decathlon 2015

Gtgt Female 1 We're Team West Virginia University and University of Rome Tor Vergata. Our house's name is STILE. It stands for Sustainable Technologies Integrated in a Learning Experience. I think the biggest unique part about our house is our partnership with UTV. So we're trying to blend the Appalachian culture with Italian Roman style putting it all into one house and making it look really well. gtgt Male I'm most excited about the home automation system that we have integrating that we'll be able to show you how much you're.

Using, like, in kilowatt hours and show you what, like, it costs per kilowatt hour and how you can change that amount. And by seeing that number on a screen, I think that people will realize, like, Wow, if I just turn off this light, I can save, like, 10 cents in this amount of time. And it will add up. If they eventually see that on a screen in front of them, they will know that, Oh I can just flip that light off, and it will work. And it saves money, and it saves time.

It saves a lot of energy. gtgt Female 2 We directly interact with the sponsors, so that's really good. We learn a lot. We do a lot of practical stuff here that we don't used to do in Italy, for example. So we study a lot, but we don't we don't direct work with the company. So that's pretty interesting. gtgt Male In the classroom you're really just about the book work and doing this competition, we're going to build the house ourselves. So that's a lot of handson experience that we won't get in the classroom.

West Virginia University SD2013 Audiovisual Presentation

Welcome to PEAK. Welcome to West Virginia. The Mountain State. The heart of rugged, lush Appalachia. Within these mountains lies a rich history, both of land and people. A source of life, and a way of life. West Virginia, the mountain state. And now, the energy state. Preserving energy with Appalachian knowledge Welcome to PEAK Appalachian lifestyle. Sustainability. Modern technology. A fusion of tradition and innovation, nature and engineering. This is the basis of the Peak house. And it all starts from the fulcrum. Living in the isolation of the Appalachian mountains, early settlers came to appreciate.

The simple joy of intimate gatherings. The fulcrum became the focal point for enjoying the company of family and friends. By separating the house into two sections, the fulcrum drives the heart of the house the human living experience. A place to relax, and a place to connect. Inside the social area, kitchen, dining, and living areas are defined by usage, not by walls. The result is sense of freedom and openness designed to complement the Appalachian environment and enhance social interaction. Around the corner, the private area features a guest bedroom with a shared bathroom across.

The hallway, as well as a master bedroom and master bath. Tucked behind the fulcrum, the bedrooms provide a quiet place to relax and rest after a long day. By monitoring temperature changes, humidity, power consumption and other vital statistics, the home automation system within the Fulcrum simplifies the task of maximizing and conserving energy. With the addition of a Fitbit wristband, The system can also track the residents BMI, weight, and overall health routines seamlessly. From a tablet or other mobile device, a user can gain instant feedback on all aspects of.

Energy consumption and health and make any necessary changes, all with just a few taps on the screen. Above the central nervous system of the house, a passive ventilation system utilizes the unique design and shape of the fulcrum to condition the house. For additional heating or cooling, a zoned HVAC system working in tandem with the central server allows for precise control over temperature settings. Structural insulated panels, behind a logcabin exterior, provide the house with modern insulation all while capturing the ruggedness of a log style home. A green roof, along with a living wall and a greenhouse combine to enhance the house's.

Insulating properties while providing lifestyle and environmental benefits. Apart from conserving energy, PEAK captures energy from the sun to reduce reliance on the public grid. An array of solar panels and water heater on the roof, together with the house's energy conserving features, allow users to be fully selfsufficient by providing the energy to power the house and heat the water. This is PEAK. Inspired by heritage. Designed for comfort. Driven by innovation. Welcome to our energy future. The future of a way of life, and a source of life. Welcome to PEAK.

CREATES Energy Training Partnership in Western Virginia

Basically I had a passion for alternative energy, to me that seems like our answer to so many of the problems we have right now, and I decided that at this point in my life I wanted to do something that would hopefully improve the world. And to help improve the world as he saw best, Walter realized a career change was necessary. Well I was in the magazine publishing business and realized it wasn't going to bee very viable in the long run so I started looking around for some other opportunities and I found out about the CREATES program.

And thanks to the program I have been able to get a lot of education in the alternative energy field as well as hands on experience and get a contractors license and it's enabled me to start a very promising business in the alternative energy field. Walter and other workers like him in southwest Virginia, were able to take advantage of a free training program, called CREATES. CREATES was developed to train workers in renewable energy and energy efficient construction fields, by enabling community colleges and training centers to build and enhance.

Their construction technology programs. The classes were really fun, we had a wide range of real life applications that we could work on. I mean everyone enjoyed it, we had a lot of field trips, we went to the New River hydroelectric dam. We did other field trips to local businesses which were using solar energy and wind energy. Through their hands on experiences, the graduates gained skill sets that not only meet the labor needs of today but also to prepare them for the jobs of the future. Without the CREATES program I wouldn't have had as a deep of a level of awareness.

SENTECBringing LEED Technologies to Danville, VA

My name is Larry Hasson. I'm a senior architected with Dewberry in Danville, Virginia. I'm going to talk to you a little bit about a project we recently completed called the Sustainable Energy Technology Center. It is a 26,000squarefoot, highend, analytical endprocessing lab building that was a client need to promote the development of biobased research and development. It's currently seeking LEED Gold certification. Part of the LEED process we really wanted to highlight this building and have a lot of things that as a person walked through they could visually see what technologies were available. It starts immediately as you.

Approach the facility, you see this 14,000 gallon rainwater cistern that collects a majority of the roof water and we use that to irrigate all of the landscaping in front of the facility. We have green roof technology, solar photovoltaic array technology, heat recovery, and chilled beam technology, along with other things that you see in everyday LEED design, such as low voc materials, sensors, and different mechanisms we use for daylighting and things like that. We looked forward to taking this and seeing what the next step is in its development.

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