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Solar Energy Technician

Renewable Energy Technician Durham College

Probably one of my favourite assignments was my wind project where we had to build our own wind turbine, hook it up to a generator and see how much power we could produce off of it. Look at it! Oh my god! We designed a wind turbine that produced the most power out of all the wind turbines. The students then are cheering and they're excited because their fan is turning and it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. And if it's works that's fantastic, if it doesn't work that's okay too because.

That's what learning is all about. Renewable energy is just brand new, everybody wants to try and get into it and I figured if I get into it nice and early, I'll be right at the top by the time I'm done. Two years ago I was living in British Columbia, always really passionate about the environment and wanting to do something that's for the greater good of the environment. Personally I want to get into lead certification and lead certification is making sure that the building is energy efficient and everything that's been put into the building right.

From day one has been done in an energy efficient way. This program specifically caught my eye, renewable energy, because of just the different areas we would get into. I thought I would've been working on solar panels all the time but now they brought in wind, they brought in geothermal so they bring in all these different courses and they all try to bring them into one thing. This room here has the solar panels, which the students work on all the time, and next door is the wind tunnel.

So we actually created our own wind turbines. My friends and family have been really supportive of my decision to go back to school and they're very proud of me that I've been dedicated to the program for the last two years. Every teacher will teach you exactly what you need to know, there's nothing that you need to bring together. You just need to have your own common sense to bring and you're ready. We need to get into renewable energy because it's going to be the forefront of Ontario.

Renewable Energies Technician

We've had great success in terms of job outcomes. The industry continues to employ all of our graduates. We have 100 per cent placement rates. And in fact if I had more graduates, I'm certain I would have more placements in this very important sector. You get to be a part of something new. You get to be on on the leading edge of technology as it comes out. We all know now from, from the news,from the environment around us, that we have to do a better job of producing power and.

With green energies it's just the way we have to go. What we have done is we've created a program that's very viable. It uses the latest equipment. The very same equipment students will likely encounter on the job. And as a result, employers are literally being a path to our door. Many employers come to us and do interviews on campus and hire the graduates away right from here. The experience from the program has been pretty much outstanding. From other programs that I've taken this is pretty much as topnotch as they come.

The trend is clear. I think that the number of megawatts of installation is projected to double in the next three years for wind turbines and as a result the opportunities are going to expand tremendously. It's one of our maintenance checks. When we're up here doing greasing, torquing, cleaning, doing electrical checks. Erie Shores was hiring and so I got word of that and I sent my resume in. And I got a call for for an interview. So I came and did a climb test and had an interview. And.

MSTC Renewable Thermal Energy Technician

music natural sound background conversation Benjamin Instructor We've got a very rigorous program where we're really training people how to install solar water heating systems or geothermal systems. background conversation We give them a lot of handson opportunities to play with the equipment, to put it up. background conversation and to get the practice installing it now. Sam Student I love this program. I used to be at a four year I didn't like that it was not handson at all,.

And I'm a handson learner. background conversation Getting into this program definitely helped. All these instructors have worked in the field, they know what they're talking about, and they definitely pass that knowledge on. background conversation Benjamin Despite the fact that we've got a fantastic training facility, the best parts are when we leave campus. We like to put in a lot of systems in the community and at various people's houses, so we really get out into the field and install real, functioning systems, make them work, and make them produce energy.

Renewable Energy Technician

GtgtSTUDENT Our society runs on energy. In order for us to maintain the quality of life we know and to help others we need to get off our oil dependency. That's why I'm in the Renewable Energy Technician program at Lane. I'm making my dream of an better energy future a reality. gtgtANNC Our Renewable Energy Technician program is one of the most popular at Lane. This is a chance to find a career in a clean energy field that has excellent job security. There's an emphasis on solar energy from photovoltaic technology to solar hot water.

Systems. You'll learn how to audit and analyze locations and buildings, from their existing energy systems to their solar potential. The courses are heavy on math and sciencemake sure you're strong in basic algebra. You'll learn about physics and spreadsheets, financial calculations and energy audits. Lane's Renewable Energy Technician program attracts passionate students eager to land a green job and help the environment, as well as those with an interest in the construction and engineering trades who are seeking stable employment. Our graduates are hired by utilities, governments, school systems, engineering firms and energy.

myNCstory Niagara College Renewable Energies Powering up students for indemand careers

Bryan Well, the program is designed to give the students a comprehensive, working knowledge of the various technologies in the renewable energies field, so wind systems, solar system, geothermal. computerized voice Chris For me it's very simple. The fact of the matter is that fossil fuels will run out one day, whether it's our generation, two generations, three generations down the road. Eventually we do need to have a solution to this problem. Bryan Well, as we know, the world is changing quickly. We need there's a need for students to be informed.

And able to work with renewable energies technologies. The field is really calling for students who have the ability to really have a handson working knowledge of the various technologies in the field. soft guitar music Chris Sort of the stuff that we're doing right now, the lab work and actually getting to use the equipment. Josh But now we are testing voltage levels on a generator. This would be for a wind turbine, and it's adjusting to see if there's any faults. And in the real world, if there were faults,.

We would be troubleshooting it to fix the problem. Chris If there was a real fault, the wind turbine, itself, would shut down and then there'd be a team going in to up the tower wherever they have to go to fix the problem. Josh Being able to do all these tests and work with the equipment before you go out there gives you a lot more confidence when you're actually in the field, as to being able to measure something instead of being up there and being confused and being scared.

Durham College Renewable Energy Technician Skilled Trades

My name is Deborah Chodid and I just finished the first year or a twoyear program for the renewable energy technician program. I like everything technical and I like that it's a new and exciting field that's opening up for the future. Two courses that I really loved was, HVAC and houses a system and we identified all the different types of furnaces and mechanical systems And found out how air conditioning works with the evaporator and the condenser And found out how the house as a system, as a whole, how all the elements can affect one can affect the others.

Energy Management Technician

GtgtSTUDENT I've worked all sorts of jobs in my life Driving truck, operating heavy equipment, building houses. My dad, he was a logger, so I grew up thinking about what it means to preserve the planet's resources yet still be able make a living. Here at Lane, I'm pursuing my dreams while learning some of the nation's hottest job skills. gtgtANNC If you have a knack for math, science and problem solving and an interest in going green our Energy Management program is for you. This program has terrific.

Job prospects. Our graduates find jobs all over the country, often before they finish their degrees. You'll analyze energy use in commercial and residential buildings. You'll learn all about energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions. And you'll develop skills for designing and working with renewable energy systems and LEEDcertified buildings. gtgtSTUDENT I was working on a Chemistry degree right out of high school when I heard about Energy Auditing. I really like the idea of using science to save the environment and I love these classes. I mean, we get to do all sorts of handson assignments that give.

Us realwold field experience. gtgtSTUDENT My focus is Resource Conservation Management. I'm also taking classes in Lane's Geographic Information Systems program. After I finish here at Lane, I'd like to work for the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management or even a private timber company. I'll leave here able to assess carbon footprints or perform greenhouse gas accounting. I can even work on green buildings or in the fields of materials management and solid waste management. I have some, uh, pretty unique skills now and there are a lot of employers.

MSTC Renewable Electricity Technician

music background conversation Jason Student I'm learning an array of things about the renewable energy industry, um, primarily focusing on, uh, wind turbines and solar panels applications, doing site assessments. Mike Instructor They get to do this stuff handson with a lot of the newest technologies. Jason It was different, you know, it's almost on the cutting edge, it's not that many schools in the country that are even really doing this, so I wanted to jump on board, not only to do something better for myself, but better for the.

Renewable Energy Technician Durham College

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