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Solar Energy Nepal

What Countries Are The Most Energy Efficient

As emerging economies continue to expand, their energy needs are set to grow dramatically in the coming years. The International Energy Agency has even predicted that global energy use will increase by 30 percent over the next two and a half decades. With crude oil the source of so much volatility around the world, there is no question that the the future of energy will be based on countries dedicated to alternative, renewable sources. So, which countries are the most energy efficient Well, the American Council for an EnergyEfficient Economy has ranked the world's 16 largest.

Economies, which account for nearly three quarters of global electricity consumption. This is based on 31 metrics, spanning energy use in buildings, industry, and transportation. It includes things like the country's national energy savings goals, vehicle fuel economy standards, and energy consumed per foot of floor space. The United States ranks among the least efficient, at number thirteen. But across the board, Germany saw the greatest energy efficiency, scoring well in all metrics, but especially industry. According to the report, German industry and manufacturing is the second most fuel efficient in the world, with plans to far surpass the current leader,.

Australia, by 2020. Part of the reason Germany is doing so well is a national policy, dedicated to lowering energy use, known as Energiewende, or Energy Transition. The goal of this program is to stop using coal and other nonrenewable energy sources like oil. Clearly, it has been working so far. In 2014, Germany accounted for half of the new wind farms in the EU, and has been leading the world in energy efficiency. In an extremely close second place overall, Italy actually surpasses Germany in transportation. Although they tie with the UK for vehicle fuel efficiency, at nearly 40 miles per gallon.

On average, Italians also travel the least per capita. This low impact, high efficiency makes Italy a world leader in transit energy. Additionally, Italy tends to prioritize its rail system over its roads, leading to more people taking the train, and thereby saving considerable energy. Still, Italy continues to primarily use fossil fuels, and actually scores the worst in terms of commercial building energy efficiency. When it comes to buildings, China takes the lead. Their polluting past and wide range of energy inefficiency may hold them back. But China's residential buildings use less.

Energy per square foot than any other country in the report. This is partially due to strict building codes, and the fact that energy intensity is one of the country's top priorities. And despite being known for wastefulness, between 1980 and 2010, energy consumption increased five times, while the economy grew 18 times. Between Germany, Italy, and China, emerging countries can look at their journeys towards energy efficiency, and fine tune their own programs for maximum output. Still, every country surveyed has a long way to go, and plenty of areas to improve. Hopefully, 2016.

Can Your Entire House Run On Batteries

Wouldn't it be weird if one day in the future you were buying a home and the listing said, batteries not included Yeah well, that could totally happen. Hey there people, Julian here for DNews. Electricity is pretty great. It powers my toaster, my fridge, my hairdryer, my clothes dryer, my air conditioner, my humidifier, my dehumidifier, and my pc I use to watch science tutorials. I think I'm gonna keep using it. The problem is, everyone in all the other houses feels the same way, usually at about the same times.

Of day, and they're driving the cost of those tasty kilowatts up in the evening. Of course during the day if you don't want to use power from the grid, you could get some solar panels and harvest sunlight, but that's not helpful when the sun's down, also known as nighttime, also known as the time I need to have electricity to turn lights on to not bang my shins on all the furniture. Enter the battery powered home. The idea is a rechargeable battery stores energy from solar panels during the day or from offpeak hours when grid energy is cheapest, and uses.

That energy during the rest of the day. The problem is if you've ever bought batteries you know they cost approximately one arm andor one leg. Elon Musk thought that was a silly hangup for what is otherwise a great idea and decided to do something about it. Elon Musk, for y'all that don't know, is basically what would happen if Tony Stark lost the goatee. His interests range from online money movement to commercial space flight to, most importantly for this topic, electric cars. His company Tesla Motors has been refining electric car batteries for years, engineering them to be lighter, longer lasting,.

And more efficient. Why don't we take all those batteries, and put them on a wall So they did that. The Tesla Power wall Is basically a bunch of lithium ion cells in a sleek case. They're compartmentalized and liquid cooled to solve the knotty problem of overheating and burning your house down, something that is generally undesirable. If you wanted it as your main power supply there's a model that can store and discharge up to 7 kWh daily and costs $3000. Best of all it should last 10 years, which is approximately.

8 years longer than my laptop battery made it before it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. The trick to this longevity is how much power it outputs. It's only pumping out 2 kW continuously and peak output is 3.3 kW. The problem that then arises is some appliances will use more than that output. An electric clothes dryer could draw that much power on its own. So if you want dry clothes, I hope you weren't planning on using a microwave too. If you wanted to be not reliant on the grid at all, you'd probably need a few powerwalls.

To go with your solar roof panels. Depending on where you live, your power consumption can vary widely, but the average US home in 2011 used 940 kWh per month. A solar setup of that size would cost over $11,000, not including installation or taking tax credits into account. Then you'd need 5 Powerwalls to store all of that sunshine juice, so that's another 15 grand. It's an expensive prospect right now, but as the cost of batteries and solar panels continue to drop, individual homes that are independently powered could.

Become a great way to kick our fossil fuel habit. Inexpensive home batteries are looking like a promising innovation. They're not the only company innovating. Intel creates the breakthrough technologies that make amazing experiences possible. Having Intel inside makes for better experiences outside. Intel drives innovation with products like processors, wearables and IOT devices, and within data centers. In the PC and beyond. Going green sounds like a lot of effort. Is it really worth it Trace explains why yes, totally, it is, right here. Would you use the powerwall Would it be a supplement for your energy use or would you.

Nepal Earthquake How Avalanches Work

How do these massive oceans of snow and ice stay on a mountain in the first place When an avalanche starts, is there anything we can do The power of nature is devastating, as pictures and tutorial of the recent earthquake and avalanche in Nepal illustrate, but avalanches don't just happen during earthquakes, and, in fact, are far more common than you think but not for the reasons you may think. An avalanche is a falling mass of snow, ice, and rock that tumbles rapidly down a mountainside. They can be dangerous, and deadly. These massive clouds of rock and frozen water can reach.

80 miles per hour 129 kph, sweeping trees, buildings and even massive steam trains out of the way. Dry snow avalanches can reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour 322 kph. Avalanches are formed because of the physics inherent in the natural process of snowpack. Mountains alter how air flows over the surface of the planet. When moist air hits a mountain it must either go around, or up and over but to do either it must CHANGE. If it goes up, the air cools, and moisture condenses into rain or snow. As the tallest mountain in the.

World, Everest collects a lot of cold wind and precipitation as the air moves around and over it and as the snow falls, it creates the conditions for an avalanche. Snow crystals, as you'd know if you're a subscriber to DNews if you aren't come join us! come in a few shapes. Most are six pointed water crystals, which lock together nicely. When snow comes in contact with supercooled air, like it can on mountains, the snowflakes form rime or, like, a frost on the edges sometimes forming a gravellike snow called graupel.

Different snow falls in different conditions, forming specific layers on the mountainside. The danger in an avalanche, aside from the speed, is the sheer volume and mass of the speeding snow. In April of 2014, a MASSIVE formation weighing 31 andahalf million pounds sloughed off an Everest glacier, killing 16 sherpas. And stories like this are relatively common in many mountainranges across our planet. Plus, once the snow stops falling, it sets up like concrete and the weight compresses the snowpack, meaning death often occurs from injury or suffocation, aside from hypothermia.

Cartoons made me believe sound causes avalanches, but while 90 percent of avalanches are caused by a victim or a member of the victim's party, it's not due to sound. Avalanches are ACTUALLY caused simply by weight of the snow thanks to gravity. The snow is in three layers, the oldest most packedin snow on the bottom is compressed and solid that's called the bed surface. The middle layer is a weak layer of snow which initiates the slide called the weak layer or failure layer and then on top is the slab. Slabs are new snow, or.

Compressed and compacted chunks of snow and ice which break off and begin the avalanche. When a slab sits on a failure layer, at JUST the right slope between 35 and 45 degrees the slab will break off. Slabs range from 10 centimeters to several meters thick. This also means that avalanches are more common after a new, heavy snow which can add a lot of weight to an alreadyloose slab. Though that is not the whole story in Nepal where a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the snow off the mountain.

Which Countries Are The Most EcoFriendly

What's the most environmentally friendly country Well depends on who you ask. And the answer might surprise you. Hey Everyone Julia here for DNews. Here in the US we like to think pretty highly of ourselves. We like to think we're the BEST AT EVERYTHING. Especially on a day like Earth Day. But we can't seem to get it through our skulls that we aren't great at all the things. Especially when it comes to the environment. So where does the US Rank Who bested us According to the Organization for Economic CoOperation and Development's Better Life.

Index, the top honor goes to Sweden. Other top countries include Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Finland. Although this index only measures things like air pollution and water quality, the things that really affect a person on a daily basis. But according to Yale University's Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland takes the lead, followed by Luxembourg, Australia, Singapore, and the Czech Republic. The EPI is more comprehensive. It measures things like environmental health, air pollution and water quality, but it also takes into account less tangible things like the the health of the ecosystem. Which includes.

Protected habitat, fish stocks, and energy use. How did Switzerland get ahead In recent years the country has designated a lot of land as National Parks, which earned it the top score for Terrestrial Protected Areas. And it gets over half of its energy through hydroelectric power, the rest from Nuclear, so it's got a very small carbon footprint. Luxembourg is a small country with only half a million people and 1500 square miles. 2500 square km. But its robust water and sanitation networks plus protection of 17 of land habitats.

Earns it the number two spot. Australia comes in at number 3 with high marks in health impact and water quality. The land down under also boosts solid scores in both terrestrial and marine protected areas. How about the US Well according to the EPI The United States is number thirty three, just above Malta but below Belarus. While we excel at measures of health, like air quality and sanitation, we suck, I mean really really suck at other measurements. The US performs very poorly in measurements of fisheries, with huge collapses of certain fish stocks.

And the country still has some room to grow in terms of climate and energy use. I know i know, most of you must be wondering, where is Costa Rica The Small Central American country is well known for its ecotourism. According to the World Bank over 20 of the land is designated as a protected area. Well they did reforest half their country in just a few decades. And this year, they used 100 renewable energy for 75 days. Yet, it placed 54th on the EPI listing. Its downfall seems to be its treatment or lack thereof of wastewater.

According to a UN report, just three percent of the country's urban sewage was treated before being released back into the water. But all of this data is from 2014 so maybe when the index is updated in 2016 things will look a little different. Fortunately Toyota is pitching in to help us become a greener nation! The new Toyota Mirai is looking to the future with sustainability in mind fueled by hydrogen and leaving zero emissions behind. Special thanks to our viewers Wesley Van Der Burg, jeanfrancois prince, michael gutierrez,.

Solar Energy Calculator step 3 in replacing your Electricity Bill

Guy injury here you're obviously looking for a solar energy calculator July now if you're looking at 10 a.m. you looking in the solar power systems a khallid spent many months researching sold hell systems and work taylor also you know i saws and summations no osco lost in the information to be until I actually found a system with someone put it all together one school they'll spend a few bucks and go system and prices we solar energy calculator two or three or four months with wasn't on researching.

Because bicycling oh lordy was implement what I told me and and more electricity bills go $3,400 marked down to nothing unocal box one like it works the other next month a weak sales his bicycle 0 and it's a relief to know that you know that some in the month when old people seem to a raw if electricity is not gonna be wonderful yes i cud so look world's a flea on solar energy calculator just making these tutorials to help other people following you my shin of am because it's a godsend i cud either in the.

China Energy Security DuPont Trailer Plugging Into the Future

00000707, 00001200 gtgt JIN LICONG I study at Peking University, College of Engineering, Center for New Energy Systems. 00001220, 00001422 gtgt JIN LICONG This is the third year of my doctoral program. 00001606, 00002007 gtgt JIN LICONG As a student, I chose to study renewable energy because I think it's a good career path. 00002120, 00002600 gtgt JIN LICONG Energy problems started to arise in our generation. So we are starting to pay more attention to this. 00002923, 00003320 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont's PV RD Center in China provides a great place.

00003321, 00003715 gtgt LINDA WU for DuPont and local Chinese customers to cooperate. 0000'00, 00004322 gtgt LINDA WU In 2013, China is going to become the biggest PV market. 00004401, 00004709 gtgt LINDA WU That's why we've established such a comprehensive PV research team in China 00004710, 00005020 gtgt LINDA WU which is geographically very close to our customers. 00005200, 00005603 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN We must accelerate the adjustment of our energy structure, 00005604, 00005907 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN and reduce total energy consumption, especially that derived from coal. 00005908, 00010219 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN For years, we thought that.

Renewable energy is not a stable source of energy. 00010220, 00010722 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN How can we convert these natural resources barely under human control, 00010723, 00011018 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN to a stable and reliable energy system, to guarantee energy security 00011019, 00011210 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN This is the big challenge we face. 00011421, 00011902 gtgt XIE XIAO PING This Qaidam Basin is rich in solar energy. 00011903, 00012415 gtgt XIE XIAO PING Daylight here lasts for a particularly long time, so building a power plant here gives us a unique advantage.

00012416, 00013017 gtgt XIE XIAO PING This power station is the world's largest individual parallel PV power station. 00013018, 00013411 gtgt XIE XIAO PING We experience dramatic temperature extremes between day and night, 00013412, 00013810 gtgt XIE XIAO PING frequent sandstorms in the spring, and heavy winds. 0001'02, 00014202 gtgt XIE XIAO PING So we needed to consider the durability of the components. 00014203, 00014517 gtgt XIE XIAO PING Highquality products must be chosen. 00015004, 00015210 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG Yingli Group was founded in 1998. 00015317, 00015423 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG To put it simply,.

00015500, 00015802 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG our mission is to produce affordable green power for the people. 00015911, 00020316 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG If you want to lower cost, you need to increase the conversion efficiency of the battery 00020317, 00020718 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG so as to reduce the production cost per watt. 00020807, 00021218 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG That depends on your manufacturing process and the performance of the materials that you use. 00021320, 00021703 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG Innovation plays a very decisive role. 00021800, 00022109 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG We started our cooperation.

With DuPont in 2006. 00022220, 00022709 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont Solamet products play a crucial role in PV cell conversion efficiency. 00022803, 00023301 gtgt LINDA WU We only need half of the modules that were required 12 years ago to generate the same amount of electricity. 00023312, 00023803 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont Tedlar PVF products maintain a great balance between durability, 00023804, 00024105 gtgt LINDA WU mechanical performance, and adhesiveness. 00024122, 00024518 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont Solamet and Tedlar both help further reduce perunit electricitygeneration cost, 00024519, 00024906 gtgt LINDA WU further accelerating the process.

Of achieving grid parity. 00025323, 00025816 gtgt LINDA WU Theoretically, the amount of solar energy that hits the earth for one hour 00025817, 00030117 gtgt LINDA WU could meet all human energy needs for a whole year. 00030307, 00030706 gtgt LINDA WU We are working towards a bluer sky and cleaner water resources for our next generation. 00031116, 00031416 gtgt JIN LICONG My research focus is on the utilization of solar energy. 00031510, 00031804 gtgt JIN LICONG After graduation, I want to work for a renewable energy corporation. 00031805, 00032207 gtgt JIN LICONG I believe that by using my.

Solar panel market expected to double in 2015 IHS .

Moving on to a bright outlook for the solar panel market. as demand for the clean energy system rises. Market researcher IHS says gross profits for photovoltaic or PV modules thats how panels convert sunshine into usable energy will top 5 billion U.S. dollars this year. more than doubling from a year earlier. The firms latest report identified at least 89 countries where solar installations are expected to grow in 2015. This is good news for Hanwha. a Korean leader in PV modules. as well as other related companies. such as Samsung SDI.

Which Countries Lack Electricity

In 2012, the United Nations launched its worldwide effort to fight energy poverty , marking the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. Energy poverty is considered a lack of energy infrastructure and resources. Roughly one in seven people around the world lack access to electricity, almost exclusively in developing countries. Although things are improving, many have said that too little change is happening too slowly. So we wanted to know, which countries don't have electricity Well, it is estimated that anywhere from 1.1 to 1.3 billion people live without electric.

Power. To make up for a lack of deliverable energy, nearly 3 billion people around the world use coal or wood fuel for heat and cooking, contributing to deadly pollution. This pollution is thought to be responsible for more than 4 million deaths every year. The overwhelming concentration of energy poverty is found in rural India and subSaharan Africa. Over the past few years, India has dramatically improved its power infrastructure, and in 2014, was the third largest electricity producer in the world. Yet, roughly 300 to 400 million people without electricity live in rural Indian states. And even for those who do have power,.

The energy grid is notoriously unreliable. In 2012, a nationwide blackout affected more than 600 million people. Although the Indian government has launched efforts to provide 24hour power to the entire country, some have accused politicians of only directing energy to politically important districts. While India has made some progress, subSaharan Africa is still struggling. Altogether, Africa has about twice as many people without power as India roughly 600 million. The country with the least access to electricity in the world is South Sudan, which also has one of the lowest education and literacy rates. The World Bank notes that in 2012, only 5 of.

The country's 11millionperson population had electricity. In fact, across all of subSaharan Africa only about a quarter of the population has access to electric energy. What's worse is that the lack of electricity means that power is considerably more expensive, with electricity costing three time as much as it might in the rest of the developing world. Additionally, on average, African manufacturers suffer nearly 2 months' worth of power outages a year, severely disrupting economic progress. In the past two decades, as energy dependence has become increasingly important, Africa has only received about $600 million dollars.

Annually in energy assistance from foreign countries. The UN's Sustainable Energy Goals are focused on providing universal access to power and clean fuel, doubling the amount of renewable energy, and doubling the rate of energy efficiency. Efforts like President Barack Obama's Power Africa initiative are focused on bringing foreign advisors and financial help to figure out how best invest in Africa's energy infrastructure. Still, despite these efforts, the World Bank has said that there needs to be considerably more sustained investment to even consider meeting those goals. To see my recent report from Tanzania and the different ways in which the people there.

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