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We all know that the cost of energy is expensive these days and just keeps on rising. So if you manage any kind of property this will be one of your biggest costs. Whether you look after a office, retail or even domestic property trying to figure out ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint is difficult and a real headache. For example, have you any idea how much power you're wasting on appliances and devices being left on standby 247 or which lights are on when they shouldn't be. If you don't know you can't start to make.

Any savings, period. Well now there's a way, meet Rexel Energy Monitoring. For the first time you can measure, monitor and manage your energy and water usage with a cost effective user friendly web based portal that will help to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint. You can accurately see the energy usage of your office, retail environment or home in real time and there's no limit to the number of appliances or equipment that can be measured. It can even measure energy generated by solar panels and send email alerts if energy is.

Sun Monitor Ericsson Application Awards 2013

Cities are fun places They offer vast collection of experiences, that enrich your daily life. But all that comes with a price! A high demand of power. And we know what that means! High energy prices and pollution. Fortunately, more and more people are willing to contribute to greener planet by shifting to renewable resources. With the development of solar panel technology and government incentives solar panels are now available to citizens who care about environment Now you can have solar panels on the top of your roof. The power your solar panel generates can not only supply your household, but you can also sell it to electricity company.

That's a great investment, isn't it But here's a problem, current ways to track energy output are suited only to people that really understand how those systems work. Let's take a peek. The energy generated from solar panel is converted from DC to AC by the inverters. Then they send the energy to power grid. And this process is monitorized by your personal computer. This means you have to keep you computer running 24 by 7. What a waste of energy Plus, if you want to make your solar power output accessible onthego you need to expose your PC on the dangerous Internet.

If your PC went down, you lose everything. Now, our solution resolves all this. We replace your PC with a customized plug play device. it is small and very energy efficient. Moreover it will relay power output data to our cloud service, so that your data is safe and accessible anytime, anywhere. With our Android application or crossplatform web app, you can keep yourself uptodate Wait, it doesn't ends here! If electricity company can have accurate readings on solar power output by regions, then they can adjust energy production and reduce energy waste.

Clean Energy Made Easy with SolarCity See How Solar Energy Works

More homeowners have partnered with SolarCity than any other solar provider. In fact, every five minutes someone switches to cleaner, more affordable energy with SolarCity. From the experience of installing tens of thousands of solar systems, our team of clean energy professionals has created the most sophisticated project management system in the industry. We plan and supervise your project to ensure sure your switch to clean power is quick and easy. Our consultants start by using our proprietary software to analyze your current energy bill and recommend a solar plan that will lock in a more affordable energy rate for years.

To come. From the get go you can trust our customer care team to map out your installation, coordinate with all the team members involved and take care of all necessary permits and inspections. You'll even receive a personal SolarCity web portal where you can track project status from your smartphone or computer at any time. One of our site auditors will visit your home to take measurements and gather technical information. They carefully evaluate the specifics of your home to ensure the final product will match your energy and esthetic needs. Our best in class inhouse engineering team will.

Then use that information to custom design your system. We take care to design a system using SolarCity sleep mount that will last for decades to come. Once complete we submit the plans for the local permit and your HOA approvals. SolarCity's team has extensive experience and best practices that we apply towards installing your system. A typical installation takes one to three days. All installers go through rigorous training and background checks and follow procedures and quality requirements that ensure your system will stand the test of time. After the system's installed, we'll schedule inspections with your local building department and implement.

Enphase Envoy EMU Enphase Energy communications gateway for the Enlighten website.

Hi. my name is Isaac. I'm with Wholesale Solar. I have here the Enphase Monitoring Unit. If you have Enphase Microinverters you definately want to have a monitoring system. This allows you to monitor up to 300 Microinverters and solar panels in your system and you get maximum powerpoint tracking for each one. This monitoring system allows you to see each and every panel via an online web display. The greatest thing about it is that you don't have to connect it to the inverters themselves. All you have to do is plug this into any.

Global Energy Innovations CM10002000 Continuous Monitoring System

Hello, my name is Kurt Salloux with Global Energy Innovations Today I'm going to give you a quick, sneak peak, at our Continuous Monitoring System that we'll be introducing to the market shortly Many of you know the EC1000 and EC2000 Handheld Battery Analyzer that uses CELScan Technology The same technology is in our CELScan modules that work for continuous monitoring We've built a data aggregator that works and communicates with these modules And we'll be introducing new features and functions into the Continuous Monitoring System that you won't see on the handheld.

Such as life fraction that will tell you where you are in your life cycle with your battery, and much more Let me give you just a quick overview of some of the core features of the Continuous Monitoring System There's a data aggregator that's used for aggregating data from the CELScan modules We have the actual CELScan modules that are used on each battery that are under test And finally, we have IBMS software That is the same software that you've been accustomed to using with the handheld There's the ability to switch from using the handheld to looking at your data in the Continuous Monitoring System.

Energy Monitoring Hub

The following tutorial will cover the initial installation and commission of the Leviton energy monitoring hub. We will be using the Leviton A8810 embedded EMH as a demonstration. The energy monitoring hub acts as a foundation to allow users to easily monitor and measure various energy meters and sensors. The following items will be required for installing and commissioning the energy monitoring hub. You will need an ethernet cable, 20 volt power supply for powering the device, and a flat head screwdriver. The default energy monitoring hub setting has DHCP enabled.

Allowing the EMH to automatically search for an IP address once powers been provided. Connect the power to the device and the following error message will appear on the LCD screen. There are two options to choose from when installing an EMH server. Accessing the device through a laptop or accessing the device through a Local Area Connection. If using the energy monitor hub with a laptop, connect the ethernet cable to the RJ45 port of the laptop and the ethernet port in the bottom of the EMH board. Once connected, the energy monitoring hub will attempt to obtain an IP address from the.

Laptop using auto IP. Note If you using an operating system that doesn't support auto IP, Windows XP or older version of Microsoft operating systems please visit obviousproductsA8812 and see the tutorial titled legacy installation. Or contact Leviton technical support for assistance configuring your device. Once the energy monitoring hub LCD shows the following message, users can use any browser to access the EMH. The following example will use Chrome. Open the internet browser of your choice. Enter the IP address from the LCD screen. Enter into the URL bar on your browser and hit enter.

The alternate way to access the energy monitoring hub is through a Local Area Connection. This step requires a computer with access to the local area network. You will first need to identify the serial number of the energy monitoring hub on the sticker on the back to the device. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to an active LAN port and the other to the ethernet port on the bottom of the energy monitoring hub board. When the LCD displays AcquiSuite Ready, access the LAN network by clicking on the.

Network icon on the desktop. Once open, scroll down to the devices and select the device that matches the serial number on the back of the energy monitoring hub. This will automatically open a browser to the energy monitoring hub via the LAN connection. Once connectivity with the energy monitoring hub has been established you'll be prompted to enter your login and password. The default login password is admin. The next step is to begin adding modbus devices to the energy monitoring hub. on the device list. The following screen will show devices that have been connected to the energy monitoring hub.

In this example a Leviton Flex IO module has been added to an EMH. For the energy monitoring hub to begin logging data, you must name all the connected devices. To do so click on the listed device and provide a unique name for the particular meter or sensor. You have now installed your EMH server and are logging data from your connected devices. This now concludes the installation and commission of your energy monitoring hub. As we continue this series, we will explore incorporating multiple modbus devices into a single network.

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