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Solar Energy Installers Ohio

Ohio State Virtual Tour Solar Decathlon 2011

Music playing At Encore we have a very diverse and unique team and we're just really happy that Ohio State has so many majors and so many talented student to offer this project. Were just happy that we're almost done building and even the ride here was quite an experience. We had 32 flat tires on the way. music playing Encore features a solar thermal hot air system that is integrated with a desiccant dehumidifier and also a phase change material thermal storage system. This technology is relatively cheap and allows us to harness the power of the sun to heat our hot air and use in both the.

Team New York Virtual Tour Solar Decathlon 2011

MUSIC All the people on team New York, we're all from the city and we wanted to know what, how we could really effect or impact the urban environment. And we know that cities are growing, that population is growing and we've also studied PlaNYC and we wanted our project to be in correspondence with a larger plan because we wanted to relate to it and see how we could actually help create a sustainable solution for growing cities in the world and then make this a prototype for something that can be applied elsewhere.

MUSIC The challenge has basically been coordination, trying to get the cranes to come on time, to get the trucks to come on time, so we were a little slow on the delivery of materials, but once it came together we were able to assemble our house together pretty quickly. MUSIC We're the only urban entry in this competition so what we have on the outside of the house is a curtain wall system that's customized for the solar roof pad. Our house is the only one that's designed to be on a roof, so our house is the only one that has a structural.

Obama Proposes Doubling Clean Energy Funding

Hi everybody. One of the things that makes America great is our passion for innovation that spirit of discovery and entrepreneurship that helps us meet any challenge. One of the greatest challenges of our time is climate change. Over the last seven years, we've made historic investments in clean energy that helped private sector companies create tens of thousands of good jobs. And today, clean power from the wind or the sun is actually cheaper in many communities than dirtier, conventional power. It's helped grow our economy and cut our total carbon pollution more than any other country on earth.

That leadership helped bring nearly 200 nations together in Paris around the most ambitious climate agreement in history. And in Paris, we also launched one of the most important partnerships ever assembled to accelerate this kind of clean energy innovation around the world. Investors and business leaders including Bill Gates, Meg Whitman, and Mark Zuckerberg joined us, pledging their own money to help advance new technologies to the market. That's important because we'll only meet this challenge if the private sector helps lead the way. As I said in my State of the Union address, rather than subsidize the past, we should.

Invest in the future. That's why the budget I will send to Congress this Tuesday will double funding for clean energy research and development by 2020. This will include new investments to help the private sector create more jobs faster, lower the cost of clean energy faster, and help clean, renewable power outcompete dirty fuels in every state. And while Republicans in Congress are still considering their position on climate change, many of them realize that clean energy is an incredible source of goodpaying jobs for their constituents. That's why we were able to boost clean energy research and development.

In last year's budget agreement. And I hope they support my plan to double that kind of investment. Because it's making a difference across the country. In Idaho, our Battery Test Center is helping electric cars run longer on a single charge. In Ohio, entrepreneurs are pioneering new ways to harness wind power from the Great Lakes. In Tennessee, researchers are partnering with utilities to boost storage and solar power to create a more resilient electric grid. The point is, all across the country, folks are putting their differences aside to face.

Ohio States Solar Decathlon 2011 Engineering Audiovisual Presentation

Energy is directly related to our way of life. It is indeed the most important thing to us. Designing the mechanical systems for enCORE was one of the bigger challenges in the project. We had four main goals going in cost effectiveness, performance, innovation, and integration with the building envelope. enCORE was designed to approach passive house standards for heating and cooling, and we found that the loads are half to a third less than a typical home of this square footage. enCORE also features a solar thermal hot air system, which is able to reduce the heating load by about 10 and the cooling load by.

9. enCORE house features a heat pump system which has one outdoor unit and also an indoor unit, which exchanges heat between R410 and water. We chose the Daikin Altherma system because it has very high efficiency. It has a SEER of up to 26 during steady state and it is an integrated system which features domestic hot water, but it also allows us to interface with our solar thermal hot air and our solar thermal hot water. The indoor unit is connected to both the domestic hot water tank and to an air.

Handling unit with two hydronic coils in it, one for heating and one for cooling. The solar thermal hot air system was designed to meet the needs of a passive house in the shoulder months, and to supplement the heating system during peak loading. The system operates in two general modes. In the wintertime, the solar thermal hot air panels located on the south wall of the house, draw in return air from the interior and increase its temperature by up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Small inline fans connected to the panel system draw the.

Air in and propel it through insulated ductwork to the phase change material plenum. The PCM plenum contains a hydrated salt which changes phase at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the supply air temperature. The PCM is insulated from the conditioned space of the building and may be thought of as a large thermal battery. The phase change material plenum is able store up to 30 hours' worth of heat for enCORE once it's fully charged. In the summer and springtime, the solar thermal hot air system functions in an entirely different manner. It operates in conjunction with a desiccant.

Wheel dehumidifier. In this configuration, the solar thermal hot air provides heat to regenerate the capacity of the silica desiccant wheel. The wheel then intakes outside air which is dehumidified and sent through a counterflow heat exchanger, and then on to the ERV and the air handling unit for distribution throughout the house. While the solar hot air system is rather complicated in scale, operating it is simple. Users are able to use a smart phone or the touch screen located conveniently within the house to simply set a temperature. Another system which is in enCORE is the bioremediation. The bioremediation system consists of 3 plastic.

Energy Electricity in Science How Does Solar Energy Work

Hi, I'm Steve Jones, and I'm going to explain how solar energy works. Now, solar means sun, so we know that the energy is coming from the sun, and we might think it comes as heat or whatever. In fact, we get all kinds of energy from the sun, but it is all radiation. Remember, outside the earth there is no atmosphere so nothing physically moves from the sun to us it is radiation. So, radiation from the sun which might be ultraviolet, it might be xradiation. It might even be infrared radiation which is heat radiation, or even radar very,.

Very like radio waves, so all kinds of radiation comes from the sun. Some kinds of radiation when they hit the surface of a silicon chip that is a thin slice of silicon crystal it sets up a voltage between the ends, so you get a voltage between the sides of the chip, and that voltage will produce a current. Now, this is quite small so you need quite a big silicon chip, or a lot of silicon chips. And when you look at a solar array as they call it you will see it is made up of lots and lots of small silicon plates. Each of them.

Produces a small current. Those currents are combined, and they can provide enough current to drive a household circuit set of circuitry up to about three thousand watts with a standard panel about one meter by one meter. So, solar energy, which is free of course, is available providing we can produce the silicon chips. The silicon chips are very expensive to produce, so although this energy is free the solar panels which are made to harness that energy are expensive. So, it works, but it only works as well as how much money you're prepared.

Solar Energy Panels an Alternative Energy Source Save Money with Solar Energy Rebates

Imagine harnessing the power of the sun to reduce your utility bills. Despite the large initial investment, solar energy panels are a green renewable energy source that can add value to you home and reduce your energy costs paying for themselves over time. This is your Union Plus Green Minute and I'm here to tell you how to go green and save green at the same time. By installing solar energy panels to generate your own electricity, you can save between 400 and 700 dollars a year. You can also install a solar powered.

Water heater and save hundreds more. On sunny days when no one is home, you might generate more electricity than you use. Your meter will run backward and your utility will actually owe you money. Solar energy panels for your home are not as expensive as they seem because you'll get a 30 percent federal tax credit. Most people recoup their investment in eight to twelve years, though that depends on where you live, how much sun you get, what your utility rates are, and other factors. And that's not all. If you use your Union Plus credit card to pay for energy efficient.

Renewable energy in Hawaii

Yesterday marked a landmark moment as several bills were signed to free the state from fossil fuel use in the next 30 years. Joining us is Governor David Ige. Q Committing Hawaii by law to 100 percent renewable energy is lofty, why do you feel it's a necessary and attainable goal in a relatively short period of time Q Among the measures still pending is SB 359, which expands the socalled barrel tax on imported fossil fuels such as oil and propane, what is the delay there Q You're also signing HB.

solar Battery Charger homemade SOLAR PANELS boat, home, auto, lawn machine, laptop

Hello! I'm Chris with tutorialbreakthru Are you ready to outfit your fishing machine with solar panels building your own semi flexible solar panels can be easy once you know how! Build, your semi flexible solar panel with confidence! Get familiar with our soldering techniques. Tips and tricks like, using a wood stick while soldering your tab wires to the solar cell we can help you every step of the way like checking proper voltages and currents. For those do it yourself ers who are familiar with solar cells I think we're the first to make tutorials of, how to.

Build your own semi flexible solar panels! We BOLDLY GO!. to wear No YouTubeer. has gone before! YouTube channel solartekTV all the tips and tricks. for successful adhesion to both cathode and anode side of the solar cells as well as. to the solar panel. if you're ready to make a semi flexible solar panel you have got to watch are informational tutorials right here on YouTube channel solartekTV! of course there FREE!. It's !!. just listen to this some of this detailed commentary..notice the wires are coming straight out. from your panel underneath that insulator.

Now we have a nice insulator piece so we can put our squeeze connector together. runs look like there coming straight out that's good. Go ahead and put your hardware together for the machine screw. Watch our solar panel progression as we build are semi flexible solar panels right here in our All solarpowered workstation!! solartekTV and here's. the MONEY SHOT!! Background Awesome music ! by WSC Dubbya and The STONE COONS!! Watch all of our howto tutorials right here on channel, solartekTV I'm Chris with, tutorial breakthrough.

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Strickland NW Ohio A Solar Energy Hub

Strickland NW Ohio A Solar Energy Hub,.

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